Season 4 Episode 6

Where the Buggalo Roam

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The sleeves of Inez's shirt keeps changing from yellow to white throughout the entire episode.

    • Look closely:
      While Kif and Amy are kissing on the ground next to the crater, Amy's watch goes from her right arm to her left arm. It stays there for 4 seconds and vanishes.

    • Look really hard:
      In the scene where everyone was caught up in the sandstorm and spinning around fast, you can actually see that Leela has wrist devices on both arms at the same time!

    • Opening theme promotion: KRAFTED WITH LUV - by monsters.

    • A sign attached to the Face Of Mars reads "Martian Reservation. Trespassers Will be Guilt-Ridden."

    • On the Season 3 DVD audio commentary, there was a constant joke about how there seem to be a number of "Cannabis-looking leaves" around the planet and on Mrs. Wong's hat.

    • In the overhead shot, just before the group enters the nose of the Great Stoneface of Mars, Betsy is right beside Kif. In the next groundshot, she is gone, and she's also gone when they are inside the nose. Only when Kif needs her to rescue Amy does she appear again.

    • Kif has a camouflage reflex which he says is activated when nervous. He sure was most nervous when calling Amy in Amazon Women in the Mood, but there was no sign of his reflex then.

    • In the episode A Flight to Remember, Leo and Inez Wong introduced Amy to Kif, but here in this episode, they appear to hate him. Furthermore, Amy's parents stated that they hadn't even met Kif until this episode.

  • Quotes

    • (When Amy is kidnapped)
      Kif: Amy Nooooo!
      Bender: Don't worry, Kif, I'm sure another beautiful rich girl will fall for you...(Laughs wildly)

    • Bender: (singing) We got a right to pick a little fight with russ-lers!
      Somebody wants to pick a fight with us, he better bite my ass!

    • Amy: Thanks for saving my life, Kif. You're my hero.
      Kif: Oh, you're kind. But your parents still don't like me.
      Amy: Well globviously! But if they liked you then I wouldn't. Don't you know anything about girls?

    • Martian: The very bead used to crush our dreams shall be used to crush your bones.
      Kif: Well, actually, I don't have bones. I'm supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders that...

    • Singing Wind: Here, take.
      Kif: Ooh, no thanks. I'm on the peace patch.
      Singing Wind: You must smoke peace pipe, and you must do it peacefully. Or we'll kill you.

    • Zapp: How about instead you give us the girl and we carve a bunch of our presidents into your sacred mountain?
      Singing Wind: You waste words. We want return of land that was taken from us.
      Bender: Uh, actually you traded it for a bead.
      Singing Wind: Tribe suffer heap big buyer's remorse.

    • Leela: Aw, look. Betsy followed you, Kif!
      Zapp: I didn't realise you were bringing your girlfriend, lieutenant!
      Kif: She won't leave me alone.
      Zapp: Did I say "girlfriend"? She sounds more like a wife!

    • Kif: But your, um, Martian-ness, these buggalo aren't yours. They belong to the Wong family.
      Singing Wind: You mean family that took all Martian land and gave us one lousy bead?
      Amy: Uh-huh! Amy Wong. And you are?
      Singing Wind: Mad at Wong family!

    • Singing Wind: Only those who revere Mother Mars can fly buggalo. And only they shall have buggalo. And they're us.

    • Kif: OK, the dynamite's in place.
      Amy: Are you sure there's no other way to get the buggalo out?
      Leela: Not unless your parents have thousands of helicopters at their disposal.
      Amy: Well, actually-
      Bender: Too late! This is more fun!

    • Amy: The buggalo! They're in the crater.
      Kif: The rustlers must have seen me coming and run off, scared.
      Amy: Oh, Kif! You're so brave!
      Kif: Sh! They'll hear us!

    • Kif: I love it out here, Amy. I feel so manly. I have a blister, I-I spit! A-And of course, I tell no one my feelings.
      Amy: But you still have them, right?
      Kif: Oh, yes. But I keep them inside until I can write them in my diary.

    • Amy: Is that your camouflage reflex or are you just happy to see me?

    • Fry: Once, not far from here, four people set out on a cattle drive-
      Bender: Robot gets bored and kills Fry with a hammer! Sorry, go on.

    • Kif: Saddle up, men. We got some no good rustlers to... catch!

    • Amy: No, Kif! It's too risky. You don't have to do this to prove your manliness.
      Inez: Oh, yes he does!

    • Zoidberg: Mom! Dad! Don't ask me to choose!
      Amy: They're not your parents, I'm not your sister and that's not your golf cart.
      Zoidberg: Aw!

