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G Gundam

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In the year Future Century 60, the Earth's elite have departed from the polluted planet to live in orbiting space colonies, each nation with its own. Below them live the commoners, people who try hard to make a living in the dingy cities and damaged communities left behind. To avoid real war, the world's governments have established a tournament to decide for a time who will control the world called the Gundam Fight. Each country devises a powerful mobile suit called a Gundam and drops it on the Earth, and these units fight each other, the last one left standing becoming the Gundam of Gundams and earning his or her nation the sovereign rights to the Earth, the colonies, and all mankind... but only for four years, until the next Gundam Fight begins. This time, however, more is going on than the tournament itself. Neo-Japan's Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu is searching for his brother Kyoji, who has made off with their father's experimental Devil (In English "Dark") Gundam. In his hands, the weapon might spell destruction for humanity itself, and only he - along with some other Gundam Fighters(later known as the shuffle alliance)- can stop him.

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  • Worst Gundam entry ever! Even worse then Seed.

    G Gundam is perhaps the Black Sheep in the Gundam family. While others tackled political issues while dealing with the results of their actions as a result as in Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam Wing and Gundam 00. While others falterd due to lackluster and rehashed plots and little action (Gundam Seed) G Gundam manages to never move beyond being nothing more then an all out fighting mech show. It is light on plot and has some of the worst gundams ever seen in to this days. The story basically follows a young man who is out for revenge and wants to become make Japan the ruler of the colonies, he has to go through a ton of different nations to do so ending up with a fateful showdown with his brother in an attempt to restore order to the galaxy. In all it was just a stupid concept that should have never been made.moreless
  • hey i remember this spoilers

    there was the main character who was searching for his brother who had supposedly killed his parents and stole a mech capable of dystroying the world. raine who is his gundam mechanic and later pilots a gundam herself and of course serves as the love interest with the main character. then theres the british guy who uses a sword style and also has the little flower laser cannons. then there was the chinese kid who has thhe dragon gundam (its like a sterio type of the series lmao) and bas kinda annoying as most kids are. then there was the guys master who was insane and wanted to use the gundam to dystroy all humanity and let the world recreate itself. and there was a guy who looked like his brother but was acually just a random guy who was killed. apparently the nano machines in the world destroyer are able to bring people back to life but they slower take control of them over time. eventually turning them into mindless zombies. the ending was ok but it felt to much about friendship and love blah blah blah. still it was a decent series.moreless
  • good anime not in a war for once!

    mobile fighter gundam wing opens with a usual mysteryiousness like any anime has but then 1 or not even if i recall the main character domon kasshu his past is revealed in less than a second it was poor showmanship on the part of the people that created it there was also one other falut and that is my ultamite attack _____FINGER!!! it is a five minute chant that is in practiclly every episode i understand the fact of i need to yell to make myself stronger because my power level has to be over 9000!!! but there is a total overuse and even abuse of this word plus 10 out of 29 episodes revolve around pointless battles and how it makes you think he grew as a human but that is just smoke and mirrors but in the end it got to the point and became a anime i watch more than enough timesmoreless
  • Gundams being treated as sport athletes, correct?

    I remember I used to watch this show on Cartoon Network. It's a lot different from the other Gundam series, but I like it how you don't have to think too much about what's going on because there's enough suspense. As the show goes on, we have Domon's mentor, Master Asia who'd side along as the series's antagonist. Another thing is the upgrade Domon gets for his Shining Gundam. Then we have Schwartz Bruter who'd give out Domon some useful tips during his training in the mountains. This would eventually lead to his battle against the Undefeated of the East. Just a bit off the subject, but I would love it if they further expand upon the relationship between Domon Kasshu and Rain Ikimora. Not a biggie but still enough to classify a good, if not, great series.moreless
  • This is an awesome Gundam series.

    I really like this show. This show in my mind, is the only Gundam series that does not involve war, and conflict. This show is like a Soul Caliber tournament. Gundams from all over the world compete in a contest to see who will rule space. Domon Kasshu is the pilot of the Shining Gundam who represents Neo Japan. Domon has issues to settle with his older brother, Kyochi, who turned mad one day, and plotted to destroy the colonies with the Dark Gundam. Domon must win this contest in order to have a better chance searching for Kyochi. This show has some humor in it. The action is amazing. I like the Shining Finger attack that Domon uses. The battles are awesome! Even though this show was made back in 1994, the animation is still really good. This is definitely a must see Gundam show. Overall, cool show, awesome battles, solid dialog, cool characters, somewhat outdated, but nice animation. I would recommend this show to any Gundam fan, like me.moreless

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