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  • Season 1
    • The Witch
      Episode 3
      Its Halloween night and the Kid and his friends have covered just about every house on the street - except the creepy old house on the hill. Theyve all heard the story that a wicked witch lives up there, and everyone KNOWS how much witches love to prey on children! But when Bruno dares the Kid to prove hes not afraid of the witch, the Kid must go up to the house and knock on the door ... alone, or be seen as a scaredy-cat by all his friends.moreless
    • The Waitress
      Episode 2
      When Bruno tells the Kid and Earl that he can undress women with his eyes they are determined to try this awesome trick on the hot new waitress in the mall! But theres one small problem ... neither of them knows what a naked woman actually looks like. When Dads medical books and the fuzzy porno channel on the TV dont offer much insight, Earls brothers dirty magazine provides all the answers, and then some! The next time they see the waitress, its a whole new world!moreless
    • The Cat
      Episode 1
      What would you do if you were a kid and the ghost of the dead cat you dissected in biology class came back to haunt you? Thats the predicament the Kid faces when the grotesquely carved-up carcass of a cat appears on his bed in the middle of the night. Unless he gives the cat the dignified burial he always dreamed of, the cat vows that he will haunt the Kid for the rest of his life!moreless