Season 4 Episode 12

Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When the Star Trek Cast members are reading the script Mellvar wrote you see that Deforest's shirt is yellow not blue like it usually is.

    • The opening theme promotion and the title of this episode coincide: WHERE NO FAN HAS GONE BEFORE


    • Shirt on nerd getting killed: Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here.


    • When Leela tells the crew to "lose some weight," you'll see that the three main cast members are posed in the same areas as the people standing next to them. Shatner next to Leela in the captain's chair, Fry sitting at the communication desk with Nichols behind him, and Bender standing with his hands behind his back the same way Nimoy is posed.

    • Some more bits of info: When the priest in the Church of Trek says "And Scotty beamed them to the Klingon ship, where they would be no Tribble at all.", it is a reference to the season 2 TOS episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles." Also, "Nazi-Planet-Episode Land (formerly Germany)" refers to a TOS episode where Kirk & Spock visit a planet that's very "Nazi-Land (formerly Germany)"-ish. When Fry takes Nimoy's head from the Head Museum, the head that comes and says, "Yes. Front row!" is the head of Jonathan Frakes, who plays Number One (aka Commander Riker) on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

      When Nimoy's head says to Shatner's head, "Bill, you are, and always shall be, my friend" is a reference to Spock's last words (before he dies) in Star Trek II, "I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Live Long and Prosper."

      When Fry powers up the Planet Express ship, the buttons make beeps like the ones on the original series Enterprise registry number NCC-1701.

      The term "Omega system" is a reference to Star Trek with various systems like the Viridian system or our solar system: the Terran System.

      Bender's comment about Melllvar being a cheesy effect is obviously a reference to the cheesy effects in the original Star Trek.

      After the first commercial break, during the establishing shot of the ship you hear TOS-ish music.

      The sparkly effect of the "TrekFest 3002" appearing is a reference to the cheesy original series transporter effect.

      George and Walter sharing a copy of the script may be a reference to their characters, Sulu and Chekov, sharing a "connected" console.

      Leela's plan to overload Melllvar is a classic Trek-like plan complete with Trek techno talk.

      When Bender is modifying the weapons, or as he put it "'recafoobelling' the energy-motron... or whatever", the "room" he is in is supposed to be like the original series Jeffries Tubes.

      When Fry and Melllvar are listing fight-to-the-death episodes, they forgot episode 34, Amok Time, where Kirk and Spock must fight to the death.

      The machine gun that Bender finds is a prop from the TOS episode, A Piece of the Action.

      Nichelle Nichols' fan dance is from Star Trek V.

      The music that plays while the 2 crews are fighting is roughly from almost every hand to hand Star Trek fight.

      Melllvar being called for dinner and being referred to as a child is a reference to to the season 1 TOS episode, The Squire of Gothos.

      The mention of a self destruct code, Destruct Sequence..., is a reference to the TOS episode, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, and Stra Trek III.

      The music at the end BEFORE the credits is straight from TOS. The music DURING the credits is merely Trek-ISH.

    • First Nimoy tries to steer away from Spock, and talk about his other achievements as an actor, but latter admit that he can't escape it. This is a cheap stab at the actions he took writing his two books "I Am Not Spock" and "I Am Spock."

    • In A Head In The Polls Bender says that his self-destruct mechanism is on his body, indicating it's a mechanical device. Now it's a simple voice-activated device. Maybe an upgrade?

    • When Leela says "We're too heavy," Shater's shirt is back in one piece.

    • Why would there be a welcome to "Germany" sign in the middle of Berlin?

    • Why is it everyone's face stays younger when they get dumped in the head jars except Nimoy?

    • Melllvar creates "Trek Fest 3002", but the year is now 3003.

    • The words 'Star Trek' are allegedly not to be spoken, as revealed in this episode. However, the actual words 'Star Trek' were used by Hermes in Brannigan Begin Again, when used to describe DOOP, "Like the Federation in your Star Trek Program." Also, in Space Pilot 3000, Fry uses the term 'Star Trek' to describe how the doors open and close. Finally, in That's Lobstertainment! one of the nominees for soft drink product placement was a movie, 'Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation.' Finally, a Star Trek argument is recorded in I Dated a Robot in a chat-room entitled 'Old-Trek vs. New-Trek.' (Although "Star Trek" is not directly stated, just "Trek" and character names.)

