Gadget and the Gadgetinis

(ended 2003)


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  • Season 2
    • The Comet, the Unicorn and the Bad Gadgetinis
      The unicorn comet approaches Earth for the first time in 777 years which was also the last time unicorns were seen. The comet is putting out a magnetic field which affects electronics and Penny is worried her uncle might go haywire but as the Gadgetins say, how would you tell? Meanwhile MAD's astronomer tells Dr. Claw that the comet's magnetic field also scrambles the natural invisibility field that unicorns can generate which is why they're so rarely seen and why the last sightings were during the comet's last visit. Since unicorn milk is reputed to grant superhuman strength Dr. Claw would like to find some to make his MAD agents superstrong. Back at Gadget's house the Gadgetinis programming has become corrupted and so have they as they refuse to do anymore work without substantial rewards. Dr. Claw contacts them and promises them riches if they dispose of Gadget and catch him a unicorn and they agree. Can Penny figure out how to fix them before they give Dr. Claw what he wants?moreless
    • Claw's Nephew
      Claw's Nephew
      Episode 25
      Dr. Claw's mother (the one person in the world he fears) orders him to take care of his nephew Billy while he's on summer vacation from his boarding school. She also tells him that Billy is unaware of their family's criminal history and that's the way she wants it to stay. Far as Billy knows he's being sent to stay with his Uncle Gordon, a wildlife biologist studying the animals on a tropical island. So that's what he tells Penny when he meets her at the airport when she arrives on the same island for a camping vacation with her uncle. Gadget's arrival infuriates Dr. Claw and gives him the problem of how to eliminate his enemy while keeping his nephew from knowing he was involved in Gadget's demise. Fortunately his experiments on controlling the wild animals of the island offer a solution.moreless
    • Operation Get Gadget
      Colonel Nosehair decides to try and follow his bossy therapist's advice and keep his temper no matter what Gadget does wrong. Too bad for him that a mad scientist looking to become Dr. Claw's partner has chosen him as the prime target for his anger enhancement beam so that he'll destroy Gadget for them. While the hulked out Nosehair keeps failing there are plenty of other people in town the scientist can make want to destroy Gadget. Including a florist who owns some man eating plants that don't mind chewing on robots too.moreless
    • The Lost City of Gold
      It turns out that Colonel Nosehair is a budding archeologist and author who has just written a book about the Aztecs. Too bad nobody's coming to his book launch except Gadget with news from General Sir. A recent earthquake in Mexico has unearthed the entrance to the lost lost underground Aztec City of Gold. Rumour has it the Aztecs hid their "Crown of Invincibility" in the city and it's a prime target for MAD so WOMP has to find it before Dr. Claw uses it to become unstoppable. Colonel Nosehair, Gadget, the Gadgetinis and an Archeologist descend into the city while is Penny's left back at the base camp since it's too dangerous for her to accompany them. She overhears assistant archeologist Ron Limond talking to Dr. Claw about how he has found and hidden the map to the secret entrance and shortcut tunnel that avoids all the traps Gadget and Co. will face. He heads off to the City and Penny breaks into his safe to find the map but unfortunately Ron returns unexpectedly to pick up the crowbar he forgot and catches her. Ron forces Penny into the secret entrance tunnel and beats Gadget to the underground city's treasure vault. Ron chains Penny to the stone alter below the statue holding the mystic Crown of Invincibility and plans to leave her there since he's sure help will never arrive. However despite Ron's expectations Gadget bumbles his way past the traps and the living golden guardian idols into the treasure room. While Gadget is accidentally getting the crown off Ron the Gadgetinis use their laser fingers to cut Penny's chains and she leads everyone (except Ron who won't abandon the treasure) back through the secret passage when the underground city starts to collapse.moreless
    • Gadget on the Brain
