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  • Season 1
    • Burning Gundam's Great Triumph: A Hopeful Future; Ready, Go!
      Though the Grand Master Gundam is resurrected and almost gains control of Earth He is defeated again. With Domon telling Rain that he loves her she breaks free of the Dark Gundam and together they defeat the Dark Gundam.
    • Earth's S.O.S.: Rescue Gundam Federation
      Domon's father is now out of his cryogenic state and says that to beat the Dark Gundam he must destroy the core which is Rain. Ulbe meanwhile has made the Grand Master Gundam which consists of the Master Gundam and the Four Heavenly Kings. The Shuffle Alliance destroys Ulbe and Domon heads for Rain.moreless
    • Dark Colony Activated: Attack Of The Shuffle Alliance
      Ulbe now has the Dark Gundam at its fullest but though diabolical he does not risk innocent lives. Domon and the other Gundam Fighters join together to fight off the Dark Gundam colony. Domon also makes an entrance into the Dark Gundam Colony.
    • Rain's Crisis: Return Of The Dark Gundam
      The Dark Gundam needs a life unit that can produce life to get to its full potential. Ulbe plans to use Rain for the Dark Gundam, Allenby tells Domon the Rain feels that she must make up for her father's sins, and the remains of the Dark Gundam are in Ulbe's hands.moreless
    • Farewell Master: Master Asia's Last Breath

      Domon defeats Master Asia after an extraordinary battle, and thus Master Asia dies, along side his Burning Gundam.

    • Schwarz Rests in Grace! Domon's Tearful Attack

      Rain manages to save Allenby, the two Kyojis are one, and the Dark Gundam is finally beaten. It is also revealed that Wong was using Master to get control of the Dark Gundam.

    • Royal Counterattack! Ambush of the Grand Gundam
      After Chibodee and George have defeated the Grand Gundam Allenby appears and seems to be under the influence of the DG cells and Domon tries to reason with her. Then the Rising Gundam piloted by Rain attacks the Nobel Gundam.
    • Assault of the Four Evil Kings! Soaring Raven Gundam
      With the help of Sai Saici and Argo, Domon defeats Michelo and heads for the next Heavenly King, Grand Gundam. Meanwhile, at the hospital it is revealed the Dark Gundam was intended to restore the Earth. However Dr. Mikamura became jealous of Dr. Kasshu's work and betrayed him and his family to Ulube to get its power. When Ulube arrived to take the Gundam and use it for the military, Kyoji's mother died trying to protect her son. Kyoji took the Gundam to Earth where its programing was damaged and took Kyoji. However he manged to make an android of himself to guide his younger brother Domon. Ulube used Domon and Rain to find the Dark Gundam.moreless
    • Battle Royal Begins! Dark Gundam Revived
      Domon has Rain go scope out the situation with Schwartz/Kyoji while he goes to the Battle Royal. Rain sneaks in as a doctor and discovers that Kyoji is an android made up of DG cells. Rain's father also finds out since he's an expert in cybernetics. Meanwhile, Domon is fighting in the Battle Royal. He easily defeats Zeus Gundam, but the Dark Gundam claims Zeus Gundam and he comes back to attack Domon. The Dark Gundam rises and Master Asia issues a challenge to Domon. Michelo Chariot transforms into the Raven Gundam and starts an attack on Domon while Zeus Gundam holds Domon still.moreless
    • The Ruthless Fight! Schwarz's Last Match
      Domon is set to fight against Schwartz to determine the overall winner of the individual matches. Prime Minister Wong has the ring rigged with 5,000 time bombs set to explode after 8 minutes just in case there is no winner determined by that time. Just before the match, Domon learns that Rain quit and joined up with Schwartz to represent Neo Germany. The match starts and Domon gets pummeled by Schwartz. After a while, Scwartz decides to end the fight because Domon repeatedly profuses that he needs nobody but himself. Domon finally learns that he needs his friend, and above all he needs Rain to win. Schwartz attacks and Domon uses the Sekiha Tenkyoken to defeat him. The ring explodes and Domon is victorious. At the end, the paramedics have to take off Schwartz's mask and it is found out that Schwartz is really Kyoji Kashu.moreless
    • The Ultimate Attack! Duel With Master Asia
      Domon goes looking for Allenby because she went missing. He yelled at Rain because she was supposed to look after Allenby. Fuun Saiki, Master Asia's horse, comes and delivers Domon to Master Asia. Wong hears of this and releases a gundam head to kill Domon and Master Asia. The two fighters get stuck below ground and call a temporary truce until they find the surface. Master Asia teaches Domon the Sekiha Tenkyoken, and when they reach the surface Domon disposes of the gundam heads with ease. Meanwhile, back in the Neo Japan consulate, it is discovered that Rain resigned as a member of the gundam team.moreless
    • Domon vs. Argo! Charging Bolt Gundam
      Andrew Graham of Neo Canada is facing off against Argo. Argo goes into Hyper Mode and uses a new technique, the Gai Crusher, to create mountains in the ring. Argo wins. The next match is a tag team match between the Domon and Allenby team and the Argo and Andrew team. Prime Minister Wong kidnaps the creator of the Berserker System and creates one of his own. At the beginning of the match Argo splits the ring in two so he and Domon can fight by themselves. Wong activates the Berserker System and sends it up to 100%. Domon and Argo are fighting, and Domon beats Argo. All of a sudden Allenby comes rushing out declaring she will kill Argo because he is her's and Domon's enemy. Andrew sacrifices himself for Argo because he remembers how Argo tried helping his wife in the space station.moreless
    • Sai Saici New Attack! Blazing Dragon Gundam
      The day before he fights Domon Sai Saici isn't at all worried about the match. However after reading his father's will he decides to win the Battle Royale to revive the Shaolin Temple which was one of his father's wishes. In the battle it looks like Domon is winning and that Sai Saici will lose. Domon rips both of Sai Saici's arms off.

