F/X: The Series - Season 2

CTV (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Red Storm
    Red Storm
    Episode 18
    Loubar is back-with a vengeance! His assignment: to kill the Chinese Trade Minister. Using Rollie's identity, and three days stolen from his life, Loubar constructs a perfect frame. Unless Rollie stops the assassination, his life as a free man is over. But there's more to Loubar's bid for revenge, and his dark and twisted act will change the lives of Rollie and Angie forever.moreless
  • Thief
    Episode 17
    Rollie and Angie get to put on the Ritz as they become cat burglars to the rich and famous to lure the reclusive super-thief Sebastian from his high-tech lair. In the process, they move from simulated robberies to the real things, putting their reputations -- and their lives -- on the line.moreless
  • Chiller
    Episode 16
    Rollie, Angie, and Mira enter the world of life after death to solve the murder of a hapless drifter. The frozen body of a nameless drifter is discovered on the set of Rollie's latest flick and leads Rollie, Angie and Mira to Bio-Dorm, a cryonics laboratory owned and operated by David Craymore. Craymore's experiments on human victims have convinced him that he too can reap the benefits of suspended death and be reunited with his departed wife. But he needs an organ donor to take the icy ride into the future with them. And Angie Ramirez is the perfect candidate. Rollie and Mira discover the chilling truth almost too late and together pull Angie back from beyond the brink of frozen death.moreless
  • Evil Eye
    Evil Eye
    Episode 15
    When a young girl is kidnapped from Rollie's set and sealed into an airtight chamber, Rollie and Mira must race the clock to rescue her. The young victim of an extortion plot has twenty-four hours to live, unless Rollie can use his F/X wizardry to convince the kidnappers that their crime will have profound consequences, both in the real world and in the realm of the supernatural.moreless
  • Inferno
    Episode 14
    To clear his name when he is blamed for a flashover fire on set, Rollie probes the twisted psyche of a high-tech arsonist and, with the help of one of his victims, enters a dark world of betrayal and deceit culminating in a showdown in a blazing inferno where the only object becomes survival.moreless
  • Reaper
    Episode 13
    Random deaths in Kansas...the cold-blooded murder of a militia cell in Pennsylvania...the apparent suicide of a government scientist in New York -- threads that lead Rollie and Mira into a shadowy world where nothing is as it seems. When they learn the conspirators intend to wipe out the only people who know the truth about a bio-engineering project gone horribly wrong, Rollie faces the ride of his life, dangling from a helicopter riding a nerve gas weapon, in a race against certain death -- for himself and half of New York City!moreless
  • Vigilantes
    Episode 12
    It's revenge twice over when Ricky Delacruz escapes justice and goes after the man who almost put him away: Rollie Tyler. But his victim ends up being Angie, and Rollie sets out to even the score...no matter what it takes!
  • Standoff
    Episode 11
    Rollie and Angie do Mira a favor by providing cover for a young federal witness. The situation explodes in their faces when a high-tech motorcycle gang tracks them down and beseighes them in an abandoned farm. Result: Total War!
  • Flashback
    Episode 10
    With Rollie's help, the assassination of a US Senator is recreated in a movie, and then in real life -- with the original assassin! When it's discovered that Orrin Hill, the assassin, has a brain tumor erasing his memory, a plot is hatched to convince him he's back on that fatal day in 1979. Lost in a time warp, he must do the deed all over again, allowing Rollie and Mira to track him to the source of the conspiracy -- the man who got away, eighteen years ago.moreless
  • Spanish Harlem
    Spanish Harlem
    Episode 9
    A frantic phone call from Mira's ex-husband sends Rollie and Mira on a rescue mission into the old 'hood. But things go bad when the van is ripped off and a squad of high-tech killers joins the pursuit.
  • Ritual
    Episode 8
    Mangela, an Australian aborigine, tracks a stolen artifact to New York, but needs Rollie's strength and expertise to recover it from a renegade tribesman. Rollie undertakes the quest of a lifetime, to save his friend and face down his own primitive fears in the ultimate one-on-one challenge.
