Season 4 Episode 44


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 19, 2005 on G4

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  • Goodbye says it all.

    While I got into the show at such a late date (ie. who's Scot?), I did enjoy it for as long as it was on. And while there have been some really funny episodes with Tina, Laura and Geoff, it's this one I'll remember the most. You see while the first part of the show was a review of the "Year That Was" in video gaming, it's the final few minutes that I enjoyed the most.

    The cast joins together one last time for a clip segment of highlights of the past four seasons of the show set to a song sent in by a viewer. The song ends with a shot of the entire cast and crew (watch for cameos by the people who bring you "Drunk Link" and "I Need Drink Girl") singing along to the song. While it's sad to see them go, I felt I was losing a few friends that I had just got to know well.

    It's fitting that the show went out the way it did. With so many shows ending horribly, it's good that G4tv.com went out appropriately. It wasn't silly, it wasn't serious...it ended by reminding us about the good memories we had while watching the show.

    Goodbye Tina. Goodbye Laura. Goodbye Geoff. We'll miss you three together.