      A microscopic implant has been detected in the brain of General Gastritas. It's suspected to be a MAD mind control device and since he's about to be made Supreme Commander of the Mega Powers militaries (there's a running theme in this series of growing global unity and the disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction to make world peace possible) WOMP can't afford to take chances. So a volunteer is needed to be minaturised by an experimental process and injected into the General's Brain to remove the device. It's a one in a millon chance of surviving the mission so Colonel Nosehair is happy to volunteer Gadget. Gadget, the Gadgetinis and the Gadgetmobile are shrunk and injected into the General's skull to face angry white blood cells who don't like intruders and minaturised MAD agents ready to defend the mind controller. Just to complicate things further the scientists made a miscalculation when they shrank them and they have only a few hours rather than days before they return to normal size.moreless
    • Rock'n Gadget
      Rock'n Gadget
      Episode 21
      General Sir thinks MAD might target global rock and roll superstars "The Mummies Boys" for kidnapping so Gadget is sent to protect them. Since the Boys are Penny's favourite band she arranges to tag along with her uncle unaware that Dr. Claw has bigger plans than ransoming rock stars. Backstage at stadium for their soon to air global concert Penny overhears their new Soundman talking to Doctor Claw about putting a mind control signal into the broadcast which will be watched by about 2 billion people. Unfortunately he spots and grabs her and leaves Penny tied up in a trunk. Meanwhile the Mummies Boys opening act "Pharoah's Men" is booed offstage by impatient fans so they load up their bus and leave taking the trunk Penny's in with them. It turns out Penny's wristwatch still has the laser from the original series (unused before in Gadgetinis) so she cuts herself free then has to persuade the band to go back and save the crowd who rejected them. Meanwhile the Soundman arranges to eliminate Gadget with the show's special effects during the concert and as always Gadget is oblivious to the danger.moreless
    • Erasing Gadget
      Erasing Gadget
      Episode 20
      Dr Claw has a MAD scientist build a time machine then travel back to 1957 to prevent Gadget's parents Jules and Annie from meeting. Back in the 21st century Gadget begins to fade away and so does Penny and the Gadgetinis since she can't exist without her grandparents and if she's never born there's no one to build them. While the scientist delays Jules he still manages to crash his bicycle into Annie's and everyone reappears. The Gadgetinis and Gadget travel back in time to find the scientist who gets Gadget locked up but Gadget breaks out of the police station accompanied by his cellmate Marilyn. Who was destined to meet Gordon Claw in the holding cell and eventually become Dr. Claw's mother. So now the scientist has to try and get them together while breaking up Jules and Annie's budding romance and the Gadgetinis have to stop him.moreless
    • Super Boss Gadget
      Super Boss Gadget
      Episode 19
      With General Sir in hospital and Colonel Nosehair finally getting a field assignment and trying to track down Dr. Claw there's no alternative butt o make Gadget the acting head of WOMP. While Gadget uses General Sir's secretary Miss Miffet as a model for his ideas for new WOMP uniforms Colonel Nosehair is captured and brainwashed to recommend that the Board of Megapowers shut down WOMP. Can Penny and Chief Quimby work together to get Gadget to save WOMP?moreless
    • Solid Gold Gadget
      Solid Gold Gadget
      Episode 18
      The tiny Himalayian country of Goldmanchu's only export is the gold created by the midas touch of the simpleminded mystic Golda (whose right hand turns things to gold and left hand turns things to wood). Golda's existence was a closely guarded secret but WOMP fears Dr. Claw has learned of him and intends to use his golden touch to destabilise the world's economy so Gadget is sent to Goldmanchu. Unfortunately Golda has already been replaced by an imposter with orders to eliminate Gadget.moreless
    • Foreign Legion Gadget
      Gadget and Colonel Nosehair are sent to the Colonel's old desert Foreign Legion post to investigate rumours of female criminals converging on the area. What they don't know is that Dr. Claw's archeologist Professor Suzuki is looking for a lost temple holding an ultimate weapon that requires 12 women to unseal it.moreless
    • Super Gadget Chef
      Super Gadget Chef
      Episode 16
      Colonel Nosehair's idol the famous TV Cook "The Silver Chef" is to prepare a meal for the president but Gadget gets the assignment to make sure MAD doesn't poison the food the chef prepares. Unfortunately the Silver Chef is a MAD agent and intends to get rid of Gadget and poison the president.moreless
    • Swap Team
      Swap Team
      Episode 15
