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  • Season 1
    • Hackers and Zombie Militia
      Are you ready for Judgment Day? Meet a militia group in Louisiana who are doing everything they can to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. From running drills to gathering firearms, find out what you'll need to win the battle with the undead. Also, as threats from hackers around the world increase, a growing number of individuals called white hat hackers are fighting back. See how these good guys are fighting to stop the spread of malicious code and cyber terrorism that threaten to take over global networks.moreless
    • Salvia and LARPing
      With more young users posting their Salvia trips online, governments around the world are debating whether or not to crack down and outlaw the drug. With its LSD-like effects, Salvia has sparked controversy as it rises in popularity and its ease of accessibility. Although it remains legal in most states right now, eleven countries, including Sweden, have already outlawed the psychedelic drug. Is it really as harmless as its users believe it to be or is it a big health hazard in the making? Also, dive into the middle of the madness as we join a group of LARPers (Live Action Role Players) as they attempt to create an alternate reality filled with elves, Orcs and more. Find out what draws them to this fantasy world and then join the players on the front lines as they engage in one of their epic battles.moreless
    • Independent Horror Films and Tech Fight Clubs
      Musician-turned-horror director Rob Zombie weighs in on the growing number of independent micro-budget horror films that are produced by diehard fans for only a fraction of the cost. Meet a couple as they attempt to make their latest flick "Halfway to Hell" for a measly six thousand dollars, a handful of helpers and a dream to one day direct their own big budget project. Then, we expose Silicon Valley's dirty little secret: gentlemen's underground fight clubs. These fighters aren't your typical tough guys, they're IT and tech professionals who work on computers by day and fight each other by night. Using makeshift weapons like sticks and keyboards, these tech geeks prove that they're willing to duke it out until the bitter end. Also, another techie tries his luck in a fight club populated by badass biker dudes ready to break some bones in the boxing ring.moreless
    • Urban Spelunking and Steampunk
      Our cameras dive into the hidden world of urban spelunking, a dangerous and downright illegal activity where explorers go to extreme lengths to discover the abandoned world hidden under city streets. From forgotten subway tunnels to deserted buildings, join an urban spelunker as he shows us what lies underneath the streets of New York City. Then, take a look at the steampunk, a subculture that embraces a Victorian-inspired sci-fi alternate reality. Meet one of its inventors Jake Von Slatt and see how his work has inspired a massive movement where people add a beautiful Victorian twist to modern technology. Plus, steampunk band Abney Park shows us how they create their incredibly unique style.moreless
    • Ultra Wrestling and Richard Garriott
      This week, go inside the bloody and sometimes fatal world of the Ultra Wrestling League where real-life wrestlers risk permanent injury through extreme wrestling involving staple guns, barbed wire, and metal chairs as their weapons. Is putting their lives on the line worth a shot at achieving stardom? Then, spend a day in the life of Richard Garriott, a video game pioneer who made millions creating the very first massive multiplayer online game and lives in a castle. Also, hear all about his life-altering trip to outer space.moreless
    • Porn 2.0 and Real Life Superheroes
      In the premiere episode of "G4 Underground," we take you where no other show will go and investigate how amateurs are getting naked in order to pay the mortgage--and threaten the multi-billion dollar porn industry in the process! Thanks to a new network of social video websites, even the couple next door can cash in by taking their bedroom behavior public. Plus, meet a secret league of people who don masks and tights to become real-life crime fighting superheroes. Tag along as they patrol the streets at night and put their lives on the line in the interest of protecting others.moreless