G Gundam

Season 1 Episode 46

Rain's Crisis: Return Of The Dark Gundam

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Rain's Crisis: Return Of The Dark Gundam
The Dark Gundam needs a life unit that can produce life to get to its full potential. Ulbe plans to use Rain for the Dark Gundam, Allenby tells Domon the Rain feels that she must make up for her father's sins, and the remains of the Dark Gundam are in Ulbe's hands.moreless

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  • What Domon Wants

    "Don't think feel." Bruce Lee from "Enter the Dragon"

    This episode other than being the start in the Dark Gundam arc, it is a turning point for Domon as he has to learn the most important lesson which is being honest about how he feels.

    Domon even though he won, it's sort of an empty victory from the fact that Master Asia has passed on but the worst fact is leaving Domon and going with her father. I'll admit when I heard about that it made my heart sink, I was thinking "Rain no, it's not your fault don't punish yourself you don't deserve it. "This fact just made me even madder at Rain's father whom from his face is ashamed of himself because he lead her daughter to make the wrong choice, good he should. But as we see like all that have sold their soul to the devil they all sooner of latter have to pay up and he does big time, the price is his own daughter.

    Domon would go and rescue her but as we see he is now indecisive due to what Rain said of not wanting him to come to her. But he doesn't believe those words and he knows it but doesn't want to admit it. And I can see his delayed action is letting everyone of his friends down. Two moments that stuck out for me was when he visited Alenby, she presents some rather wise words. "Why are you here, why aren't you with Rain" And also with Sai Sachi whom also has wise words, "Why, wouldn't you go after the one you love." I loved what both characters said because that was exactly what I was thinking. I'll admit I'm a man of logic and in Domon's situation to not go after Rain would be illogical.

    I really loved it when Domon then finally makes his choice and does what any good boyfriend/significant other should do, go save the one he/she love's I know that's what I'd do.

    The fight with the sub villain (name escapes me) near the end of the episode is decent it's not really anything to write home about but it's a good warm up for the fight to come for Domon.moreless
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Masami Kikuchi


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Scott Roberts

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Mariette Sluyter

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