Gad Guard - Season 2

techtv (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Young Traveler
    Episode 13
    The launch succeeded with the sacrifice of Zero and Hayate, and Hajiki was heading high up into the sky as he had wished. However, it was a one-way trip on a funeral rocket, and there was no hope of returning alive. When the rocket arrived at the retention space, Lightning, that had absorbed the bandaged man, started to speak to Hajiki, showing him the end of his father's journey.moreless
  • 3/15/05
    Sayuri and the bandaged man are trying to go fly into space by using the electromagnetic tablet left at the Chenis Island. Their destination is a place called Gad's nest. Although Arashi opposes the idea, Hajiki also aims to go up to the same height with Lightning. However, Katana obstructs the take-off using Zero to take Sayuri back. The time for Hajiki and Katana's final battle has arrived…moreless
  • 3/15/05
    The true identity of the man wounded in an explosion and covered by bandages was a Techode. When Sayuri suddenly appeared and touched the man, his wounds started to heal. Sayuri offered Hajiki a helping hand to take them to space. This island was originally a facility for a space burial. If a rocket can be excavated, it could be launched just one more time. Then, they noticed Katana with Zero approaching them for revenge.moreless
  • The Atoning Man
    Episode 10
    Hajiki continues his voyage with Arashi and goes to Chenis Island to look for a trace of the man that could be his father. There was a hangar, which had many dilapidated small rockets lined up, and an old man named Bob who was guarding it. There, a man who identifies himself as Yujirou Sanada--Hajiki's father--appeared. The man's face was hidden by bandages, and everything he said was not making sense. However, Hajiki was nervous and didn't even try to confirm the man's identity.moreless
  • 3/12/05
    In order to get to Hajiki's father they must cross the ocean with money they don't have. After a fight with each other Hajiki gets a job with deliveries and Arashi gets a job at a glass shop. Arashi's boss is letting her sleep in the store at night, as for Hajiki, he ends up living at a hunted house, and he's not alone…moreless
  • Blue Slumber
    Episode 8
    Back in night town Katana is fighting with the cops. The battle is going well for him until Zero starts to break down. Right before the cops take him out a group of armed men show up and fight back the police. The leader of the gang is a woman who is after something from Katana. She is also an Ateckode…moreless
  • 3/11/05
    Arashi comes down with the flu and is bed ridden. Hajiki has to work in an apple field and take care of an elderly lady in order to stay at a small village. One night in the village, however, Lightning and Hayate are stolen. It also looks like this town has some secrets of it's own.moreless
  • A Road Companion
    Episode 6
    With Hajiki on the road to the next unit, Arashi is trying to find someone to help her look for him. All of his family and friends say to just leave him alone. A depressed Arashi walks down the road to home only to run into her brother. It turns out that Arashi's father wants her to return home to talk. What could he want?moreless
  • 3/10/05
    In the beginning of the episode Katana talks about how Hajiki is his pet, like a bug, and doesn't know it. Hajiki's mom, who now lives above the restaurant she works at, is looking for Hajiki, but having no luck at finding him. Hajiki in the meantime runs into Jack Bruno and is given the option to leave town with him.moreless
  • Gun- Sword- Beast
    Episode 4
    It turns out Larry Harmony's assistant is the one who took the gads. The roman man suggests that if Katana wants to take over the unit he should get some help from Larry Harmony. Meanwhile At Hajiki's place there is a police officer in his house. It turns out that the cop is after Katana and wants Hajiki's help. Now Hajiki has the to chose the catch Katana and get his house back or to leave Katana alone.moreless
  • 3/9/05
    Mary, the police officer, goes to her second job at a dream palace. Takumi crashes in on her job to take out a weapon smuggling ring. The gangsters try to run but Katana fights them and their heavy metal. When Takumi catches up him and Katana end up fighting. After the fight ends Katana and Takumi flee before the police come. The next day Aiko's father wants everyone (with a techode) to come to his house for dinner. Is there a hidden meaning behind this?moreless
  • 3/8/05
    Aiko's and her father talk about her future. Aiko's father is trying to get his hands on a GAD in a museum, however his means of getting it are a little shady. This all steams from the idea that techodes and GADs are equal power. Unfortunately, someone is after the Harmony family GADs...moreless
  • Seeking Lost Time
    Episode 1
    Catherine finds a new lead on what appears to be a gad down at the docks. At the docks a man holding a small statue wanders around talking about time. The statue falls to the ground and a wild fire breaks out. The next day Hajiki, lightning, and Catherine go to the docks to investigate. The man appears again talking about time and drops the statue for a second time. As the fire spreads out this time Hajiki sends Lightning to save Catherine. Will Hajiki be able to escape unharmed?moreless