Season 2 Episode 8

Xmas Story

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Christmas(sorry, X-Mas)episode

    In this episode, the Planet Express crew goes to a ski resort, but Fry is depressed that he doesn't have any realitives with him (except for Fransworth.) Eventually it makes Leela sad, and Fry feels like an ***, so he goes to get her present, but then he and Leela get chased by Robot Santa. The episode was nonstop hilarious from Fry choosing Leela's present to Zoidburg getting a pogo stick. Favorite quote from Robot Santa: "Your Missletow is no match for my TOW missle!" Overall, a perfect episode about Christmas that is nonstop hilarious and definitly worth watching. 10/10 A+