    • Amy: Mom? Dad? You remember Kif?
      Leo: This your boyfriend? I have instant dislike of him!
      Inez: He too scrawny to father grandchildren.
      Amy: He's not scrawny, he's just small-boned.
      Kif: Actually, I don't have bones. I'm supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders that-
      Leo: Yes, yes! You a big squishy wuss!

    • RJ: Howdy, Amy. Glad to see you've come back to the country. It's where the flavour is.
      Amy: RJ, this is my boyfriend, Kif.
      RJ: This wimp? You've gone a long way, baby.

    • Fry: So what's Mars Day about, anyway?
      Inez: It commemorate the day centuries ago when our ancestor, Sir Reginald Wong, bought Mars from stupid natives.
      Leela: How can you call the Native Martians "stupid"?
      Leo: They sell whole planet for one bead. Sound stupid to me!
      Farnsworth: That is stupid!

    • Kif: Actually, sir, I'm-I'm a little nervous about meeting her family.
      Zapp: Well that's natural. After all you're meek and uninteresting. Until now you've gotten by on my left-over charisma, scrounging off it like a tiny charisma parasite.
      Kif: I just hope they like me.
      Zapp: And why wouldn't they? Yes, yes, I know. Tiny, meek, uninteresting. Spare me your tedious life story, Kif. And above all have fun!

    • Amy: This is my sweet, little Betsy. I raised her from a larva that ate one of my sweaters.
      Leo: Yes, everybody love Betsy. We going to eat her at Amy's wedding. If she ever get married!
      Amy: Dad! Gleesh! Please don't say things like that when you meet my boyfriend tonight.
      Leo: Oh, that right. We finally get to spend some time with this Mr. Kif.
      Inez: I just hope he's a nice man who can make us lot of grandchildren. This not some parallel universe where you getting any younger.

    • Leo: Here is most number one product of all: The mighty buggalo. They used for everything; meat, milk and their shells make good row boat.

    • Zoidberg: By the way, do you have anymore of this Dom Perignon bubble bath? There was only enough to fill the tub halfway.

    • Leela: Thanks so much for inviting us, Mr. Wong. I've never been to a Mars Day barbecue.
      Leo: Oh, Mars Day much better than Earth Day. Dump trash wherever you want! Big, empty planet!

    • Amy: Hi, Dad. It's me and my co-workers.
      Mrs. Wong: Open up, Leo. It's Amy and her weirdos.

    • Amy: Then Kif flew Betsy, rescued me from the tornado and made peace with the Martians.
      Mr. Wong: Please! He too much of a wimp.
      Mrs. Wong: Yeah. I'm sure it was all Mr. Zapp Brannigan here.
      Zapp: Please, you give me too little credit.

    • Leela: But what about your sacred land?
      Singing Wind: Land shmand! We don't wanna live on this planet. It's a dump. We'll buy new planet and act like it's sacred.

    • Zapp: Chief, my people are a people of law. And that law is (He pulls out a gun) no backsies!

    • Zapp: How do we even know she's alive?
      Amy: I'm fine.
      Zapp: Sh! You're weakening our bargaining position.

    • Singing Wind: I am Singing Wind, chief of the Martian tribe.
      Zapp: Take me to your leader.

    • Amy: Kif! You did it! But how did you know the dynamite would work?
      Kif: I once took a seminar in ejecting chickens from a sand dune. The principle is essentially the same.

    • Leela: OK, my turn to tell a ghost story. Once, there was this woman driving...
      Fry: Hook on the hand!
      Kif: OK, I've got one. This family...
      Fry: Man in the attic!
      Leela: Fine, Mr. Know-It-All-About-Something-Finally, you tell a story!

    • Bender: And even though the computer was off and unplugged, an image stayed on the screen. It was ... the Windows logo!
      Fry: Pft, that's not scary!
      Bender: It is if you're a laser printer.

    • Leela: Wow, look at that: Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the solar system.
      Fry: Where?
      Leela: Right in front of you.
      Fry: Oh. Oh!

    • Kif: Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Wong. I'll get your cattle back or die trying.
      Mr. Wong: Hey, we can't lose!

    • Mr. Wong: Aye-ah! Those buggalo are what made Wong family so rich and powerful. Oh, Inez, with them stolen, we ruined!
      Mrs. Wong: OK. I want a divorce.

    • Mrs. Wong: Phew! Everyone OK? No one considering lawsuit?
      Farnsworth: Hmm. I might have mental anguish.
      Mr. Wong: I'll have you know I'm friends with every judge on planet.
      Farnsworth: I'm OK then.

    • Mr. Wong: Dust storm! Oh, dust storm! Everybody into house. Hurry, before we die. And wipe your damn feet!

    • Kif: I can be manly too. I think I'll, uh, light up a smoke.
      (He takes out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth backwards and lights it)
      Amy (whispering): Wrong way!