      MAD scientist Dr Pause switches his assistant Guy Strong's brain for Gadget's then sends him off to WOMP to get the info he needs to switch the brains of the world's top generals. Meanwhile Gadget accidentally escapes the deathtrap intended to destroy him in Guy Strong's body but is clueless about what's wrong with him. Penny and the Gadgetinis attempt to capture Gadget's body but Strong can work Gadget's gadgets and quickly overpowers them and leaves them tied up next to a bomb. Just to complicate things further Dr. Pause is planning to switch Guy's brain again, this time with General Sir's secretary Ms. Miffet.moreless
    • The Patrix
      The Patrix
      Episode 14
      All over the world valuable items are being stolen by mysterious thieves who elude capture by dissolving into lines of computer code along with the stolen goods then vanishing without a trace. When they vanish they're returning to the Patrix, a virtual world created by a MAD scientist who has discovered how to send things from the Patrix to the real world and vice versa. His computer generated thieves can pass for humans until they're ready to strike and can look like anyone making them the perfect infiltrators. The scientist's assistant didn't like his boss selling out to Dr. Claw and wants to stop him so he's looking for "The One" who can detect and defeat the Patrix people. He thinks Gadget might be The One but Gadget thinks he's being selected as a finalist in a gardening competion!moreless
    • McIntosh's Bagpipes
      The 10 biggest banks in New York have been robbed but despite the break-ins happening in broad daylight there are no eye witnesses, the security cameras shut down and no one can remember what happened. The only clue is that everyone who was in the banks remembers hearing bagpipe music before the robbery. The police have no clue so WOMP is called in and Gadget is sent to Scotland accompanied by Penny & the Gadgetinis to investigate the only clue. A security camera closeup of the name McIntosh's Magic Bagpipes Inc. on the pipers bagpipes.moreless
    • Extreme Gadget
      Extreme Gadget
      Episode 12
      Albert Alkaline (aka AA), the world's major battery manufacturer, is worried that MAD intends to kidnap and ransom his extreme sports fanatic son Alan Albert Alkaline (aka AAA). Since he's offering a large reward and WOMP is low on funds again Genral Sir agrees to protect AAA. After hearing that all the other bodyguards AAA had got mangled trying to keep up with him during his extreme sports events Colonel Nosehair is happy to assign Gadget to the case.moreless
    • Meet Super G.G.
      Meet Super G.G.
      Episode 11
      WOMP unveils Super Gadget Girl (but since that's a bit long everyone calls her Super GG or just GG), a state of the art fembot who is tougher and smarter than Gadget. But unlike him she's entirely machine with programmed emotions and programming can be changed. Which Doctor Claw intends to do so she'll steal the world's gold reserves for him and eliminate Gadget once and for all.moreless
    • No Brainer
      No Brainer
      Episode 10
      After Gadget is successfully abducted by MAD Scientist Dr. Von Headcase who intends to brainwash him Penny spends a week trying to locate him. Having exhausted all her computer resources and knowing the Colonel Nosehair isn't seriously looking for her uncle she turns to the only person in the world who might be able to help. The now retired and gadget-phobic Brain.moreless
    • Santa Claw
      Santa Claw
      Episode 9
      The reason Santa's workshop has never been seen by polar explorers is because it's located under the North Pole. Once a year Santa opens the passageway to the surface but this year MAD is waiting and takes over the workshop to begin manufacture of a MAD Agent kit designed to hypnotise all the kids in the world and turn them into junior MAD agents. On Christmas Eve someone sends a report to WOMP but Colonel Nosehair thinks it's a joke. However Gadget still believes in Santa and heads for the North Pole stopping enroute at the Last Resort, the only hotel that far into the Arctic. Penny has stowed away in the Gadgetmobile and learns from Santa's undercover reindeer George that the resort is under MAD control just like Santa's Workshop and the MAD agents running it intend to dispose of her uncle before he makes it to the North Pole. Disguised as an elf and using a flying sleigh drawn by George she gets her uncle to the North Pole but can Gadget get into the Workshop and save Santa and Xmas before it's too late?moreless
    • MADster Game
      MADster Game
      Episode 8
      Gadget is assigned to find the missing Colonel Nosehair but it turns out the Colonel was abducted to lure Gadget into a trap. Gadget is converted to binary data and put into a video game where Dr. Claw intends to destroy both him and Nosehair.