      Then Sai Saici goes in to Hyper Mode and performs the Shin Ryuusei Kochouken, a move that sacrifices the fighter's life. The Emperor of China stops the fight and says he will grant Sai Saici's request to revive the Shaolin Temple if Sai Saici can win the Battle Royale.moreless
    • A Knights' Pride! Gundam Rose Stolen
      George and Domon are set to fight each other, but the King of Neo France says there is no need, so he locks up Gundam Rose. However, George's feelings are so strong he steals Gundam Rose and challenges Domon to a fight. George attains Hyper Mode and uses his new technique, Rose Hurricane, but Domon still beats him in the end. The King saw this fight and says there will be no punishment for George because George showed everything he had in that fight.moreless
    • Showdown! Bursting Machinegun Punch
      Now that the Dark Gundam is back, Domon requests the help of the Shuffle Alliance. However, they all refuse because the only person they want to fight is Domon. First up is Chibodee, and he shows Domon his special technique before the match. Domon then trains with Allenby in order to overcome this obstacle. During the match, Chibodee goes into Hyper Mode and pummels Domon. Domon is excited by this and also goes into Hyper Mode. Chibodee uses his extremely fast Machinegun Punch, but Domon becomes ten Burning Gundams in order to stop each punch. Then Domon uses his Burning Finger in order to defeat Chibodee.moreless
    • Stand Up Domon! Raging Tag Team Match
      Schwartz Bruder goes to the Neo Hong Kong government building and sees the Dark Gundam in there healing up. He is noticed by Master Asia, and he flees. He spots Rain following him and carries her to safety. Prime Minister Wong believes Domon is the one who was spying, so he sets up a tag team match with Domon and Allenby versus two other gundam fighters. The ring is rigged with a magnet which produces a gravitational field 2,000 times that of normal gravity. Domon uses his Hyper Mode which was modified by Allenby in order to break free. Domon and Allenby then use a double burning finger attack in order to easily defeat their opponents.moreless
    • Emissary of Darkness! Chapman Rises Again
      George's next opponent is Gentle Chapman. Like Michelo Chariot, Chapman is under the influence of Master Asia and the Dark Gundam.

