Season 4 Episode 32

Tokyo Game Show

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 2005 on G4

Episode Recap

While Geoff is doing what he does best in Tokyo attending the Tokyo Game Show, Tina and Laura seek out a replacement in G4's popular guy with the cool hair Seanbaby. And what better way to welcome the guy than to show footage of him attacking the G4 panda mascot at E3 2003. Welcome to the show Seanbaby. Geoff does make an appearance to give us the news on the TGC 05. And the Big News is that Nintendo has finally revealed their controler for the upcoming console the Revolution. Basically, the controler is a small wireless remote control that can be used in one hand. It also has a directional pointing device, "light gun" and has an adapter that allows it to be attached to an analog stick, called a "nunchuck" because when you connect them, it really does look like the martal arts weapon. Guess if you are playing with someone you can really whoop up on them with the controller now. Geoff seems to think that there will be some problems with it for third party games, he probably was talking about the light pen related games. Laura and Seanbaby aren't to positive about it (Seanbaby hates Nintendo's conrollers anyway) and Tina wants to wait for it to see for her self. But the biggest dissapointment is that there were no games to show. In other TGS 05 news the Xbox 360 finally has playable games to test and Geoff got Cliffy B to set him up to play Gears of War. And PS3 has had only two new trailers. One for Metal Gear Solid 4 and for Project Assasins. Microsoft has finally given release dates for the Xbox360. It's the first time a console has been released in multiple countries near the same date (US: Nov 22, Europe: Dec 2, Japan: Dec 10). And there will be 48 games released around launch time, unlike the Xbox which only had 5 (but that included the hit Halo). The panel looks at, and loves, We Love Katamari the sequel to Katamari Damacy. The new game features new environments, a co-op mode and more items to shop for your little guy. Why do people love this game? We really can't tell you. You roll this sticky ball around and stuff sticks to it. The goal is to have the biggest ball of junk. It's a game that has a small following, but they still made a sequel to it to reward the fans. Next it's Nintendogs for the DS. Get a puppy and take care if it. Pet it, play with it, take it for walks. It's a "sim" game concentrating on just dogs. Laura and Seanbaby agree again that this game isn't for them, and Tina simply enjoys it. It sold over 1 million copies in Japan and so far has sold 250,000 copies in the U.S. That is a lot of dogs to clean up after, even if it is electronically. But is this innovation? It's really the same stuff we've been doing with The Sims it's just that it's now dog specific. Seanbaby then gives us his look at some of his favorite non-US released games in "Super Happy Fun Times: Japanese Games!". He gives us a glimpse of Miss World Nude '96 (a naughty take on Qix with nude ladies that sometimes change into evil looking pictures), Cho Aniki for the SNES, Sexy Beach 2 for the PC, and Toilet Kids for the old Turbografx 16. Sometimes it's good to know games stick to one region. The show then goes open mic by taking your calls. Ted Williams from Minneapolis, MN wants to know what Xbox 360 launch titles the panel is waiting for. Tina and Seanbaby wants Full Auto and Laura is also wating for that one as well, as well as Condemned. Next Wolf Floyd from Jacksonville, FL wants to know which past Nintendo game they look forward to downloading with the Nintendo Revolution. Tina will definately be getting Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! and Seanbaby will too, even though he already has all his old Nintendo games on his PC. Seanbaby also will be getting River City Ransom. And as the show draws to a close, "Game Over" sees Laura take time out to visit Heavy Iron Studios to do a geek mini-make-over. She finds programmer Matt who is working on the new Incredibles game Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer, which adds a nifty 2 player mode. Laura takes him down to the world famous Vaksberry Salon to fix his hair with Anne. Next it's time to get some stylin' clothes. With a new haircut, some color in his hair and a dressing to the nines, Matt is ready for a new life - out in the Sun. And we'll leave this episode with a since of deja vu as Pokin the Panda goes Round 2 with Seanbaby.