Gad Guard

Season 2 Episode 9

Spiral Dance of Glass

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2005 on techtv

Episode Recap

Hajiki is staying at the haunted house with a young girl who likes to make glass items. When Arashi finds this out, Hajiki is taught a lesson in karate unwillingly. When the girl goes outside to apologize to Arashi she runs into Sayuri. When Hajiki sees Sayuri she runs off into the woods. Later on Arashi finds out that the girl resemble a girl that died three months ago. When Arashi confronts her about it she becomes transparent and Hajiki realizes that the girl is an atechode. As she fades away we learn that she died after the glass swan her mom made her broke. As an ateckode she was not able to recreate the swan, so Hajiki makes one at the end of the episode in respect of her memory.