      Near the beginning of the fight, the force field by the Neo France officials is down, so George must stand in the way off all Chapman's attacks or Marie Louisse and the King will be killed. Domon goes to the shield control tower and reenables the shield in the area by the Neo France officials. George attacks Chapman's gundam, but it lets out a cloud of smoke and transforms into the Grand Gundam, one of the four gundams that attacked Domon on his way to Neo Hong Kong.

      George hits the Grand Gundam in the eye and it transforms back, leaving a beaten Chapman in it's stead.moreless
    • Dangerous Trap! Neros Gundam Strikes Back
      Michelo Chariot is Domon's next opponent. Michelo and other fighters Domon has faced off with in the past set some traps to hurt Domon and the other Shuffle Alliance members. None of the traps work, and the fight goes on as was planned.

      Domon easily beats Michelo, but as Domon finishes him off, Michelo lets out a cloud of smoke that encompasses the entire fighting arena. In the smoke, Michelo somehow transforms into the raven gundam that attacked Domon on his way to Neo Hong Kong. Domon defeats the raven, and Michelo returns to normal as the smoke clears in the ring.moreless
    • Dazzling Power of the Clown! Get Mad, Gundam Maxter
      Chibodee lost his mother to a group of terrorist clowns and since has been afraid of them.When his next opponent is Jester Gundam who copies everyone's moves it looks like Chibodee will lose fairly quickly. However with a song from his mother sung by his crew he defeats the mad clown.moreless
    • Beautiful Fighter! Dangerous Allenby
      Domon is set to face off against Allenby Beardsely, a dangerous woman who defeated Argo in under one minute. He meets her in an arcade and they become friends. Rain is jealous of the two's friendship and thinks it's wrong for Gundam fighters to be so close to each other. The fight ensues, and Domon and Allenby are having a great time until Allenby's crew decides to engage her Berserker Mode. This upsets Domon and he says he will not fight her in this state because it's no fun. allenby breaks the Berkserker Mode and they finish the fight. Domon wins because Allenby is too tired to continue.moreless
    • Running Away! Sai Saici In Love
      Sai Saici's next opponent is Mermaid Gundam but, he may easily win because it is falling apart. The Chinese fighter falls in love with his opponents' sister. Though Sai Saici won and his true love had to go they promised to never to forget each other.
    • Doman Targeted! The Assasin's Staff
      Domon has to avoid assassination attempts by his next opponent, a man who has won every match by default due to his opponents untimely deaths.