  • Quotes

    • Melllvar: I thank you, Fry. You know, you and I are of a kind. In a different reality I could have called you "friend".
      Fry: Episode 10, Balance of Terror.
      Melllvar: More like episode nine, loser! In your face! Victory is mine!

    • Melllvar: If I can't have the original cast of Star Trek, no one will! Prepare to die!
      Fry: Wait! If they mean that much to you, why do you wanna kill them?
      Melllvar: Because I... I... I dunno what I'd do without them.
      Fry: Melllvar, you can't let a TV show be your whole life. You can do anything you want. Look at Walter Koenig: After Star Trek, he became an actor.
      Koenig: Not just an actor, but a well-rounded person, with my own friends and credit cards and keys.

    • Fry: Look, Leonard, we're light enough to keep the tapes! Isn't that great?
      Nimoy: I'm living in a gefilte fish jar.

    • Shatner: Leela, please. This is exactly what Melllvar wants. We're just pawns in his diabolical game of checkers.

    • Koenig: I don't have much experience at fighting - except with you guys.
      Shatner: I have an idea. Wasn't there an episode where I threw my shoe at the enemy?
      Nimoy: You mean Doohan?

    • Melllvar: This will be your standard battle to the death. The only weapons: Whatever you can find. But I warn you, do nothing until I have signalled the start of combat. OK, start.

    • Bender: OK! I'm done re-kafoobling the energy motron... or whatever.

    • Leela: For one hundred quatloos: Who did the captain maroon on Ceti Alpha V?
      Shatner: Khaaan!
      Fry(buzzes): Uh... Khan?
      Leela: Correct.
      Melllvar: My button has broken.

    • Melllvar: Um, uh, sign it to Melllvar. "Melllvar" has three "L's".
      Takei: I think I've done enough conventions to know how to spell "Melllvar".

    • Fry: Cool! A Star Trek convention!
      Nimoy: Uh, Melllvar, can you give us some idea of how long this is going to last?
      Melllvar: Until time stops.

    • Fry: Alright, you gas, what's the deal?
      Melllvar: Centuries ago, the videotaped adventures of the Enterprise crew rained down upon my planet. Over and over, I watched them. Especially the five with the energy beings.

    • (Leela is testifying in a machine where she must use beeps to communicate)
      Zapp: This court will now hear some very sensual testimony from this court's ex-lover, Turanga Leela.
      Leela: Go [beep] yourself.

    • Takei: You'll love it here. Everything is provided for us, and we never age. Check out these abs!
      Bender: Yowza!
      Leela: But who's doing all this for you?
      Shatner: You know, we never thought about it. We're famous celebrities - we're used to this sort of treatment.

    • Leela: You can't go to Omega 3; it's forbidden! I forbid you!
      Fry: But we have to! The world needs Star Trek to give people hope for the future.
      Leela: But it's set 800 years in the past!

    • Fry: I'm literally angry with rage!

    • Nimoy: Oh, really, I've done too many things to remember one particular TV series. But if-if you want to discuss my books of poetry-
      Fry: Come on! Remember that episode where you go high on spores and smacked Kirk around?
      Nimoy: No. Perhaps you're thinking of my one man show about Vincent van Spock- Uh, uh, I mean van Gogh! Damn!
      Fry: Aha! You can't escape it!
      Nimoy: Oh, you're right, I can't.
      Fry: Uh, jeez, don't get upset. I mean, OK, I outwitted you, but...

    • Kif: Bender the robot, please take the stand.
      Fry: She's all yours, buddy!
      Bender: I'd only met the defendant, Fry, once, but I knew he was up to no good.

    • Priest: And Scotty beamed them to the Klingon ship where they would be no Tribble at all.
      Congregation: All power to the engines.

    • Zapp: The court is intrigued. Perhaps we could hear more about these forbidden words from someone with a sexily seductive voice.
      Takei: With pleasure.

    • Bender: That sound! It's patrol car 718!

    • Shatner: The impossible has happened. It would take days to recount the events I have witnessed. So, settle in. It all began-
      Zapp: Quiet, you! This court martial is now in session. The honourably sexy Zapp Brannigan residing.

    • George: After the Star Trek Wars, all of our material was banned.
      Zapp: Was that the mass migration of Star Wars fans?
      Michelle: No, that was the Star Wars Trek.

