Gad Guard

Season 1 Episode 8

Wandering Pair

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Two Guardian, or Techode, Hunters have appeared in Night Town to investigate the recent appearances of Techodes all over the city. They soon meet up with Lightning, Thunderbolt, and Messerschmitt, but find it odd that kids are riding them. They are convinced that the teens are being brainwashed by the Techodes and are ready to destroy them. Hajiki tries to convince them that not all Techodes are bad. During the fight between the Guardian hunters and Hajiki, Aiko and Takumi, Catherine and Hachisuka bring Hajiki a very powerful laser to combat the hunters. As Lightning is using it, the laser begins to fuse into Lightning's arm! Hajiki struggles to get through to Lightning, but is this just proof that the Techodes really are as destructive as the two hunters say?moreless
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