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Episode Guide

  • 6/20/05
    Okay, so maybe Gigi has a problem. Her roster of rebounds is becoming somewhat legendary: Bo the racist bobsledder, Stacey the screaming ex-pimp, her stalker - it's been quite a ride.
  • Stalker
    Episode 7
    Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Or photographed? Or just maybe followed? When Gigi discovers she has a stalker, Rick says to look on the bright side: "Don't look so freaked. This means you're famous!"
  • George
    Episode 6
    There are a few perks of living in hollywood - the scent of orange blossoms, perpetual summer, and the chance that one night you may have dinner with George Clooney! Gigi knew her destiny would find her is she just hung in there.
  • J Hook Up
    Episode 5
    Well, that's it. Gigi's only doing Jews from now on. She doesn't care who they are - no one goes down on her unless they go to Temple! With Roxy's help, she takes matters into her own hands and enrols in a Jewish internet dating site.
  • Gigi Gets a Job
    Episode 4
    Gigi is pulled out of her depression when a call from her agent brings news of a job - a gig for a cable network movie shooting in the Rockies. Not realizing she is merely the movie's required Canadian content, Gigi ventures north in search of a break from Los Angeles and her ex-boyfriend Payne. Her wish comes true when she meets, and beds Bo, the Olympic bobsledder - only to find out later he's an anti-Semite.moreless
  • The Bronzed Vagina
    Episode 3
    Gigi's desperate for work as her savings start to run low. It doesn't help that yet another one of her past sexual partners is making it big in Hollywood. The envious thoughts and regrets begin to be too much and Gigi goes into a deep depression while she watches the Oscars® with her friends.moreless
  • The Virgin Bed
    Episode 2
    Gigi decides that a new bed - one her ex-boyfriend hasn't touched - will be the only way to start fresh in her love life. While her friends Stella and Francesca are off bedding porn stars and movers, Gigi continues her search for a new mattress, and a new man to test it out. Unfortunately, her new bed is soon broken in by a howling ex-pimp. To make matters worse, while mattress-shopping, Gigi bumps into her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend who happen to be purchasing a bed for their new shared room.moreless
  • Gigi
    Episode 1
    After losing her mother, her relationship, and her career all in the same year, Gigi leaves Canada to resume her life in Los Angeles. However, her intentions to reinvent her love life and career are quickly deterred when she is barred from a red carpet premiere, and sees her ex-boyfriend Payne kissing his new lady. But when her pals come together for the anniversary of her mom's death - on Valentine's Day coincidentally - Gigi is reminded that she's not out of the game yet.moreless