      Domon manages to stay alive until the fight, and he ends up winning by listening to the encouragement of his friends.
    • Hang on Domon! Triumph of the Restored Faith
      Domon is about to face off against Cobra Gundam of Neo India. The pilot of Cobra Gundam has no qualms about hurting Domon before the match. A group of kids follows Domon to his Burning Gundam and one kid sneaks into the Burning Gundam. Domon saves the kid, but dislocates his shoulder in the process. During the fight against Cobra Gundam, Domon is in pain because he is being constantly attacked on his injured shoulder. Cobra Gundam wraps tightly around Domon, but at the last minute he dislocates his shoulder, breaks free and uses Burning Finger with his left hand.moreless
    • A New Weapon! Erupting Burning Finger
      The finals have started and Domon's first opponent is Zeus Gundam, the favorite to win the championship. Domon is restless, so he goes through Neo Hong Kong looking for a place to stay. He sees the Zeus Gundam and meets its pilot. They get into a fight and Domon gets crushed because he is half the size of the other pilot. Domon is thrown into the sea where he is picked up by an old man and his grandchildren aboard a small fishing boat. The old man gives Domon some advice, and Domon becomes more confident. The match starts, and it looks as if Domon is going to lose. It turns out Domon was letting the Zeus Gundam hit him, and Domon finishes things up quickly with his new technique, the Erupting Burning Finger.moreless
    • All Fighters Gathered! The Final Battles Begin
      Domon arrives in Neo Hong Kong seconds before the deadline.he opening ceremonies start, Domon and the others are surprised to learn that Master Asia is back in his Master Gundam, and Michelob and Chapman are back even though Domon defeated both of them earlier on. The opening ceremony commences with introductions of the gundams in the fght with a recap of abilities for the Bolt, Dragon, Maxter, and Rose Gundams. Domon makes an open declaration at the ceremony vowing to defeat every opponent in the preliminaries in order to fight Master Asia.moreless
    • Bright New Star! The Birth of the Burning Gundam
      Domon barely makes it to Hong Kong because Master continued their fight from earlier. Also some unidentified suits attacked him.
    • Destined Battle! Domon vs. Dark Gundam
      The other members of the Shuffle Alliance all escape the Guyana Highlands. Domon stays back to defeat Master Asia and the Dark Gundam. Up in the Neo Japan Space Colony, Major Ulube and Dr Mikamura believe they should send the Burning Gundam down to the Guyana Highlands as the Shining Gundam doesn't have enough power to defeat the Dark Gundam. They hesitant because the Burning Gundam is only supposed to be used during the finals. Rain contacts them and informs them that Domon is still stuck in the Guyana Highlands, so they decide to send the Burning Gundam down. Back in the Guyana Highlands, Domon is getting thrashed by Master Asia, who is bent on forcing Domon to engage the Super Mode. The attempts at angering Domon are working, and he is slowly losing control until Schwartz Bruder shows up and tries to calm down Domon. Schwartz leaves, hoping Domon will calm down if he has to fight by himself, but Domon's anger wins and he goes on a rampage. Master Asia is easily able to fend off Domon's wild attacks, but Schwartz comes back to Domon's aid. Master destroys Schwartz's cockpit, seriously injuring Schwartz in the process. This calms Domon down. Schwartz reminds Domon of his training in the cave, and Domon finally understands. Domon awakens the sleeping force within him and sends the Shining Gundam into it's true Hyper Mode. He easily defeats Master Asia and aims an all-powerful Shining Finger at the Dark Gundam and Kyoji. The Episode ends with Schwartz's mask falling off as he confronts Master Asia.moreless
    • Breakthrough! Warriors Strong Ties
      The Shuffle Alliance members decide to fight the Dark Army in oder to give Rain and Domon time to fix the Shining Gundam which was recently damaged by Master Asia. Schwartz Bruder has a plan, and takes a signal flare and places it into a river. He then disappears.

      The Dark Army attacks and is repelled by the Shuffle Alliance. After some time Master Asia decides he should make a personal appearance, so he heads into the battle with his Master Gundam. He notices the flare Schwartz put in the river and blows it up. Schwartz sees this and attacks a waterfall. The water gushes forth and consumes the Dark Army. This gives the Shuffle Alliance time to escape. Domon decides to stay back, but he entrusts Rain to the Neo Russia support crew.moreless
    • The Final Battle Approaches! Only 3 Days Away
      The Finals are only three days away and Domon and the others are still training. Domon almost finishes his training but, is interrupted by the Dark Army. Domon tries to call the Gundam but, it is attacked and the Shuffle Alliance help Rain and the Gundam make to Domon's location. However Master manages to trap them. At the end of the show they have a really cool fighting scene between the shuffle alliance holding off all of the Dark Gundam's army. A nice on screen montagemoreless
    • George, Beat the Nightmare!
      George is haunted by a massacre that occurred in the Neo France colony a year before. He was fighting his rival, Mirabeau, when Mirabeau targeted the audience and everyone ended up dying. George feels guilty, and his will to fight has been drained.

      His butler, Raymond, is trying to help him out. He shows George's fight data to Domon and Rain, but George catches him and fires him.

      Mirabeau breaks out of prison on the colony and heads to the Guyana Highlands in order to defeat George. Domon helps out George and seemingly destroys Mirabeau's gundam. The gundam regenerates, and it is learned that upon reaching Earth, Mirabeau ran into Master Asia and obtained some DG cells.

      George overcomes his fears and beats the gundam. He uses his shuffle crest to get rid of the DG cells in Mirabeau's body.

