Gadget Boy and Heather

(ended 1995)


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  • Season 1
    • 3/3/96
      Spydra yearns for the best inventions and the best inventor in the world. She soon steals a freeze ray and freezes the world's inventors.
    • 2/25/96
      Spydra schemes to drain all of the world's energy, keep it in Saturn's rings, and then charge rent for it.
    • 2/18/96
      Spydra uses a personality transfer ray to switch minds - between her vulture Boris and the President.
    • Spydra schemes to re-create the shield of Alexander the Great by stealing the heavily guarded Invincimetal, the Earth's strongest alloy metal.
    • Jaws And Teeth
      Episode 22
      Spydra obtains an oil drinking, shark-like submarine that is munching into oil tankers, draining them, and holding the Earth's oil for ransom.
    • 1/1/96
      Spydra has dominated the airwaves all around the world. It's up to Gagdet Boy and Co. to locate Spydra's transmitter and cancel Spydravision for the good of the Earth.
    • Power Of Babble
      Episode 20
      Spydra uses a Babelizer Ray that makes a world communication scramble. Gagdet Boy and company must now find a way to communicate and put that ray out of commission.
    • 1/14/96
      When Chief Stromboli is injected with a micro-chip spy decector, Spydra and her thugs miniaturize themselves and enter Stromboli's body to steal it.
    • Jurassic Spydra
      Episode 18
      Spydra creates a scheme to transform famous people into Super Insects that can steak on land, air and sea. Gadget Boy and friends must now save Spydra's captives before they are cloned!
    • Monumental Mayhem
      Episode 17
      Spidra invents a ray gun that brings life to famous statues and with them cause havoc. Gadget Boy is assigned to revert each one back to normal, with Dabble's newest invention.
    • 12/24/95
      Spidra deceives a race of aliens in to thinking she is the last of a race that colonised the galaxy, which was wiped out by humans, which the aliens try to help her by taking over the Earth. Heather must try to show the aliens that Spidra is lieing to them, while Gadget Boy and G-9 try to keep the aliens under control in the meantime.moreless
    • 12/17/95
      Spidra tries to bring together some of the best criminals of the 20th century and pay them to do her evil deeds as a group, but the plan is not as secret as she thought. As it so happens, one of them was already caught, Eric Smootsvesle. Dabble disguises Gadget Boy as him to go with the rest of the group and stop them in their tracks, but vision could be a problem with his glasses.moreless
    • 12/10/95
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    • My Gadget Guard
      Episode 13
      Prince Albrat, a spoil child from a rich family, is about to receive "the greatest gift" for his birthday. Predictably enough, Spidra wants it for her own purposes, so Gadget Boy has to look after the hyperactive and disobedient child and teach him to be grown up while guarding the gift.moreless
    • 11/26/95
      With her latest invention, ENOS (electromagnetic navigation overriding system), Spidra is controlling every plane around the world, and plans to use them to make the largest force in the world and make it fall under her power. Gadget Boy is assigned to stop Spidra and deactivate the beam.
    • 11/19/95
      After Mulch and Humus successfully steal the fundamental parts that are used for Gadget Boy, Spidra creates an almost exact replica of him, which she tries to use to make Gadget Boy look like a criminal and ruin his title. Gadget Boy, with the help of G-9 and Heather, must now undo the doings of "Bad Gadget Boy", and make the public realise the whole thing is a misunderstanding.moreless
    • 11/12/95
      Spidra emits a vapor in to the atmosphere, which gives every living thing the symptoms of the common cold and more. The only cure to it lies in a plant called the Mumbo Jumbo tree, which Spidra has cut down the majority of to sell the cure to the countries around the world. Gadget boy is now assigned to foil Spidra's plan by finding any tree that hasn't been cut down and working around Spidra's prices, but Spidra will try to stop him at all costs.moreless
    • 11/5/95
      Spidra has successfully stolen two of the Fabergay sacks. Rare and valuable, only three of them exist today. Likewise, Chief Stromboli predicts Spidra will want to steal the last one, which happens to be on board the ship "Titania", used as a prop by cruise magician David Slobberfield. Gadget Boy must now guard the ship and stop the Fabergay sack being stolen, but Spidra plans otherwise...moreless
    • 10/29/95
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    • 10/22/95
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    • 10/15/95
      Spydra enters the Grand Pree across Europe, and while she's at it, plans to steal some of the treasured that belong in it's cities. Gadget Boy, Heather and G-9 must now enter the race if they have any hope of stopping spidra and her hench men, in their specially designed car...moreless
    • 10/8/95
      Spydra finds the secret formula for making gold in the pocket of an ancient Chinese jacket, and dispatches her henchmen to do the job. Can Gadget Boy foil Spydra's evil plan?
    • 10/1/95
      Spydra is annoyed that none of the world's greatest pictures show her beautiful face. So she steals the Mona Lisa and kidnaps Vincent Van Stop-N-Go to repaint it to look like her.
    • 9/24/95
      Gadget Boy, Agent Heather and G-9 take a take a trip to Ireland when The Irish Interpol Chief and the King of the Leprechauns have been kidnapped by Spydra.
    • 9/17/95
      Spydra tries to trick Gadget Boy into going to a toy store filled with evil robotic toys controlled by herself. Because she sent him an explosive toy, he thinks its his birthday throughout the episode.
    • 9/10/95
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