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Episode Guide

  • When Titans Clash
    When Titans Clash
    Episode 1
    What better way to start the new Season and a New Year than the debate we've been waiting for: Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2. Lorne Lanning talks about Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and the show gets a new co-host.
  • Ghetto Fabulous?
    Ghetto Fabulous?
    Episode 2
    The Gameboy seems to be past it's prime and it's time to see if the world of portable gaming will pick up with the N-Gage and the PSP. Plus get a preview of the two new Castlevania games.
  • Tidy Super Bowl
    Tidy Super Bowl
    Episode 3
    Ready for some Football? Bring out the chips and dips as we celebrate the Super Bowl. We take a look at football games and discuss EA Sports and their exclusive 15-year deal with the National Football League.
  • Men are from World of Warcraft, Woman are From The Sims
    Love is in the air and Geoff takes off as the women take over this special Valentine's edition of G4TV.com.
  • Daytona 500
    Daytona 500
    Episode 5
    Start your engines as Laura recounts her visit to Daytona for some NASCAR action. Back in the studio, we take a look at Gran Turismo 4 and remember the good, bad and ugly of racing games.
  • Academy Awards Fever
    As Hollywood gets set to give out their awards, it's time to take viewers' calls on their take on movies made into games.
  • March Madness
    March Madness
    Episode 7
    Sorry, no basketball here. But you can get your sports fix with Tina and Laura's visit to a MX/ATV event. We also review WarioWare: Touched for the DS and Eidos' new Project Snowblind.
  • St. Patrick's Day
    St. Patrick's Day
    Episode 8
    With Geoff at Game Developer’s Conference, Crossing Jordan’s Eugene Byrd takes over as guest host. And the girls turn 21 (again), just in time for some St. Patrick's Day fun.
  • Brothers in Arms, Devils in Tears
    James Schmalz stops by the studio to talk about working on Pariah. And we review Devil May Cry 3 and Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30.
  • The PSP Show
    The PSP Show
    Episode 10
    The wait is finally over! The Playstation Portable has finally been released. Does it hold up to Nintendo's DS? Will it hold up to intense game playing? What's else is needed for it work? Find out as we devote the entire episode to the PSP.
  • Gods of War
    Gods of War
    Episode 11
    It's a battle between Gods and Machines as we discuss the recently released Gods of War and get a sneek preview of The Matrix: Online.
  • Chaos Theories of a Vulpine Quality
    The furious furry one returns in Star Fox: Assault and we check to see if Namco is handling the once innovative franchise with the TLC it deserves. And with all the flurry happiness we decided to talk a little aboutDoom 3 for the Xbox and the expansion for the PC.moreless
  • Jaded?
    Episode 13
    We talked about it last week and it's finally here: Doom 3 hit the shelves and it's time to talk about that horrible flashlight. The talking of grim topics continues as we discuss Jade Empire and SWAT 4.
  • Lego Luke and the Freaky Kids
    Star Wars goes lego! Is it fun, is it too much, or is it just a good way to find ways to kill Jar-Jar over and over again? And Tim Schafer takes time for a visit to talk about Psychonauts.
  • Jade Midnight
    Jade Midnight
    Episode 15
    Viewers review Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Jade Empire. And we have a very special guest host: X-Play's Adam Sessler fills in for Geoff. And it's "Extreme Make-Over: The G4TV.com version" as Laura gives a gamer a make-over.
  • Neuroses Come In Threes. Like Celebrity Deaths.
    This episode delves deep into the minds of your three favorite Psychonauts, and we'll find out what's staying in Vegas with X-Play's Morgan Webb. Plus, an interview with LucasArts on Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
  • E3 '05 Preview Show
    E3 '05 Preview Show
    Episode 17
    IT's the calm before the storm. On the eve of the biggest gaming expo, we sneak a peak at what the big three companies plan on announcing in the areas of games and hardware.
  • E3 2005
    E3 2005
    Episode 18
    E3 is finally here and the G4TV.com team is on location for all the coverage you will ever need of this years goods. Plus get tips on how to survive the three day event.