    • Shatner: I wonder, my friends, was he really such an evil energy gas?
      Nichols: He did give us eternal youth.
      Koenig: 24-hour Laundromat.
      Takei: A full assortment of rum, both spiced and regular.
      Nimoy: Truly, it was a paradise.
      Fry: And all you had to put up with was one really annoying Star Trek fan.
      Shatner: Let's get the hell outta here!

    • Melllvar: Well, I guess I could move out of my parents' basement, maybe get a temp job.
      Fry: Whoa, whoa! One step at a time.

    • Takei: Let's take him out with us. Do you guys have a self-destruct code? Like destruct sequence 1-A, 2-B, 3-C.
      (Bender's head explodes)
      Bender: Thanks a lot, Takei, now everybody knows!

    • Zapp: So I boarded you, eh? What happened next?
      Leela: You started this stupid court martial. Now if you don't mind, we're still fighting Melllvar!

    • Fry: Melllvar's got a spaceship!
      Melllvar: Yes, in mint condition. And you made me take it out of the package!

    • Melllvar's Mother: Melllvar! Dinner time!
      Melllvar: Aw, but Mom, I'm playing with my collectables!
      Melllvar's Mother: Now!
      (Melllvar groans and disappears)
      Fry: All this time we thought he was a powerful super-being, yet he was just a child.
      Melllvars's Mother: He's not a child, he's 34!

    • Nichols: What if I distract them with my famous fan dance?
      Shatner: Oh, that's good, good, good, good. And then, George, you give them a karate chop!
      Takei: I find that offensive. Just because I'm of Japanese ancestry you assume I know karate. Have I ever led you to believe I've studied karate?
      Shatner: Well, no, but you never talk about yourself.
      Takei (sad): Maybe if you showed a little interest.

    • Leela: We can make these into spears.
      Fry: And we can tie these caterpillars together to make bow strings for bows and arrows.
      Bender: And we can use this machine gun to shoot them! Yee-haw! (He pulls out a Tommy gun from behind a rock and shoots all the rounds. Fry and Leela glare at him and he chuckles) Well, that was fun!

    • Zapp: So Melllvar ordered a battle to the death. I assume no one survived.

    • Leela: It's not working! He's drawing strength from our weapons!
      Fry: Yeah, like a balloon and something bad happens!

    • Leela: I didn't wanna leave them either, Fry, but what are we supposed to do?
      Fry: Well, usually on the show someone would come up with a complicated plan then explain it with a simple analogy.
      Leela: Hmm. If we can re-route engine power through the primary weapons and reconfigure them to Melllvar's frequency, that should overload his electro-quantum structure.
      Bender: Like putting too much air in a balloon!
      Fry: Of course! It's so simple!

    • Fry: This is wrong. We shouldn't have abandoned them there.
      Bender: I dunno, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

    • Melllvar: You will perform a fan script, written by the ultimate Trek fan.
      Fry: You have my fan script?
      Melllvar: I meant me! Melllvar is the ultimate fan!
      Fry: Oh, I was confused because the scoreboard says something different.

    • Shatner:
      I'm Slim Shady,
      Yes, I'm the real Shady,
      All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating,
      So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up,
      Please stand up,
      Please stand up.
      Koenig: How can you do a spoken-word version of a rap song?
      Melllvar: He found a way.

    • Bender: Uh, can people who hate Star Trek leave?
      Koenig: Good question!
      Melllvar: No, you have to stay even longer.

    • Bender: Whoa! What a cheesy effect!
      Melllvar: I am not an effect! You doubt my power?!
      Bender: I do.

    • Koenig: When we woke up, we had these bodies.
      Fry: Say it in Russian!
      Koenig: Ven ve voke up ve had these wodies.
      (Fry squeals)
      Fry: Now say nuclear wessels!
      Koenig: No!

    • Nimoy: Nichelle! George! Walter! DeForest! Welshy!
      Fry: Welshy?
      Nichols: We did some musical reunion specials in the 2200's but the guy who played Scotty had trouble yodelling.

    • Fry: Oh, dip!
      Nimoy: Dip, indeed!

    • Computer Voice: Warning, You are now in forbidden space.
      Bender: Forbidden shmer-shmidden! What are they gonna do, write a letter?

