Gadget and the Gadgetinis

(ended 2003)


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Gadget and the Gadgetinis

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Gadget has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and recruited by the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), an elite international peacekeeping organization whose goal is to defend humankind from the world's most menacing villains. That may sound like a daunting task, but with the help of some new zany gadgets and a new set of assistants: the Gadgetinis - a team of pint-sized robotic versions of Inspector Gadget who are frequently the unintended victims of his bumbling, Gadget is still up to the task. Just like the old days, Gadget still gets help from his brainy 12-year-old niece, Penny, whether he likes it or not. Penny created the Gadgetinis – two plucky teenage robots, the responsible Digit and the mischievous Fidget, to help her uncle, since Brain has now retired from active duty. Agent Fidget and Agent Digit, as Gadget likes to call them, form a comical tandem with their different personalities. Now under the control of Colonel Nozzaire, Lieutenant Gadget must battle long time nemisis Dr. Claw, along with a slew of new baddies, such as villainous mutant monsters and power-hungry space aliens. But in the end, thanks to his heart of gold, his indefatigable spirit and a little help from his brilliant niece Penny, Gadget always manages to save the day. But not without a good bit of property destruction along the way. It seems some things never change.moreless
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  • Don Adams is King! This show IS NOT.

    As a kid, I absolutely loved Inspector Gadget - just ask anyone! (and I think Don Adams was terrific for voicing such a classic character). Then a few years ago, they decided to make a re-make of it! I was thrilled - "finally going back to a past classic", I thought. How WRONG I was. Not only was it not the same - now one of my favourite characters ever created "Brain The Dog" (the character that was so fundamental to the show) was MISSING - GONE - ABSENT! and in his place were some of the dumbest most annoying characters I have ever seen in my whole life "Fidget and Didget". Not only do their names sound boring, but they were completely boring themselves *period*. They were always complaining about one thing or another, and they just couldn't hold a candle to Brain!

    If they wanted to make it a good show, why did they get rid of one of the best (if not, the best) characters and replace him with soul-less (in my opinion) characters.

    The only reason I give it any points at all is because I still love Inspector Gadget - but I think I will just stick to the classics! I hope in the future they will make new cartoons featuring Brain, but not as a terrified-stricken dog (as he was in a special one-off episode, in this series).moreless
  • Inspecteur G was popular also in Japan. This sequel is very lovely. It is interesting. Mr.mustache rolled in the pace of G by all means is wonderful. The girl in Japan loves such person. I want you to telecast it in Japan.moreless

    Inspecteur Gadget was a little popular also in Japan. I am a big fan. Recently, it knew the existence of the sequel of this animated cartoon. It is very lovely. The action is also good. English : though it is not understood. Mr.mustache rolled in the pace of G by all means is wonderful. However, he is not discouraged. However, it is still rolled in the pace of G again. The girl in Japan loves such person. It wants you to telecast it in Japan … Popularity goes out surely.moreless
  • Inspector Gadget returns

    Inspetor gadget returns and he has been promoted now he is working with Womp , he is still aided by his neice who now 12 year olds brain has retired from crime fighting and has been repleaced by digit and figit robots together they still fight Dr claw , this is a spin off from inspector gadget and is still as funny as the orignal I loved this show when it was onmoreless
  • gadget & the gadgetinis coming back on to family channel soon i want gadget & the gadgetinis back on to family channel soon

    hello when is gadget & the gadgetinis coming back on to family channel please i want this cartoon back on there is nothing else to write so quit wasting my time understood gadget & the gadgetinis is a new inspector gadget cartoon on family channel was i like watching gadget & the gadgetinis