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  • Season 5 Episode 9: The Sting

  • If you notice very carefully near Fry's coffin, you'll see Fry's fossilized dog, Seymour.

  • In Leela's coma-dream, Bees are responsible for killing six of the seven main characters - first Fry, then later on everybody else. Leela is the only main character who doesn't die.

  • When Leela had the spoon with Fry on it, LOOK CLOSELY. The picture of Fry is the same one from the episode My Three Suns.

  • In Leela's coma-dream, right after Fry's funeral, Leela is on her bed. She tears a piece of paper in half and puts it on her night-table. The camera zooms in, then out; and the paper is gone. Where did it go?

  • All of the errors between Leela getting stung and awakening in the hospital can be explained. Leela was delusional during her coma. Plus, since she was grieving Fry's death, she wouldn't have noticed the mistakes of her memory.

  • In Mars University, Guenter's hat was crushed, making him have moderate intelligence while wearing it, and he keeps it that way. Yet, in this episode, Guenter's hat is fine.

    RESPONSE: Perhaps this is an untold story. A lot could have happened with Guenter in the 3 years since he last appeared.

  • Leela got a squez-e cyclops in her coma but when she wakes up into the real state it is on the tabletop besides Leela's hospital bed.

  • At Fry's funeral, we are shown all of the women Fry slept with at some point in the series (including 'that radiator woman from the radiator planet'), and one of them was his date from S02E10: Put your head on my shoulder. In that episode, she left before their date was over, so he never actually slept with her (he wasn't on his own body anyway!)

  • Black Boxes also usually have some form of armoring to protect them from impact. Also, this seems to be only a circa 1980s tape recorder. Wouldn't they have more likely moved on to digital recorders?

    RE: The same can be said of a lot of the technology used in the show (i.e. Dot-Matrix Printers)

  • Fry and Leela are stung by a baby queen bee, then the stinger breaks off. Queen bees do not lose their stinger after they sting. A worker is killed by stinging, since the stinger is barbed and is ripped from the bee's body. Queens have less-barbed stingers and do not have them ripped free. A queen may sting multiple times without being injured.

    Response: But, these are Space bees, with possibly different physiology than Earth bees.

  • In the scene where Leela opens Fry's coffin, notice that the hinges have suddenly changed position. Now the casket opens from right to left, instead of opposite, regular left to right.

  • When Bender jumps into the virtual lake to fetch a golf ball, the Prof. enters and gives the news. In the next scene, Bender is out of the water and on the fairway.

  • We see Seymour near the wreaths at the funeral, then when we next see them Seymour has disappeared.

  • The Amazonian who says Fry did "good snu-snu" actually snu-snued Zapp Brannigan, not Fry, in 3ACV01 Amazon Women In The Mood.

  • In Space Pilot 3000 the Professor shook his previous crew's career chips out of an envelope marked "CONTENTS OF SPACE WASP'S STOMACH", yet in this episode they were killed by bees. Bees and wasps are markedly different animals.

  • Season 5 Episode 8: The Why of Fry

  • The orphans that Chaz prohibited from going on the ice skating rink are the same orphans that Bender temporarily adopted in The Cyber House Rules. Leela almost adopted one of them (Sally the 3-eared girl) however, she doesn't seem to recognize them.

  • Opening theme promotion: DANCING SPACE POTATOES? YOU BET!

  • Sign At Elzar's: Bathroom is for Stroganoff Customers only!

  • When the infosphere was scanning the last bits of information, one of the items was "11>4". If brains needed to collect sets of inequalities to complete their database, they would never finish since there are infinitely many such parings.

  • When Fry and Nibbler were in the past (December 31st 1999), and under the table, they were talking at normal volume so the Fry in the past sitting in the desks chair would obviously have heard them.

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