F/X: The Series

CTV (ended 1998)


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  • Very different at that time.

    I love this show. I first watched it when it originally aired. I was only like six years old so I forgot a lot.But I just watched every episode again on space. Cameron Daddo is totally hot! My favorite episode was the episode where Rolly gets bitten by the snake. I also liked the one where Rolly gets shot at the school. I hated the last episode though. It's the only show i've ever seen like it. All the F/X stuff was pretty cool and combining it with police work made it great. I don't know why it got cancelled so fast.
  • Cops and robbers, an old story. However, F/X: The Series enhances it with special effects, giving real life a little movie magic to help solve crimes.

    This series was a really great show, based off the two F/X movies. Each episode had Rollie Tyler using his skills as a movie effects artist to help solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. It has undertones of things like Mission Impossible, but this can stand on its own rather than leaning on other classics. There's always some new piece of technology, some interesting aspect of the movie biz that helps making the cops jobs a lot simpler in catching the bad guys. Some of the things they do may be a stretch to the imagination, though since the show was made, we have made a number of advancements that bring us pretty much on par with what they can do. Makes you sort of wonder why the cops don't try some of this stuff in real life.
  • If this show had premiered now, it would have been an instant hit.

    Loved this show when Kevin Dobson was on it. There was a great chemistry between him and Cameron Daddo that his replacement just didn't have. Granted there was sexual tension, but it seemed to ruin the flow of the series. It had a bigger spark first season.

    Loved the series. I liked how the used Rollie's equipment to foil the criminals. The show was slick, and fun to watch. Too bad Kevin left. Even so, I enjoyed the series until the very end and was sorry to see it go.

    It's a terrific show with some great acting. It's definitely worth watching.