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G Gundam

Season 1 Episode 48

Earth's S.O.S.: Rescue Gundam Federation

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Earth's S.O.S.: Rescue Gundam Federation
Domon's father is now out of his cryogenic state and says that to beat the Dark Gundam he must destroy the core which is Rain. Ulbe meanwhile has made the Grand Master Gundam which consists of the Master Gundam and the Four Heavenly Kings. The Shuffle Alliance destroys Ulbe and Domon heads for Rain.moreless

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  • Devil's Fall

    "Your the disease, I'm the cure"

    Sly Stalone


    There is not much to say about this one but that this is the final fight that all the characters will have working together. I really like how the action sequences go, I really liked it when they journeyed thoughout the insides of the Devil Gundam, it kinda reminds me of those shooter video games like "R-Type" or "Gradius" where there are always levels going into the interriors of a ship or planet.

    Down to the battle itself, I really liked the design of the gundam they had to fight which was just crazy looking which perfectly matches the psyche of the character Unbe. The difficulty of that battle almost seemed unfair due to how powerful it was, you just see the good guys getting pounded a lot, but that just made me all the more want them to win, and eventunally they manage to make the tables turn and Unbe gets exactly what he deserves in the end.

    But I really like some of the dramatic moments which are small but meaningful. Like his interaction with his friends is always good, the best one was when Domon was starting the lose hope as things got bad and almost was giving up, I was thinking what's the hell is wrong with you, your better than this, get up now and ram your fist through his chest. Sorry that sounded bold but I had to get that out, and that was exactly what Master Asia in spirit was saying to him along with his brother, and it's just gratifying seeing him do just that.

    Unbe just like his dream have in the end became nothing but ash.moreless
Masami Kikuchi

Masami Kikuchi


Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

George de Sand

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter


Mariette Sluyter

Mariette Sluyter

Shirley Laine

Doug McKeag

Doug McKeag

Glassed Inspector, Commissioner Karato, Interrogator, Storyteller, Mayor

Kae Araki

Kae Araki


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    • Other robots that make cameos in this episode include Tallgeese (from Gundam Wing), Dunbine and Bilbine (from Aura Battler Dunbine) and Zambot 3 (from the series of the same name).

    • This episode introduces the Grand Master Gundam, the result of combining Master Gundam, Walter Gundam, Raven Gundam, and Grand Gundam. Ulube pilots it and takes on 4 of the Shuffle Alliance while Domon continues into the colony Dark Gundam's core.

    • in addition to RX-78-2 launching, crossbone gundam was also visible further back. and in space, you could see the following, Zambot 3, GP01FB, GP02A, Nu gundam, Zeta gundam, ZZ Gundam, FAEZZ Gundam, GP03 Demdrobium, Gundam alex, Guncannon, GM, Wing Gundam, Victory 2, Gundam F-91, L-Gaim MK II, ReGZ, Gundam MK II, GP01 Zephyranthes, GP03 Stamen, and Daitarn 3

    • One of the Gundams launched is the original Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam.


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