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  • Season 5 Episode 5: Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

  • They suspect Fry as one of the "man-moms" but if you put slow motion on in the scene where Kif is about be sucked into space you can see that he never actually touched Fry, only his pants.

  • Where the hell did we get the Angry Dome, and where does it go? Is it retractable?

  • Kif says that he got pregnant because he was in love and his skin became a membrane which allowed DNA to be absorbed through. However, Amy and Kif have kissed and touched several times, almost all of which he said he was in love (the one possible exception is when they first kiss onboard the Titanic). If that's the case, why has Kif only gotten pregnant now?

  • In the scene after Zapp blasts a hole in the hull of the Nimbus, where everyone is in the medical wing, Kif's glove that was pulled off in the previous scene, reappears and disappears repeatedly from shot to shot.

  • Evil Lincoln is sucked out the hole and is seen in the next shot with the others.

  • Leela gives Kif the basket she was abandoned in at the orphanage. However in Leela's Homeworld, Warden Vogel just threw the basket on a pile of other, identical baskets, so how could Leela know which one was hers?

  • Season 5 Episode 4: A Taste of Freedom

  • Goof:
    When Zoidberg sets fire to the Earth flag, shouldn't the heat seeking missile go after Zoidberg because he had a fiery flag and it should go after Bender because of his cigar?
    It could depend on the strength of the heat signal

  • Lady Justice's scale is weighed down on one side by a bag of money. She is also lacking her sword.

  • After the opening sequence, Bender along with others is having a can of beer, but when he goes to put on his hat, his Beer dissappears. Right after that Fry's beer dissappears. I say dissappears because there is no way they could set it on the railing, and when the shot zooms out for the opening for the Hot Tub, you can see that they have not been set on the ground.

  • Abe Vigoda and Snoop Dogg have become members of Supreme Court. Other familar members of the Supreme Court include Sandra Day O'Connor, David Souter, Clarence Thomas, John Paul Stevens, Antonin Scalia, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. All but Abe Vigoda and Snoop Dogg were associated justices of the U.S. Supreme Court when this episode was made.

  • Alien code: A truck with the words Earthican Flag Company is seen with Alien Code #2 below it. When translated it reads: "A Venusian Corporation."

  • LOOK HARD: Museum Sign; Nuns & Nunchuks: Mother Teresa's Secret Arsenal.

  • Washington Post Headlines: Lobster Trial Nears, Mobster Trial Nears, Handsome Invaders Defeat Earth, Post Names New Editor.

  • Earth went to war over the ownership of Haley's Comet.

  • Old Man Waterfall appears to be the (so far) oldest of the Waterfall clan we see on the show. Free Waterfall Jr was the "smelly hippie" in Popplers; Free Waterfall Sr was the animal rights activist in Birdbot of Ice-catraz. All three were incidentally voiced by Phil Hendrie.

    He was also the P.U. member from Pluto that yelled out that he would avenge Free Waterfall Srs. death.

  • Opening theme promotion: OR IS IT?

  • During the trial Zoidberg say 2 of his 3 hearts are having heart attacks. Normally, Decapodans have 4 hearts, but Zoidberg lost one of his in "Roswell That Ends Well."

  • If the heat-seeking missle was unable to target the cold-blooded "Mobile Opression Palace", it wouldn't keep circling it. Instead, the missle would target the nearest availible heat source, probably the nearby crowd of humans?

  • Not only that, if you die after mating how can his mother talk to him?
    (Edit) She's not his genetic mother. Note how the woman said "if you want your parents to roll over in their graves." She's the third person refered to in "That's Lobstertainment" who raised Zoidberg.
    This drives home the point that not all of Zoidberg's species mate at the Frenzy. Some choose to live on to raise the children spawned from it and teach them the ways of their civilization.

  • Didn't all of Zoidberg's species who mated die in WMIBACIL? If that is so, how come they can invade Earth? I don't think the new crabs would have grown up that fast?

    (Response) It's true that his species dies after mating, but not all of them mated. If Zoidberg didn't mate, than there were more than likely many others that didn't as well, either by choice or the fact they weren't mating material.

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