    • Great Wall of Oblivia
      Marcus I, the King of Oblivia intends to put his obscure country on the map by relocating the Great Wall of China to Oblivia. Meanwhile Gadget things a group of Shaolin Monks are responsible for its disappearance and tries to challenge them to a Kung-Fu showdown.
    • Sub-Mission
      Episode 6
      Gadget is sent to Switzerland to protect a fleet of "subatomic" atomic submarines concealed in Lake Geneva while they await decommissioning. Unfortunately MAD agents have already infiltrated the subs crews.
    • Bye Bye Business
      Bye Bye Business
      Episode 5
      After suffering a serious attack of stress induced pimples Colonel Nosehair decides to take his therapist's advice and keep Gadget as far away as possible with make work missions. So he sends Gadget to Hong Kong (the first place he thinks of) to buy office supplies for WOMP. Meanwhile in Hong Kong control of the Banan business empire has just passed to Amanda Banan as a graduation present from her father. Amanda's being targeted by Dr. Claw who wants control of the corporation and thinks she'll be easier to crack than her father. MAD agents are sent in to infilitrate the headquarters of Banan Communications and take over the top two floors. Which is how Amanda finds herself on the roof tied to a satellite dish with the choice of signing control of the company over to MAD or being roasted by a high power transmission that's due at noon. Meanwhile thanks to one of his usual mixups Gadget is wandering threough the building convinced it's a stationary supplies warehouse. Can he save Amanda? Can he even figure out anything's wrong?moreless
    • Roverre
      Episode 4
      Gadget is sent to Paris to protect the world's most famous (and only) canine artist "Roverre". Meanwhile Dr. Claw intends to abduct the dog and make him teach Mad Cat how to paint so he'll be the world's only animal artist and people will pay millions for his paintings.
    • World's Nicest Dictator
      World leaders are to meet at a peace conference in Phasia, the most peaceful and happy country in the world ruled by the always smiling General Zarnoff. Gadget is sent to take care of security and finds nothing amiss but Fidgit and Didgit discover unhappiness is a crime and there are severe penalities for citizenswho don't smile all the time. Add to that the fact that General is secretly stockpiling weapons and it's obvious to everyone except Gadget that something is rotten in Phasia.moreless
    • Total Reclaw
      Total Reclaw
      Episode 2
      Dr. Claw seems to have reformed and has become the new CEO of the humanitarian organization GloboCare. Gadget believes he's changed but Colonel Nosehair (and Penny) suspects he's secretly plotting something and sends Gadget to GloboCare to investigate undercover.
    • Unseen of the Crime
      At the Young Inventors Expo Penny unveils her latest invention, (the Gadgetinis were her entry the previous year) a DNA tracker which can find anyone. Her friend Shawn shows off his invention, an invisibility spray and is abducted by MAD Agents since Dr. Claw thinks the sprayer could be useful. While Gadget and the Gadgetinis are stumbling around Penny finds Shawn but gets herself trapped in the MAD lab. So the two young geniuses have to work together to escape.moreless
  • Season 1