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  • As an overall news sorce G4tv.com could never cut the cake for the true hardcore gamer that actually had access to the internet. However what it did have was an occasionaly interview or so which would lead to breaking news.

    The first time I watched G4tv.com (I'm not going to lie) I decided to keep watching because of Tina Wood. It's really the only reason for me to watch that show, because all the news they were announcing would have already been days old after having read several articles from different sources on the internet. The show could be considered a weekly round up of hot topics that have happened in gaming. Now it's always good to hear their point of views on the hot and trendy games and even had a vew interviews you couldn't get anywhere else. Ultimately when Attack of the Show was introduced G4tv.com really had nothing new to add, X-play reviews and AotS does the news, what more could G4tv.com possibly offer. And that's where it ultimately failed, had it been a show that ran say 5 days a week to keep up with the latest news would be one thing, but it didn't. It's sad to have seen it gone, but when you look at the show as a whole, how long could it have possibly lasted, considering you can get all the information you wanted that was on the show from the internet days before (I couldn't stress that enough!)

    Farewell G4tv.com