      After seeing this, Domon realizes how far he has to go in his training and vows to try harder.moreless
    • Fierce Battle! Dragon Gundam vs. Bolt Gundam
      Domon and Rain are still training the Guyana Highlands. Rain is fixing the Shining Gundam while Domon continues training. Swartz Bruder is watching Domon's progress. Unexpectedly, Sai Saici jumps down from a cliff, away from the two monks, and pulls Rain's skirt up to reveal her underwear/panties/etc. Then he jumps away as she pulls and holds her skirt down. She notices Domon was looking at the time. He then falls in embarrassment. She turns to see the monks behind her. They discuss how Sai Saici won't train.
      Meanwhile, Sai Saici ends up in the middle of the forest, hungry. He steals some food from a nearby camp and sees Natasha naked in a pond. He stares but then gets caught and he flees. He ends up on the edge of a cliff and turns back and bumps into Argo. Sai then has a mirage of Argo being the Dark Gundam. He falls and then the scene goes back to where Domon and Rain are. Rain is chastising Sai while bandaging him. Sai gets mad and attacks the Russian camp. Argo jumps into his Bolt Gundam and the match begins- Dragon VS. Bolt.
      It's a tough matchup; Sai loses an arm, Argo loses both arms. Then an imposter of the Bolt Gundam, which is really a Dark Army Soldier, attacks! Domon tries to help, but Rain hasn't finished fixing the Shining Gundam yet. Domon eventually finds the power to destroy the gundam with his Shining Finger.moreless
    • Steal the Secret! Scheme of the Beautiful Warriors
      Chibodee's pit crew notice how strange Chibodee has been acting lately, so they run off to the Guyana Highlands. Chibodee chases them, and in the process he finds Domon and begins to train with him. Together they sharpen their skills and get more out of training.

      Meanwhile, Chibodee's crew have stolen the fight data on Shining Gundam. Rain catches them and they run away with Rain chasing. The girls get trapped in the middle of an overflowing river and have to call for Chibodee and Domon to help out.

      Chibodee and Domon try their hardest, but nothing is working until Domon achieves Hyper Mode and stops a gushing waterfall. At the last moment, Schwartz Bruder comes to the aid of the girls.moreless
    • Challenge! Mysterious Masked Fighter
      Master Asia uses his knowledge of Domon and how he will react in order to lure Domon away from Shinjuku and into the waiting grasp of the Dark Gundam. Schwartz follows Domon and tries to persuade him to not fight Master Asia. It doesn't work, and Domon gets caught in a trap set by Master Asia. Schwarts defeats all of the Dark Army soldiers that come out to attack Domon, and then Schwarts and Domon have their own fight. Schwarts easily defeats Domon but refuses to finish him off. One more Dark Army soldier attacks Domon, and he is able to use the Hyper Mode without wanting to activate it.moreless
    • Ultimate Power and Evil! Rise of the Dark Gundam
      An earthquake shakes Shinjuku, and all the members of the Shuffle Alliance along with their teams are trapped underground. Rain sees the Dark Gundam merging with its troops. Master Asia sees Rain, but he is stopped by an invisible man. Domon finds Master Asia and confronts him, but Master Asia says it is too late and that the Dark Gundam is ready to rise.

      Above ground again, all the fights get pummeled by Master Asia. Domon sees the Dark Gundam and goes to attack it, but Master Asia gets in the way. All of a sudden, the invisible fighter comes out and reveals himself as Schwartz Bruder, the Gundam fighter for Neo Germany. He fights on par with Master Asia and allows Domon time to attack the Dark Gundam.

      Domon is unable to attack the head, and instead the Dark Gundam sucks all the energy out of Domon's Super Mode and uses it to fully revive. Master Asia and the Dark Gundam disappear.moreless
    • Warrior's Crest- Goodbye, Shuffle Alliance

      A Dark Army soldier comes to tell Domon that he is to meet with Master Asia alone at the Tokyo Tower. Domon goes, but along the way is stopped by his four friends. They fight him, but he eventually makes it to where Master Asia is. A fight ensues, and as Domon's four friends attempt to interfere with Master Asia and Domon's fight, the Shuffle Alliance starts to fight them. The Shuffle Alliance realizes the four they are fighting are the people who will take over for them in the Shuffle Alliance. In a last effort to clear the DG cells from the four fighters, the Shuffle Alliance members give their lives to save them.

