G Gundam

Season 1 Episode 47

Dark Colony Activated: Attack Of The Shuffle Alliance

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Dark Colony Activated: Attack Of The Shuffle Alliance
Ulbe now has the Dark Gundam at its fullest but though diabolical he does not risk innocent lives. Domon and the other Gundam Fighters join together to fight off the Dark Gundam colony. Domon also makes an entrance into the Dark Gundam Colony.

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  • The Big Melee

    "This is where the law stops, and I start!"

    Sly Stalone


    I'll admit this is one of my favorate arcs in the show and on TV in general. This is an episode made up of action and emotion. I really loved seeing Domon take action against the Devil Gundam, it's just awesome fighting against a Gundam that is about the size of a contanent alone, I give Domon the "You Got Guts" award. It's true chances of winning aren't that great but hey at least he's trying.

    I really liked some of those emotional moments, like the constant verbal interplay between Unbe and Domon. Unbe is just fraking insane you just don't like this guy, this guy is just so narsistic, we actually get depth as to where he got this idea, and on a sidenote glad it was Master Asia that beat him. Poor Domon he is just cursed, a lot of people he loved in his life have died or hurt in some way. His mom died, his twin brothers, his sensei Master Asia, his father is held prisoner, and now Rain is captured and made as the heart of the Devil Gundam, and it was all because of Unbe. Unbe went way, way too far and I wanted Domon to punsh him.

    One other emotional moment was seeing Natasha disobeying the authority she serves and freeing Argo's friends alone with the pirate ship and freeing the manicles off of Argo then saying she will come with Argo and be a pirate alongside him. I thought that was really touching becaue it finally cemented the relationship between the two, Natasha loves Argo and Argo loves her back.

    And of course things in the episode add up, just when things seem to be getting bad his friends show up and so do all of the Gundams that Domon fought in the Gundam tournament. It was just awesome, just seeing all of them there, there were as many characters in this battle as there are in the video game franchise "Capcom vs. Marvel, SNK, Taskansuo".

    And of course during the battle one final moement was seeing Rain's father free Domon's father. It was a good moment because Rain's father knows he's dying and he might be going to Hell but he just can't die with the shame he's been carring anymore and he wants to save his daughther, Domon's father is the only one that knows how. Domon and his Shuffle Alliance then go into the Devil Gundam while his other friends try to revive Domon's father. Will they win this battle, to be coninued.moreless
Masami Kikuchi

Masami Kikuchi


Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

George de Sand

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Paul Hunter


Mariette Sluyter

Mariette Sluyter

Shirley Laine

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Doug McKeag

Glassed Inspector, Commissioner Karato, Interrogator, Storyteller, Mayor

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Kae Araki


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