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  • Episode 41 air date 03/14/08

    Showing the fire power of the A4 5.56 / AK 7.62 / then the new Grendel 6.5 these were shot at targets

    with a certain tension on them. The problem with it is when Mac shot the A4 5.56 he shot very low on the

    target & it did not knock it down, but when he shot it with the AK 7.62 & the "new Grendel 6.5" he hit the targets high up & yes they were knocked down. On a heavy target shooting six inches lower can make a big differance. I would like to see the A4 5.56 shot at the same location on the targets & see if they are knocked down. If Mack is sooo good with assault rifles why didn't he hit the targets in the same location?

    This was not a true test of power!!!!!!!
  • Future Weapons is a highly enjoyable show. If you like high tech and you like explosions then you will like Future Weapons.

    Future Weapons is a highly enjoyable show. If you like high tech and you like explosions then you will like Future Weapons.

    The host, Mac, is a former Seal and he brings an entertaining rough-neck personality to the show.

    Each episode usually cover 4 or 5 different weapons systems, all relating to some theme.

    It's important for the security of America that we stay in the lead when it comes to new weapons. We actually are in the middle of a precision revolution. This began with GPS smart bombs in Gulf War I and has spread rapidly throughout the services.

    Future Weapons has featured these advances. One example is Excalibur -- the awesome new guided artillery round that is a quantum leap in precision and accuracy compared to old-fashioned artillery. Excalibur made it's real world debut in 2007 and is quickly becoming the gold standard.

    Future Weapons is a front row seat at the transformation of the American military. Exciting!
  • This show is a great way to learn about weapons and it is fun watching things blow up!

    The television show future weapons is a very educational show it makes you think about how the world is advancing. The weapons are really cool and it is a very interesting idea. the way the show is constructed is great. It might not be an extreamly popular show but it is very good people don't like it because you learn about stuff and that is usually why school is around. i am a person who doesn't like school and even though this show is educational. I do not see it in that way one bit. my favourite part is watching things blow up!
  • The coolest show on television

    This show is so awesome. Each episode features some of the military’s newest weapons, some as the M107 Sniper Rifle, which in my opinion was the best weapon they’ve featured yet. I love TiVoing each episode and rewatching them over and voer. This show is obviously geared towards male, but I think that anyone can enjoy watching it because it is so cool. Each episode seems to get better and feature ever higher-tech, more explosive weapons. I would highly recommend that you watch this show. It's really interesting to learn what weapons the military is developing and using, including nonlegal weapons.
  • This is a show about Future Weapons and the role they play in the battlefield.

    THis show is AWESOME! And when I mean awesome I mean AWESOME! The host is so imformative and what I love it is not just about US military. The MOAB is one of the coolest things you will ever see. The show also covers a wide veriaty of topics. From non-leathal lazers to a gun that can hit a target from 1.5 miles away. You are seeing the future unfold right before you very eyes. You are living in the future! Just thimh how this technology will help the USA and the world! It will benifent mankind. You will be amazed! Don't miss this show!
  • A very "explosive" show that will blow your socks off if you watch it.

    This show is absolutely amazing. It shows that slightly new weapons. I wouldn't say that these weapons are totally new as in just developed last moth but in use for a while. Even if that is the case, the weapons that they show on this show are very powerful weapons such as the MOAB (mother of all bombs) or the JDAM. The good thing about this show is the show is fireworks that it puts on with the missiles and bombs. Even though there is a great display of fireworks, the host could use an improvement like stop repeating things that he already said. Other than that it is a splendid show that everyone should watch (unless you're a pacifist).
  • future weapons is so cool!

    this is one of the best shows ever. if its a sniper or a bazooka future weapons is the best show on the discovery channel or the military channel it is just amazing! it makes you go out of your house and just shoot like crazy the people next door know when they hear gunshots thet know you just saw future weapons and they probaly think that future weapons is the best shows too :). good thing i have a tivo so if i miss a episode i can watch it over and over and over future weapons is one of the best shows you can find. :)
  • This show is almost too awesome for words!

    Man, I don't know what it is that makes somebody want to go out and blow some s*** up after watching explosions on TV, but I love it. This is the most interesting show dealing with new age weaponry on television that I have seen or heard of. The weapons thet they exhibit make me actually consider joining any one of the military branches! I watched the episode where they showcased the M107 Sniper Rifle which can shoot 10, 50 calibur bullets continuously in less than 10 seconds. After watching the segment, I got that same familiar feeling of, "Where are my experimental weapons?" fantasy and wished that I was somewhere testing some of these new weapons. It's almost an instinctive reaction to watching shows like this, and I completely approve!
  • I LOVE FUTURE WEAPONS!! And I will tell you why.

    Future Weapons is one of my favorite shows. I love all the weapons they show and I love seeing how close we are to the laser blasters and everything of old movies. It is awesome seeing all the weapons and them describing how they work. I think it is awesome that there is a show so informative about the latest weapons!

    I mean, CornerShot!! That is an awesome weapon! The MOAB!! Another sweet bomb! I love them showing all these things. I don't remember half the names, but the weapons are stinking AWESOME!! And that, my friends, is why Future Weapons always has a piece of my heart!