    • Shocking! Shining Finger Defeated!

      Rain notices that there are four unidentified objects heading for Earth. She also notices that Master is going into an abandoned sub way station she follows him and loses him. Then she is hypnotized by a strange light and follows it to where she finds all of Domon's friends crew members. They explain to her that they were brought there just like she and Domon were and that something is wrong with their pilots. As they emerge from the station they see Domon being beaten by the four fighters. They all saw that they don't care about what they loved before. Master comes and tries to trick Domon into joining with the others.However Rain makes Domon realize that his master is a servant of the Dark Gundam. Master transforms his gundam into the gundam that almost destroyed Domon before he is almost successful the four unidentified objects land and reveal themselves to be the Shuffle Alliance. After a small debate Master retreats for the time being and says that Domon is no longer his pupil.

    • Big Trouble! Domon vs. Big 5
      Domon goes to investigate a distress call along with Master Asia and Rain. Domon follows Master Asia into the building where the call came from and Master Asia disappears. Domon goes on a train and finds Chibodee Crocket. The American wants to fight him. Instead of beating the boxer, the King of Hearts is beaten. Domon also meets his other friends and he sees that they are stronger because of DG cells. Domon goes outside and finds Rain fighting in the Shining Gundam against a strange horned gundam. With Rain's help they scare it off. Master Asia appears and says that the enemy is much stronger than they thought.moreless
    • He's The Undefeated of the East! Master Asia Appears

      Reports of the Dark Gundam surfacing in Shinjuku send Domon and Rain flying to Neo Japan. They run into an army of soldiers controlled by the Dark Gundam and Domon tries to call the Shining Gundam. However, a masked man tells him not to and defeats the gundams with his bare hands. Domon immediately recognizes the fighting style of his teacher, Master Asia. The reunion is warm, but there is no time for idolness. Domon joins the fight against the dark army alongside his master, and together they take out hundreds of soldiers.

    • Reunion in the Falling Rain
      In Turkey Rain runs into an old friend from school. It is learned that he is the Neo Turkish gundam fighter and he has been taken over by DG cells. He can be cured as long as the cells have not reached his brain. Domon fights and nearly destroys the Neo Turkish fighter, but he stops just before killing him because Rain pleads with him. The fighter is cured of DG cells and is fine afterward.moreless
    • Terror! The Phantom Fighter Appears
      Domon and Rain travel to Neo Egypt in order to face off against the gundam there. Upon arriving, they find out the current gundam and its pilot have been destroyed by a "ghost." They run into Sai Saici while he is battling this apparition. Sai Saici barely escapes because the Mummy Gundam uses sandstorms to hide itself and attack. The group learns that the Mummy Gundam and its pilot were taken over by DG cells because of the mummy's strong desire to defeat Sai Saici after what his grandfather did in a previous tournament. The mummy appears again, and this time Domon uses his Super Mode to defeat it.moreless
    • Powerful Enemy! Chapman's Heroic Challenge
      Domon tries to defeat Neo England's Gentle Chapman who has won his fights by the use of drugs and unfair tactics. Though Chapman is killed in the fight he says he is that his fate is the fate of all Gundam Fighters.
    • Old Grudge: Revenge of the Space Police

      Domon travels to Neo Canada to fight the Lumber Gundam, but he is soundly defeated. The Lumber Gundam takes Rain hostage in order to lure Argo out. The Neo Canada fighter holds a grudge against Argo because his wife was killed by Argo back in Argo's pirating days. Argo takes the bait and goes to find the Neo Canada Gundam. The fight ensues, but Domon loses his patience and goes to get Rain back. After a few maneuvers, the Shining Gundam falls off a cliff and the Lumber Gundam is left hanging. Argo helps the Lumber Gundam up, much to the surprise of every else. It is then revealed that Argo tried to help Neo Canada fighter's wife, not kill her.

