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  • Season 5 Episode 12: Spanish Fry

  • The professor's hat disappears when he jumps up to question the ranger. That or he is really polite and took it of before speaking up.

  • Bigfoot is "a myth" in this episode, yet 2 episodes earlier in 4ACV15 The Farnsworth Parabox Leela reads a paper which has the headline "Bigfoot Turns 80" (Also, if this is true, Bigfoot doesn't look 80!).

    That could have been one of making fun of those stupid magazines like the national enquirer or something like that. We have magazines about big foot too that doesn't really prove anything.

  • Why would Fry run out of his tent with a toothbrush in his mouth? Wasn't he sleeping when he heard Bender?

    RESPONSE: Fry probably wanted to make a good impression, not that Bigfoot would care.

  • Leela reattaches Fry's nose with a laser, and then Fry rips it off just like that?

  • Season 5 Episode 11: Three Hundred Big Boys

  • Nixon is on the 300 dollar bill in this episode, he is also on the 1000 dollar bill as seen in "Insane In The Mainframe."

  • In Futurama comic #17 we learn that the population of Earth is 985,947,635 (986 million). Since we assume that this includes robots since Bender is a taxpayer, we can assume that Nixon awarded the people of Earth $295,784,290,500 ($296 billion). Nixon therefore kept $704,215,709,500 ($704 billion) - 70% of the profit made from the plunder. This figure is obviously greater (perhaps 80-90%) since children (e.g. Dwight) and the Hobos at the end of the episode, did not get a tax rebate.

    Response: The Futurama comics are not canonical. Plus, I find the 986 million number absurd - the population of Earth is around 6 billion now and there are no robots!

  • What happened to Fry at the end of this episode? After he rescues everyone from the building and puts out the fire at caffeine induced speed, we don't see him anymore in the story. Fry's is notably absent when the cast is eating turkey dogs outside of the building at the end, so where did he go after rescuing everyone?

  • When Kif sheds his skin, you notice two things; he has 3 nipples and has underwear on his new skin.

  • When Bender steals Le Grand Cigar, why doesn't he use his extend-able arms, as he did in the previous episode, The Farnsworth Parabox when he stole the Parabox?

  • Le Grand Cigar looks like a huge marijuana joint. Then we cut to Hermes.

  • Hermes' son's shirt looks like the flag of Jamaica.

  • When Fry drank his 100th cup of coffee, he moved extremely fast, which resulted in time moving really slow for him. Theoretically, this is possible, since Einstein's theory indicates the faster you move, the slower time gets for you.

  • Opening theme promotion: VOTED "BEST"

  • The whale biologist looks/sounds a lot like Ed Begley, Jr.

  • Leela walks away after she buys the Mushu-ticket, and Fry stays at the Starfishbucks stand after he buys coffee. Yet they are sitting on a table together when Amy and Kiff fly over.

  • In the coffeeshop, when Bender takes out his Grand Cigar, there are 4 cups on the table. Two up and two down. Yet when the view changes, there are five of them; three up and two down.

  • If Fry got everyone out of the building, where were Mom's sons, Morbo and his wife, and many others we see in the building who aren't outside afterwards?

  • In the shot where you follow the wire all the way through the sewer to the robot cops stomach screen the siren is seen on the robot cops head but it disappears until the end of the scene.

  • On Fry's last cup of coffee, he's carrying three 1 dollar bills, although earlier the three dollars were subtracted from the 300 dollar note's value. Though it's possible other shops took the 300 dollar note and gave him regular change.
    Also it seems rather odd that he'd have to pay for the coffee at the party. Although it doesn't directly say he is paying.

  • Also, when Amy shows her tattoo, it's in roughly the same area as her 'obscene' tattoo from I, Roomate. Yet the 'obscene' tattoo is nowhere to be found.

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