  • E3 '05 Highs & Lows
    E3 '05 Highs & Lows
    Episode 19
    Three days and three episodes later the G4TV.com crew finally gets time to themselves, so they can give a recap of the events at E3.
  • Wild On Enemy Territory
    Get ready for an exclusive interview with id Software's Todd Hollenshead. Plus, he brought along the new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars trailer for it's television premiere.
  • John Milius: Medal Of Honor
    Tina interviews Academy Award nominated screenwriter and Medal of Honor developer John Milius. And going along with the theme, Geoff and Laura will debate the merits of the game.
  • Batman Begins Begins
    Comics make for great games, but you can't say that too much about movies. And when a comic becomes a movie...well, the panel discusses the latest attempt at movie to games in Batman Begins. And Cameron Brown, Pandemic Studios' designer, drops by to chat about his work on Destroy All Humans!moreless
  • Battle for Independence
    Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price joins the panel for a chat, and we celebrate the spirit of Independence day by discussing war games.
  • Fantastic 3
    Fantastic 3
    Episode 24
    Title sequence director Kyle Cooper visits the studio to discuss his work in movies and games. And our Fantastic 3 discuss the new Fantasic Four game.
  • Rockstar in Hot Coffee
    The Coffee Shot heard around the world. It's one of the hottest topics in gaming to date, and it made it all the way to the political level: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' adult themed "Hot Coffee" hidden feature. The gaming industry will never be the same, and the panel discusses the repercussions.moreless
  • Summer Better Than Others
    This summer brings a lack of game releases, so the cast helps you through your troubles. Plus, they give their thoughts on the G-Phoria awards show.
  • Your Own Awards Show
    In the spirit of G-Phoria, G4TV.com gives you viewers the chance to create the categories for their own game show. Ames Kirshen, Marvel Comics Vice President of Interactive properties, visits for a discussion on Marvel's work in the game industry.
  • Madden Mania
    Madden Mania
    Episode 28
    Training Camp is in session, which means that the NFL season is just around the corner. We celebrate the only way we can, by talking about Madden. Players, gamers and even some gambers. Then, Activision Executive Producer Thaine Lyman stops by to talk about Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.moreless
  • In the Dark
    In the Dark
    Episode 29
    Originality doesn't seem to exist anymore. Most movie releases of late have been sequels, remakes or reimaginings. Television is beginning the retread, and games...well how many numbers do you need at the end of a title before it gets old? We talk about that and we also get a preview of Genji: Dawn of the Samurai when Sony's Kyle Shubel stops by. If that wasn't enough we also get to interview Game Informer Magazine Editor Andrew Reiner, Sega America's President, and the co-creator of the Xbox. That is enough for you, isn't it?moreless
  • A Tale of Two Xbox 360s
    Last week, Microsoft released their pricing details for the Xbox 360. Gamers got a surprise in that they get to choose between the standard version and a suped-up premium version for $100US more. That's why we tracked down Peter Moore, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Global Publishing and Marketing, to call in and tries to give us some answers on the decision, the reaction competitors may have, and most importantly, what this means for gamers. Then, we catch up with ex-graffiti artist turned fashion designer, now game desinger Mark Ecko, on his block party being revoked. Plus, Amer Ajami visits the studio to talk about the next Lord of the Rings game: Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II.moreless
  • Monolith F.E.A.R.
    Monolith F.E.A.R.
