Season 4 Episode 12

Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Introduction of Welshy

    Not being a Star Trek fan, I probably missed a lot of the inside jokes but I still enjoyed this episode immensely with such scenes as Welshy, the beeping actually having nothing to do with Fry being disabled and the slow Fry scene:
    Leela: We can't use our ship. The life support works but the engines are wrecked.
    Takei: Ironic. Because our engines work but our life support systems don't.
    Leela: Hey, if your engines work...
    Takei: ...and your life support systems work...
    Fry: Stop!! You're just goin' around in circles! Think, Fry, think! Everyone's depending on you.

    Any episode starring Zapp Brannigan is usually hilarious and this is no exception, Mellvar being a great character too. The only letdown in the episode is the continuity errors which Futurama have a lot of but this is the only one that's blatantly obvious: the fact that Star Trek has been mentioned several times on the show, including the pilot ("do the thing") and Brannigan, Begin Again ("Or like the Federation from your Star Trek program"). All in all, a good, well plotted episode.