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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Space Pilot 3000

  • In the head museum, several famous heads that are seen include; Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Ed Begley Jr., David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Liz Talyor, Dennis Rodman, Billy Corgan, Barbara Streisand and Matt Groening.
    In the Hall of the U.S. Presidents; Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Warren Harding, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, and Benjamin Harrison.

  • Leela's officer code is 1B-DI (One Beady Eye).

  • The signs and billboards seen during the opening credits read: "Public Library", "Rent a Human" (in Alien Code), "Drink Slurm!", "Eat Bachelor Chow: Now with Flavor!", "Mom's Robot Oil: Made with 10% More Love than the Next Leading Brand", "Liquid Wisdom", "BAB - BIG APPLE BANK", "Girls, Girls, Aliens", "All Tenticle Massage", "Mass Hypnosis Hour - TV's #1 Show!", "Flesh-O-Poid Dating Service", "Sexatorium", "3D Rulez!" (in Alien Code), "Park - $42", "Bachelor Chow: Makes its Own Gravy!", "Tasty Human Burgers" (in Alien Code), "DEF-CON - Kills Owls Dead", "Robot Wash", "MOM'S Friendly Robot Company", "Smar! Sausages", "Got Protoplasm?"

  • French has become a dead language in the thousand years Fry has been frozen. This is evident during the New Year's 3000 countdown where the people of France say "Seven" instead of "Sept"

  • In the countdown scene, it shows numerous countries counting down from 10-0, but all the countries would be in different time-zones.

  • The last set of buildings built before Fry wakes up looks 100% different than it does when Fry wakes up and looks out the window.

  • You can see Nibbler's shadow on the floor as Fry falls backwards into the tube. A story line that was set up in advance when the show was being created.

  • When Fry is seen taking his first stroll in the new millennium, a nudist couple passes by censored with black bars. They probably used a black bar generator shown in the episode "A Leela of Her Own", when she joined the New New York Mets.

  • At the Cryogenic facility, right where Fry shouts "Pizza delivery for..." the desk is positioned almost parallel to the window, but when Fry sits down at the desk, its positioned perpendicular to the window. And Fry can't have moved the desk because in both shots the freezing chamber is placed behind it so he would have had to move that as well.

  • When Leela is calling for backup outside the head museum, her arm band switches from her right arm to her left

  • While Fry is frozen, we see through the window that Aliens destroyed civilization twice. Why is it that the building he is in is spared both times?

    EDIT: Another question is how was it raised from ONY to NNY without disrupting power to the cryo-tubes.

  • By simple calculations, Fry should have woken up a few seconds after midnight on January 1, 3000. BUT the earth does not rotate by our simple math. By rough estimation, the Gregorian (standard) calendar millennium is about 7 1/2 hours short of 1000 rotations of the earth around the sun. Therefore, Fry waking up during daylight hours and having plenty of time to do all the things he did can be explained by the fact that he was unfrozen at the end of 1000 Gregorian years, but the earth hadn't quite made it there. He was unfrozen at about 4:27 PM on December 31, 2999.

  • When Fry and Bender are in the museum and locked in the "Villains" room, Bender breaks the two girders in the window, and then his arms falls off. As he puts his arms back in, you can see behind him that the girders are back in place in the window.

  • In the 2999 countdown, Bender pulls the arms off the chair he was sitting on. A moment later, an armchair is missing!

  • Leela speaks into her wrist-a-majic which is on her left wrist, instead of the right as it should be, when she calls for peace officers Smitty and Url.

  • During the scene where Fry is flying through the tubes he goes through a tube which is being held by the statue of liberty but in the opening credits and in other episodes,it isn't holding the tube.

  • David Duchovny is seen in the Head Museum, but Calculon claims to be him in "The Honking."

  • After Bender gives Leela her ring back she puts it on, but then a second later it's gone.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Episode Two: The Series H...

  • When preparing to go to the moon, Fry asks if he can do the countdown, and Leila seems to barely know what he is talking about. However in the previous episode, while escaping from the police in the Professor's space ship, they do a traditional countdown from 10 (in synch with the upcoming new year).

  • The redneck farmer says that "oxygen doesn't grow on trees", but trees (and other green plants) absorb carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen, so in a sense oxygen does grow on trees.

    RESPONSE: That's the joke.

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