    Episode 31
    We get our "small" hands on the new Game Boy Micro to see just how little it is. Then we get more questions than answers on the new Nintento Revolution controller. And some fanboys are kinda mifted that on-line subscription game Ashcron's Call 2 will shut down, but Jeff Anderson, CEO of Turbine will be here to tell us why. Also, we talk with Chris Miller, Executive Producer at Monolith, about their new release F.E.A.R.moreless
  • Tokyo Game Show
    Tokyo Game Show
    Episode 32
    As Geoff Keighley takes off to the Tokyo Game Show, the gals nab Seanbaby for a replacement host. But leave it to Geoff to steal the show with the big news about the Nintendo Revolution controller. Back at the studio the panel reveals the Xbox 360 release date, talks about Nintendogs and a little Katamari love is shared.moreless
  • The Man, The Myth, The Molyneux
    It's all Peter Molyneux in today's episode. The founder of Lionhead Studios "visits" the studio, via satellite to talk about the industry, his current game releases and his thoughts on the new Revolution controller. Plus, he answers questions from viewers. And we get a brief clip of Geoff's exclusive Tokyo Game Show interview of the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. And no, it's not the clip about the Revolution's controller.moreless
  • G4tv.com Bistro
    G4tv.com Bistro
    Episode 34
    Today, it's all war as Infinity Ward President Grant Collier stops by the studio and brings with him Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360. And since he brought along a Xbox 360 developer's kit, the panel takes on each other (with Collier) in some multiplayer action. Tina even takes out the guest at the beginning of the game, officially welcoming him to the team with a spankin'. And be sure to stay afterwards to see Laura bust a move, sans shoes, with a new DDR game.moreless
  • French Fried & Dipped In Amsterdamn
    Laura heads to France to check out Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood as well as some of the actual war battlesites depicted in the game. And Geoff visits Amsterdamn to attend X '05. Poor Tina, she doesn't get to go anywhere.
  • A Sense of Doom
    A Sense of Doom
    Episode 36
    No Knights at this round table (Well Geoff is..sort of), what we have is better. Today, id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead, game programmer/co-founder John Carmack, designer/project manager Tim Willits, and game developer/co-owner Kevin Cloud all stop by and give us the past, present and future of the company - their company - that brought us the Doom francise.moreless
  • Pirates!
    Episode 37
    Kinda funny to name an episode "Pirates!" and not really have that many on, but you can do anything on G4tv. Especially when you have the creator of the Pirates! and Civilization series Sid Meier on as a guest. Plus, we take calls on a new game based on an old, old movie (were're talkin' 1979) in The Warriors. Will it help bring back interest in the movie, or will the game become a cult classic as well? Also Tal Blevins is on the phone to tell you which of the latest FPS is for you - after we push him to decide that is.moreless
  • Halloween Show
    Halloween Show
    Episode 38
    It's our Halloween special and we've dressed the part. We talk about some killer new games you may want to pick up next month, discuss a Zombie named Stubbs with creator Alex Seropian, and then we get Infected with Aaron Loeb.
  • Long Live EA!
    Long Live EA!
    Episode 39
    Today on G4tv, EA Co-founder Bing Gordon stops by the studio to show us what is instore for the future and takes some viewer calls. Plus, Laura shows off her footage at IGN Live as well as some Street Fury booty footage. Come for the EA, but stay for Laura's booty.moreless
  • Blizzcon Bop
    Blizzcon Bop
    Episode 40
    Coming November 14, 2005. Preview - Gabe Newel from Valve, Half-Life 2 and Laura reports on Blizzcon.
  • Xbox 360 Release Show
    For the release of the Xbox 360, G4 combined most of their shows for a special 3.6 hour event. This episode contains all the footage shot for the G4tv coverage. We at G4tv set up a one-on-one battle as we get two groups of experts to discuss the Xbox 360: Game Developers and The Gaming Press. With all these people, will the new system even stand a chance?moreless
  • Moore Xbox 360
    Moore Xbox 360
    Episode 42
    It's been a week since it's release, and we still can't get enough of the Xbox 360. So we snag the very busy Peter Moore, Microsoft's Corporate VP of Global Publishing and Marketing, for an interview on how things are going since the release.
  • Philadelphia Freedom
    Laura returns with footage of the America's VideoGame Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And Tina makes a BIG announcement.
  • Goodbye
    Episode 44
    Tina, Laura and Geoff review the important events in the videogaming world for 2005 and give their farewells in the final episode of G4tv.com.