    • Zapp: I've never heard of such a brutal and shocking injustice that I cared so little about.

    • Takei: The last copies of the 79 episodes and six movies were dumped on the forbidden world, Omega 3, along with that blooper reel where the door doesn't close all the way.

    • Man: (Throws someone into a volcano) He's dead, Jim! (They throw another in) He's dead, Jim! (Another) He's dead, Jim!

    • Nichols: By the 23rd century, Star Trek fandom had evolved from a loose association of nerds with skin problems into a full-blown religion.

    • Fry: You know what movies average out to be really good? The first six Star Trek movies!
      Clerk: Everybody hit the deck!
      Leela: Sh! Those words are forbidden!
      Fry: What words? Star Trek?
      Leela: Sh!
      Zoidberg: Shut your gills!

    • Bender: Let's take these six Jim Carrey movies and record over them.

    • Leela: The Professor said he was taking a brief nap, so we only have time for six movies.

    • Zapp: Do you plead guilty? (Fry beeps twice) Double yes. Guilty!

    • Zapp: Philip J. Fry, you stand accused of travelling to the forbidden planet, Omega 3, a crime punishable by 12 concurrent death sentences.

    • (reading from Melllvar's script)
      Koenig: "Captain, I wope he will welp our vessel."
      Melllvar: "Wessel"! You're not acting hard enough!

    • Leela: We can't use our ship. The life support works but the engines are wrecked.
      Takei: Ironic. Because our engines work but our life support systems don't.
      Leela: Hey, if your engines work...
      Takei: ...and your life support systems work...
      Fry: Stop! You're just goin' around in circles! Think, Fry, think! Everyone's depending on you.

    • Shatner: There's no right way to hit a woman.
      Leela: Then do it the wrong way.

    • Melllvar: Silence!! My whole world has turned upside down. I have but one option.
      Koenig: Keep them and let us go?
      Melllvar: No!! To determine who is more worthy of my fanatical devotion I shall pit you together against each other in armed combat. To the death!!
      Bender: Where'd you get an idiotic idea like that?
      Melllvar: Episodes 19, 46, 56 and 77.
      Fry: Great list. Except, you forgot episode 66! Ha ha ha ha ha!
      Melllvar: I was getting to that one!

    • Nimoy: Hey! We've done heroic things too!
      Nichols: Yeah! In the third season I kissed Shatner!

    • Nimoy: Melllvar, you have to respect your actors. When I was directing Star Trek IV I got a magnificent performance out of Bill because I respected him so much.
      Shatner: And when I directed Star Trek V I got a magnificent performance out of me, because I respected me so much!

    • Nimoy: I feel like hugging you.
      Shatner: Well I would but you have no body! And we're both men.

    • Bender: Yeah why is this so important to you?
      Fry: Cos it, it taught me so much. Like how you should accept people. Whether they be black, white, Klingon or even female. But most importantly, when I didn't have any friends, it made me feel like I did.
      Leela: Well, that is touchingly pathetic. I guess I can't let you go alone.

    • Shatner: This planet doesn't appreciate us anymore Leonard.
      Nimoy: Bill, you are, and always shall be, my friend. But I just signed a 6 month lease on my apartment. I can't walk away from a commitment like that.

    • Fry: Mr Nimoy. I came as soon as I heard what happened centuries ago. I can't believe your show was banned.
      Nimoy: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
      Fry: You know. 1966, 79 episodes, about 30 good ones.

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Script.

    • A few scenes from this episode featuring William Shatner were shown in the video montage at the beginning of his roast in 2006.

    • There was one deleted scene which was taken out at Shatner's request, and when you see it, you'll know why. It can be found on the Season 4 DVD.

    • The energy being had several different forms that were drawn up for consideration. But in the end, the staff admitted most of them looked too "good" to ever look like anything from the original series. So they went with the simplest form, which was the sparkly cloud.

    • While it's only hinted that he was there, that is really the voice of Jonathan Frakes who played Riker on The Next Generation.

    • In return for turning down the role, Cohen got revenge by writing in the character of "Welshy." The one line we hear him speak is actually in welsh. Translated is says "I am very drunk." The other writers took it a step forward and had Welshy killed, showing one of the few constants in Star Trek -- if you wear a red suit, and you're only an ensign... you'll eventually get killed!