    • Fry: I'll have a thorax and some feelers.
      Mr. Wong: You want some salad with that?
      Fry: Yuck!

    • (Mr. Wong takes a bite of caviar)
      Zoidberg: By the way, I took the liberty of fertilising your caviar.

    • Zoidberg: Host-man! Host-woman! I'm having a wonderful time!
      Mr. Wong: You here five hours and already you tear up couch, draw moustache on priceless painting and fill pool with brine shrimp.
      Zoidberg: (nudging Mrs. Wong) Not bad for a city boy, huh?

    • Leela: I can't believe you're laughing at the tragic exploitation of a proud, bead-loving people.
      Fry: Lighten up, Leela. It's funny!
      Leela: Of course it is. But you don't have to laugh!

    • Bender: Oh, yeah! Drop another barnyard bomb on us, Vanilla Corn!
      DJ: Yo it's Funk Master Festus!

    • Hermes: Mon, it must take forever to brand all those cattle.
      Mr. Wong: Not really. We own so much stuff it easier just to brand everything that not ours.

    • Farnsworth: This is quite a large ranch you have.
      Mr. Wong: 17.9 billion acres. We own entire western hemisphere. (whispering) That the best hemisphere!
      Farnsworth: It's the same on Earth.

    • (Kif has a cigerette in his mouth and he's coughing)
      Walt: It's not even lit yet.
      (Walt lights it)
      Kif: Is is lit yet?
      Walt: Yes.
      (Kif starts coughing again)

    • Mr. and Mrs. Wong gasp
      Zapp: Your gasps intrigue me, explain.

    • Zapp: I am the man with no name. Zapp Branigan at your service.

    • Amy: Wait, I'm to rich to be kidnapped!

    • (ground shakes)
      Amy: What was that?
      Kif: Maybe we just made love.

    • Amy: Look on the bright side, my parents left after you passed out so they didn't even see you barf.

    • (After Buggalo disappear)
      Mr. Wong: Who going to get them back? One-Eye? Lobster mooch? Drunken trash can?
      Hermes: This looks like a job for...
      Kif: Lt. Kif Krocker!
      Hermes: Ok!

    • Zapp Brannigan: The great stone face of Mars. The only known entrance to the inside of the planet.
      Leela: What about the great stone ass of Mars?
      Zapp Brannigan: Well, yeah, but that's way on the other side of the planet.

    • Mr. Wong: Make yourselves at home.
      Zoidberg: Don't mind if I already did.

    • Farnsworth: This mission is incredibly dangerous. Someone's sure to be killed. *Points out who should go on the mission* Fry, Leela, Bender.
      Bender: Damn you, old man!

    • Zapp Brannigan: Don't be such a chicken Kif. Teenagers all smoke and they seem pretty on the ball.

    • Zapp Brannigan: Now remember Kif, the quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents. Have sex with them, and your in.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Great Stone Face of Mars

      Probable reference to a famous photograph, which, due to a shadow cast by a hill, looked eerily like a face on Mars.

    • Zapp dubs himself the "Man with No Name". In the western context, he is referring to Clint Eastwood's seminal character from the movies A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly who was left un-named.

    • Fry: Hey, it's that 'the barbecue's over' sound again.

      The call with which the native Martians summon the sandstorm resembles the sound of the didgeridoo, a musical instrument of the Australian Aborigine people.

    • Where the Buggalo Roam

      The title of this episode is a play on a line in the folk song "Home on the Range." The line in the song is "Where the Buffalo Roam."

    • Public Service Announcement: Crying Native American
      A native martian cries after Zapp Brannigan throws an empty Slurm can on the ground. This is a reference to the 1970's public service announcement.

    • Bonanza
      The song that Bender sings is a take on the Bonanza theme.

    • The Manhattan Purchase
      The purchase of the land for one bead is a quick reference to the Manhattan Purchase in 1626.

    • Giant
      The Wong house is designed after the home in the movie Giant.

    • Chuck-Wagon Dog Food
      The wagon that Bender is riding in is made to look like the old wagon from the Chuck-Wagon Dog Food commercials, minus the dog chasing it.

    • Smoking References
      The cowboy and the camel creature are both references to two different brands of cigarette ads. Joe Camel and The Malboro Man

    • Wild West
      This episode depicts Mars as a stylized old American Wild West. People are wearing cowboy clothing, Mars has a desert landscape, buggalo are like cattle, and the Martians represent Native Americans.

    • Mission to Mars
      The episode refers to Mission to Mars. It had the evil tornado and the mouth of Mars. The movie's climax (using the term lightly) was a huge multimedia 3-d display.

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