  • High Roller
    High Roller
    Episode 7
    When the body of a Scotland Yard Inspector plummets from the sky and lands in the middle of New York City, a messy case lands on Mira's desk. The suspect, Justin Telemark, lives on board his private 747 -- the most exclusive casino in the world -- and he intends to stay well out of NYPD jurisdiction. Boarding the casino flight in Toronto, Rollie, Mira, Angie and supermodel Danielle Vandenglas have an hour and a half to find evidence of Telemark's guilt and divert the aircraft to JFK.moreless
  • House of Horrors
    House of Horrors
    Episode 6
    Supermodel Danielle Vandenglas is the star of "House of Horrors" but death is her stand-in -- and Rollie Tyler is her only hope for survival. Car wrecks, fires, and fatally misfired F/X make it clear someone wants the film shut down. With Mira's help, Rollie hacks through a web of murder, money, and Hollywood back-stabbing to uncover the plotters. But it might be his last gig when he becomes the final victim of their scheme. Pumped full of snake venom, dying by inches, Rollie fights alone through a maze of terror -- knowing that, this time, death is no illusion.moreless
  • Deep Cover
    Deep Cover
    Episode 5
    On location in London, the last person Rollie expected to see was FBI agent Elena Serrano. This time she needs Rollie's help in spiriting an undercover agent back to New York with his deadly cargo of bio-toxin. But the undercover agent is long dead, and the man beneath the mask is Rollie's nemesis, Victor Loubar -- international weapons dealer and chameleon master of disguise. By the time his ruse is revealed, Loubar is in deep cover, somewhere in New York ready to transfer the deadly bio-weapon to the highest bidder. Now Rollie has to find Loubar in a city of millions before he can close his deal. Satellite surveillance, identity switches, and a massive FBI investigation lead Rollie to a showdown at Grand Central Station. Someone's going to walk away from the fiery finish - but whose face will he be wearing?moreless
  • Shooting Mickey
    Shooting Mickey
    Episode 4
    When Angie joined up with young, twitchy director Levi Chase and her old school friend Kit Marchado, she figured making a Gonzo film would be a gas. But the premise behind the film -- breaching a high security penthouse to get a photo of reclusive, retired mobster Mickey O'Brien -- is also a blueprint for murder. In a race against death, Rollie reaches Mickey steps ahead of a hitman. Trapped in a penthouse, with no way out but down, Rollie takes Mickey on a free-fall high dive, betting their lives on an untested stunt chute.moreless
  • Siege
    Episode 3
    A quick bank withdrawal turns into Dog Day Afternoon, when Angie is caught in the middle of a botched mob operation. On location for "Vindicator II," Rollie has all the high-tech gear he needs to make life miserable for the hostage-takers. But the joint Tyler/NYPD operation is turned on its head, when one of the criminals turns out to have a strange hold on Mira. Rollie is challenged to provide the ultimate illusion of escape.moreless
  • Unfinished Business
    A mob accountant on the run pulls Rollie back into the unfinished investigation of Leo murder. The accountant will finger his boss, Vincent Capricio, for Leo's death if Rollie helps him disappear. Acting on the information, Frank Gatti launches a rogue operation with F/X help from Rollie. But their desire for vengeance exacts a deadly cost when a mob mole inside Midtown South blows Frank's cover. With Frank's life on the line, Rollie must answer an impossible question -- how do you make a man disappear in broad daylight?moreless
  • Requiem for a Cop
    Requiem for a Cop
    Episode 1
    Leo McCarthy's death in a massive explosion is just the beginning of Rollie nightmare. An internal investigation into police corruption points the finger at Leo and Francis Gatti. When Rollie is implicated in a scheme to resell weapons impounded by the police, he hits the street -- on the run from the NYPD. Only Detective Mira Sanchez, the internal affairs detective assigned to the investigation, believes Rollie's story. Together they tackle mob gun runners using mini-lasers and Rollie's newly developed RT-3 to clear Leo's name and allow him to be buried with honor.moreless