    • All but two of the original Star Trek cast are present for this episode. DeForest Kelly who played Bones, obviously due to his death 3 years earlier. But the only living member to turn it down was James Doohan who played Scotty. When the request went out to his agent, the crew got only a two-word reply. "NO WAY!"

    • Writer David Goodman actually won a job writing for Star Trek: Enterprise because of this episode.

    • In the audio commentary for this episode creator Matt Groening confesses that he has never actually seen an episode of the original Star Trek the whole way through.

    • Professor Farnsworth does not appear in this episode. In broadcast order, this is his first non-appearance, but production wise, his second - he does not appear in The Why of Fry (shown in Season 5) either.

    • Two of the videos in the store are Planet Of The Clams and Galaxy Wars. Both were showing at the cinema in Raging Bender.

    • This episode was voted the best episode of Futurama at the Adult Swim marathon.

  • Allusions

    • Sign in the Church of Trek: Ceiling of the Christine chapel closed for renovation. Reference to the TOS character nurse Christine Chapel, played by Majel Barrett who was the wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

    • Shatner performs a spoken-word version of Eminem's The Real Slim Shady. This is also an allusion to Shatner's many musical efforts, like his album The Transformed Man.

    • Jonathan Frakes: "Yes! Front Row"

      Jonathan Frakes played William T. Riker in Star Trek the Next Generation as well as gueat stared as him in other versions. This pokes fun at the fact that the original series was the only one that they seem to care about in this show even though several fans think TNG was better.

    • The last shot in the closing credits is of a 'sinister' looking Kif, based on the last shot in Star Trek's closing credits during the second season, of the sinister-looking 'false Balok' from The Corbomite Maneuver.

    • Shatner: Let's get the Hell out of here.

      The last line of this episode is the same as last line of the classic Star Trek episode City on the Edge of Forever. In both episodes William Shatner delivers the line.

    • Bender Says "Another classic science fiction show canceled before its time", can be a reference to the short-lived Roswell. Also when Fry takes Leonard Nimoy's head off the shelf, he is replaced by Jonathan Frakes, who is not only from Star Trek: TNG, he was also the executive producer of "Roswell"

      Additionally, this could be a reference to Futurama itself because by the time this episode was made they had a pretty good idea they weren't going to be renewed for another season. It was shown as the last episode of the 3rd televised season but it was made to be shown in the middle of the 4th and (at the time) last production season.

    • The space ship that disposes of the Trek tapes looks very much like an Eagle spaceship from the series "Space: 1999".

    • "George and Walter will have to share" was a stab at the fact that the show didn't have the budget in the second season for both Koenig and Takei, so they had to switch off episodes.

    • Shatner: The impossible has happened...
      The first line from the Star Trek series

    • A few more references are: The episode's title is close to the 3rd/4rd Star Trek episode "Where no MAN has gone before". Of course the nacelles of the Planet Express ship. The first lines of the episode are "Shatner's log, airdate unknown. The impossible has happened…" is almost the same as Williams Shatner's very first lines ever in Star Trek. We first see Fry looking like Captain Pike from Star Trek TOS. The two guys dressed up as Cherons (black and white faced guys) at the church of Trek. When the missile is shot to Omega 3 with all Star Trek stuff, it's the same shot from Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan when Spock's coffin is shot to the Genesis planet. Fry asks Chekov to say nuclear wessels refers to Star Trek 4. Melllvar resembles a number of different Star Trek episodes. Ambassador Sarek's Trivia Challenge is Spocks father's name, Sarek of course. Khan was marooned on Ceti Alpha 5 in the original series episode "Space Seed". William Shatner yelling "KHAN" from Star Trek 2. The Planet Express ship firing its phasers same as the Enterprise from Star Trek TOS. Nichelle says she had to kiss Williams Shatner in the 3rd season, which was the first interracial kiss on TV, very big for the time. Leonard Nimoy use's a Vulcan neck pinch on Bender. Melllvar's ship looks like a Romulan ship. When Melllvar's mother shows up in the end is a call to Star Trek TOS episode The Squire of Gothos. And of course the credits with the pictures from the episode and Star Trek music is the same as The Original Series except for the last picture.

    • Takei: You see the show was banned after the Star Trek wars.
      This episode has dozens of reference to the Star Trek franchise, specially the series and movies.