Ga-Rei: Zero

Chiba TV (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Yearning Prayer
      Episode 12
      Kagura faces off against Yomi and using Ga-rei Byakuei manages to defeat her. She must then fight a horde of category D and face her own trauma's. Following that Kagura leaves Tokyo and we see her two years later with another young exorcist battling yet another demon.
    • 12/15/08
      As Kagura comforts her dying father she starts to bond with him for the first time. However, she is also forced to accept the burden of Ga-rei Byakuei. This gives her new found strength and she resolves to defeat Yomi and save her soul.
    • Behind the Tragedy
      Behind the Tragedy
      Episode 10
      This episode continues from where episode two left off. Kagura is still fighting Yomi and is nearly killed. She is only saved by the appearance of her father and the legendary Ga-rei Byakuei .
    • 12/7/08
      The action has come full circle, and the painful truth can no longer be avoided. Yomi's soul is consumed by evil; Noriyuki and Kagura must stop her murderous rampage - or watch their few remaining friends die in vain.
    • Spiral of Sin
      Episode 9
      Yomi becomes very disabled after her fight with Mei. She is also investigated for Mei's murder. Ultimately she also falls prey to the same force that possessed Mei and then disappears.
    • Down the Path of Revenge
      Yomi's Uncle takes control of the family after her fathers death. Yomi and Mei face off after Yomi discovers that Mei is possessed and responsible for her fathers death.
    • 11/23/08
      Following the gruesome murder of her father, Yomi is dispossessed by her greedy uncle. Seething with anger, she embarks on a maniacal quest for vengeance that could ruin her forever.
    • Chain of Blame
      Episode 7
      Kagura is given leave following her incident with her middle school teacher. While Yomi tries to console Kagura her father is attacked by a now possessed Mei.
    • Beautiful Rival
      Beautiful Rival
      Episode 6
      Kagura is forced to kill her favourite teacher in front of two of her classmates when the teacher becomes a category D. This deeply affects Kagura. Meanwhile Mei encounters a strange category A.
    • Beautiful Enemy
      Episode 6
      A flock of mysterious blue butterflies marks the arrival of a white-haired boy with the power to attract evil spirits. Elsewhere, Kagura must overcome her tendency to hesitate in battle if she wants to save her friends.
    • 11/3/08
      Yomi and Nori seem to have a fight and Kagura feels obliged to get them back together. As such she comes up with a cunning plan on her day off.
    • The Duty of Justice
      The SDCD operatives are sent ot eliminate a supernatural entity on the outskirts of Toyo and Kagura makes her debut. Later Yomi and Kagura are confronted by a group of zombies one of whom is a young woman that Kagura saved previously.
    • 10/26/08
      Yomi and Kagura venture into the darkest depths of the subway to exterminate a hoard of evil spirits. When the demons begin to look too human, Kagura hesitates and only an unforgiving ally can save her.
    • Moments of the Chance Meeting
      This episode takes place some time before the previous two. Kagura is placed under the care of the Isayama family when her father is forced to battle against supernatural forces. Kagura quickly bonds with Yomi Isayama and her friends from the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division.
    • 10/19/08
      As the story reverts to the past, a young Kagura is welcomed to her new home by none other than Yomi. The two girls forge a fast friendship that can only be interrupted by the occasional exorcism.
    • 10/13/08
      The Ministry of the Environment's Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division, is called in after the SDPA personnel are all slaughtered. Amoung them is Kagura Tsuchimiya, Yomi's cousin and best friend.
    • Above Aoi
      Episode 1
      The Ministry of Defense's Supernatural Disaster Prevention Agency is called in to deal with a very powerful demon in the Tokyo area. Although they manage to defeat the threat most of the SDPA operatives are killed by a katana-wielding woman named Yomi.
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