Season 4 Episode 34

G4tv.com Bistro

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 30, 2005 on G4

Episode Recap

Headlines - NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is asking for a boycott of soon to be released True Crime: New York City. Cops going bad isn't good for publicity. But retired Detective Bill Clarke was used as a technical advisor on the game. - F.E.A.R. 2 playable maps for the multiplayer demo has been released at Gamespot.com. Just three weeks left before game release. - Commodor returns, sorta. Commodor Gaming is taking advantage of the retro game craze to release Commodor games. - PS3 development tool information has been released for the middle ware. - Ultimate Spider-Man is released. It's similar to the Spider-Man 2 in gameplay, but has comic panels for story transistions, cel-shading style, and you can play as Venom. Show Notes President of Infinity Ward, Grant Collier is the Guest for today, and he brings a few suprises. Geoff interviews him about the new Call of Duty 2 game for the Xbox 360. Set again in the World War II era, Call of Duty 2 places you in the squad of the Allies. There are so many stories to tell, since Collier mentions that more people died during that war than there are gamers today. It's similar in scope to the original Call of Duty game for the PC, but it takes advantage of the Xbox 360 technology. Despite all the negaive reactions (Xbox lite) Collier believes that the new Xbox will be a true next generation console.The Xbox 360 will be powerful than most PCs on the market: 10 Gig across 3 processors, and Call of Duty 2 will use all three. The graphics card will be 10 times better than the current normal PC versions. As for other next gen consoles, due to the lack of info on the new PS3 and the fact that it's located overseas, Collier likes Microsoft being in his "back yard" so he can work with them more efficiently. This is the first time for Infinity Ward to work on a console game as a company, but not the first for Grant. Geoff brings up some footage of one of his earlier games Attack of the Mutant Penguins released for the Atari Jaguar. Collier gets some good time memories. And as an added bonus, Grant brought with him not only a copy of Call of Duty 2 but a Xbox 360 developer's kit to play it on. Even thought the controllers are wired, Grant joins the panel in a multiplayer game to display the game's highlights. Collier takes a few viewer calls before they try out the multiplayer. Stan Maddingly from Sioux Falls, South Dakota wants to know how the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 will be different than the PC version. Grant patiently restates his previous information about the processors and adds a little more about about the increased in graphics. Chrisy Sappick from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts wants to know what makes this different from other WWII games. The Call of Duty series is more cinematic and puts you in the shoes of not one, but of different soldiers (British, Russian, American). This allows the gameplay to become better in that you not only get the aspect of a different lead character, but also with different teams and behaviors. Finally, Tristan Yolton from Snoqualmie, Washington wants to know if the game is scripted or wide open. Collier says that the game is generally non-linear. You do have certain objectives to accomplish, but you can do them in any order. Tina wants to know what his favorite feature of the game is. Collier says it's the new AI program, it's far superior than the previous game. Each time you play the game, your squad and enemies will react differently. And with that, it's time for some four-player action. Tina, making sure to show that it's not Grant's show, takes out the game designer during the first few seconds of game play. Collier mentions that with broadband, up to 16 players can play online. Also, there are some weapons that are only available in multi-player mode: Trench gun, Grease gun. You can also hold two weapons at once. Now that the war is over, Laura displays the latest Mario and the latest DDR game...at the same time as the "Hot and Fresh New Game." Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix takes everyone's favorite plumber and makes him (and you) dance. There are 13 mini-games (Laura shows off her moves in "Whack-a-Goomba") and there is even a story mode. Tina tells everyone about next weeks episode where Geoff goes to X'03 in Amsterdamn and Laura goes off to France. Tina also reminds everyone that G4tv.com will be changing nights and times on October 10, 2005. The new show day will be Monday nights at 9:30 EST. Then Tina tries her best to interrupt Laura's moves on the DDR.