Future Weapons

Season 2 Episode 1

Search & Destroy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

In this episode of "Future Weapons", we discover the AS50 semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Vulcan and Aardvark mine destroyers, the SMAW-NE shoulder-launched thermobaric munition and the Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle.
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  • This episode delt with the new rifle developed by Isreal to replace the M-16. This rifle was developed specificly for urban combat. Then Biological weapons were discussed, and the closing segment was dedicated to the MOABmoreless

    Let me start by saying that I love watching this show. I love to see the new types of weapons being developed by various Western armies around the world. I do not watch the show because the host is anything special, if anything I find him annoying, bland and bias.. But thats not my problem with this episode. The two problems with this episode were that 1)the USSR was blamed for developing biological weapons.. You really expect anyone to believe that the United States did not? Please...

    The second problem with this episode was at the end when the host was speaking about the MOAB and stated that it was tested after the invashion of Iraq had begun, and the host said that three days after the MOAB was tested Iraq surrendered. I'm sure the fact that you, by you I mean the American military, dropping a bomb an ocean away had a profound affect on the decision as to weither or not Saddam Husane surrendered. Unless you put a TV infront of his window and said 'hey buddy, look what we can do now.. Scared?' how the hell was he going to find out? With his intriquet satilight system? Wouldn't they be better served oh I don't know... Looking at American positions? What a load of crap. It was pure propaganda; thats the real problem with this show.moreless
  • What do you get when you combine rockets, sniper rifles, and unmanned helocopters? One of the best Future Weapons episodes ever!

    This was an AWESOME episode!! I like how they opened with the rocket launcher and stayed strong the whole way through the episode. There was no downtime in this episode... except for the commercials.

    The rockets that he showed!! INCREDIBLE. It totally destroyed the concrete building he fired it at. I expected a nice explosion...but I had no clue it would be that awesome! I love how it had a time-delay fuse so that it gets inside the buildings before detonating...ingenious. I am really glad that I am American and not on the recieving end of that weapon.

    The new sniper rifle from England!! Where do I begin. So accurate and deadly, yet so light. I love that they are coming out with really accurate semi-auto sniper rifles!!

    This was undoubtedly one of the most awesome episodes...EVER!!moreless

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