    • Prepare to Fight! Desperate Fugutive
      Domon goes to Neo Mexico in order to fight the local gundam fighter, but upon arrival he learns that the fighter has run away and is being hunted by the local authorities. The fighter is running away with his dying sister and refuses to fight. After Domon helps him out, the fighter agrees to a bout and the fight ensues. Domon appears to kill the other fighter by destroying the cockpit, but this was only a ruse to fool the local authorities. The Neo Mexican fighter swims to shore and he and his sister go to live peacefully for the remainder of her life.moreless
    • Fight, Domon! Earth is the Ring
      Domon returns to the Neo Japan space colony. There he undergoes a virtual reality simulation to determine if he is the right choice for Neo Japan's gundam fighter. The simulation is done unbeknownst to Domon. In the simulation Domon has just returned home after 10 years of training under Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East. He is reunited with his father and mother, and also with his brother Kyoji. It is shown that Kyoji is the person Domon has been carrying a picture around of. Kyoji and Domon's father show Domon the new gundam they invented, the Dark Gundam. All of a sudden the police burst in and kill Domon's mother in the process. It is revealed that Kyoji is planning on using the Dark Gundam to take over Neo Japan and eventually the world. Kyoji leaves and Domon's father is put in a cryogenic state. The next simulation is Domon fighting the Dark Gundam. Rain rushes out to stop the simulation, but the fighter posing as Domon's brother accidentally hits her spaceship and she floats away in a spacesuit. Domon sees her and thinks she is his mother. This enrages Domon and he unlocks the Shining Gundam's Super Mode. The episode ends with Domon and Rain heading back to Earth with a renewed vigor.moreless
    • Great Escape! A Captive Gundam Fighter
      Domon goes to Neo Russia to fight the gundam there, but he is immediately arrested. The reason is Neo Russia locks up all potential gundam fighters so Neo Russia can go to the finals. Domon meets a huge brute of a man, Argo Gulski, who is a former space pirate. They break out of prison and Domon learns that Argo is the Neo Russia fighter. They face off and Domon wins the fight. Domon also learns that Argo has a bomb strapped to his chest so he can never escape. It is how the Neo Russia officials keep him in line.moreless
    • Challenge! The Red Rose Knight!
      Domon attempts to get the Neo France gundam to fight him, but he interrupts a match all ready in progress and the Neo France fighter, George de Sand, refuses to fight Domon due to his rude behavior. The Neo France princess is jealous of the gundam fight because George is fighting for Neo France and not her. She runs away, making it look as if Domon kidnapped her. Domon fights the Rose Gundam, but their fight is interrupted when a tower falls and looks as if it is going to hit the princess. George holds the tower up, showing vulnerability. However, Domon has too much pride and refuses to finish George off.moreless
    • Beat the Dragon Gundam

      Domon goes to Neo China in order to fight the Dragon Gundam piloted by Sai Saici of the Shaolin temple. The monks in charge of Sai Saici tell Domon he must find and fight Sai Saici or they will kill Rain. They tell Domon Sai Saici needs to help restore the good name of the Shaolin Temple. Will Domon ever find Sai Saici and be able to save Rain?

    • Roar of the Winning Punch

      Domon travels to Neo America to face off against Chibodee Crocket, an All-American hero. The Neo America managers do not want this match to happen in fear that Chibodee will lose, so they send Domon a fake fight location and corner him with some mobile suits. Chibodee sees smoke in the distance and intervenes on the trap. Him and Domon square off, who will win?

    • Gundam Fight Begins! The Gundam That Fell to Earth

      The Neo Japan gundam fell to Earth in Neo Spain. The pilot, Domon Kasshu, has gone looking for it. He then befriends some children and they take him to a hotel to stay. When one of the children is captured by the local gundam fighter, Michelo Chariot. Domon goes after him to get the little girl back. A gundam fight ensues, who will become the victor?