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  • Deserves its listings in worst SF shows

    This show is a popular choice in lists of worst SF TV shows and I certainly agree. The premise had potential to be something worthwhile. Galactica is in a quandary to discover the planet she had sought for so long is not advanced enough to help against or repel the Cylons (something Galactica had clearly never thought of in all the years she had been looking for Earth). Worse, they quickly realise that Earth would very likely abuse their technology for their own ends. So they have to resort to a more discreet approach to both assimilate on Earth and advance Earth technology while drawing off the Cylons by retreating back into space. That alone could have set up the series for something worth watching, at least. Also, there is potential humour arising from culture shock and misunderstandings, and the episodes did have plenty of those.

    But the whole execution was just plain ludicrous. The scripts were terrible, the episodes looked ridiculous and/or nauseating, though they did have their moments at times. Some of those moments still stick with me, such as a Cylon collapsing when a microwave oven is in operation (hmm, so maybe Earth technology can fight Cylons after all?). The time travel elements to alter Earth's past to speed up her technology were just too much. To say nothing of those episodes with the Galactica kids playing baseball and wearing Scout uniforms - bleech!

    There were other elements that could have made the show better. For example, we hear Baltar got rescued from the planet Galactica left him on and is now back to leading the Cylons. But this was never developed, and bringing back Baltar would have definitely made the show more exciting. Xavier, the villain of the piece, was not a patch on Baltar, and he disappears pretty quickly too.

    Even the intro lets the show down. It is all recycled footage from the original series and has no bearing whatsoever on what and who you see in the episodes. It sets you up for a disappointment once the episode gets going.

    The final episode is the only one that scores any measure of respect among viewers. It certainly is the only one to have any pathos, so it deserves respect for that.
  • Galactic Sh**!

    Partly a spin-off, partly a revival, Galactic 1980 is an atrocious sci-fi series that completely bastardizes Battlestar Galactica. Set a generation after the original series, the Colonial Fleet finds Earth but discovers that the Cylons have followed them, so to protect Earth they continue on into open space leading the Cylons away; but secretly a pair of vipers are sent back to establish contact with Earth. Initially it starts out as a time travel story with rouge elements of the Fleet going back in Earth's history to advance technological change in order for Earth to be able to fight off the Cyclons in present day. But that's quickly dropped and the show becomes about setting up a colony for the Fleet's children. Lorne Greene returns as Adama, but is relegated to playing lackey to a child genius. And the new leads, Kent McCord and Barry Van Dyke, are awful; they don't have any charisma or personality. Virtually no time is spent on the Galactica, as the show veers more toward a fish-out-of-water comedy with the Colonials getting into wacky adventures. Fans of the original series won't even recognize this show and will find nothing to like. An extraordinarily bad attempt to revive Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980 is an embarrassment.
  • Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

    Never has there been such a disappointment in the history of televison, than this show. I was so excited upon learning that Galactica was coming back, and even when 1980 got to the screen, I remember sitting there laughing and enjoying it.. for about an hour. Then I realized how bad the acting was. How silly the plot was. And what a vast insult to the fans this show was. But I wanted sooo badly to enjoy it..I kept watching. The jokes about Earth references? Ugh! Talk about forced humor! The Super-Scouts? Don't even get me started. A glimmer of hope when the Cylons landed. Nope! More stupidity. The only episode worth watching was when they announced they were bringing back a major character from the original. Yes! Our beloved Starbuck was back. Guess what? It was too late. "The Return of Starbuck" was the final episode. This was a show made for children. Re-watching the shows makes me believe it was made by children too. No wonder the fans refuse to accept this show as cannon. It is an insult to the memory of a great show, and a colossal waste of any viewers time.
  • The Galactica finds Earth, but unintentionally brings the Cylons with them. The people of the Galactica must protect Earth until the planet is ready to defend itself from the coming attack

    This show is not as bad as everyone made it out to be, there are worse TV series that Galactica 1980. If you are a fan of futuristic people arriving in then modern day Earth, then this series is for you because that is basically the plot of the series. The people of the Galactica try to understand Earth customs and expressions as they try to blend in with the 13th colony. Needless to say, their activities alert the US government. I really enjoy this series. What I liked most about it was that it focused on the older Boxey, now going by his real name Troy, who was the little boy on the original series. Galactica 1980 is different from the original series, but it feels like they were finding their way by the time it was cancelled.
  • Thirty years has passed since we left Starbuck and the crew of Battlestar Galactica. After all the pain and lose, they finally reach Earth. Led by the boy genuis Dr. Z and Admiral Adama the flight tries to make Earth home.

    After cancelling Battlestar Galactica, ABC got the rating numbers and scrambled to bring it back. But they didn't want to pay for it, since Battlestar was one of the most expensive shows on TV. So with most of the sets already destroyed, the show moved alot of it's stories to Earth. With the cancellation they also lost all their contracts and could only afford a few of the original cast members, introducing viewers to a slew of all new charecters. If everything I've typed sounds like non-sense, you'll get how I feel about this show. It sucks. The only good episode in the bunch is The Return of Starbuck and that's because it's a leftover from the original series.
  • Great idea that went bad after the first 10 minutes.

    How did I stumble on this curiousity of SCI-FI history? One that BSG purists wish was never ever made (except maybe Starbucks Return).... It was one of those moments that makes you wonder... well all of a sudden Ben Vereen popped into my head - dont know why exactly, it just did - I didnt even remember a single thing he was in. So the ever helpful TV.COM displayed shows he was associated with. A short lived bomb "Tenspeed & Brownshoe" popped up. The pilot of that show had Robyn Douglass in it - I dont think I even watched a single episode of it, its just that it had a weird name, starred a young Jeff Goldblum and there was a TV Guide article with Douglass in it because she was on 2 shows at the same time. The only reason I remembered her was that she was also in.... GALACTICA 1980... at the same time. I guess its all part of the "Lattice of Coincidence" that Miller talked about with Otto (Emilio Estevez) in the classic REPOMAN. Strange I remember things like this but sometimes cant remember where I left my keys. LOL!

    Hmmm where was I? Galactica 1980 went down hill faster than a fully loaded semi down a 45 degree grade with no brakes then crashed in spectacular fireball. First wrong move - no Starbuck and no Apollo. I only vaguely remember something involving "Wolfman Jack", a cylon and a radio station. Not much else..... Except for the final episode featuring Dirk Benedicts final appearance as Starbuck it was a totally forgettable mistake; though it did explain why he wasnt around for Galactica 1980 (even then this episode was supposed to be aired as part of Battlestar Galactica not Galactica 1980). Hopefully the new BSG does the finding the Earth thing in a better way than this show did. 10 for Effort, 0 - for Execution - final score 5.0. I really really wanted to like this show back then, but even as a kid I knew it was a disaster of historic proportions.
  • Oh dear!

    U dont have to forget that this show was a great try for sci fi. And this is the evolution of imagination that come from te past for a great Galactica future...

    I know that they just to have very ugly hair cuts but, what im talking about is of imagination, they create a world from nothing, and create a factastic one...

    Battlesar Galactica y one of my favorite shows because the effects are not digital, they are fisical, and that gives to Galactica a falvor becomming from Star Wars' original saga, with no much effects but with great human content like the new galactica
  • god awful

    buck rogers was twice as good as this show. i liked the first season pretty well. it was in my opinion ahead of its time. i know a lot of people called it a star wars rip off, but i saw no similarities. the new galactica show however is a great show.
  • A good idea gone bad.

    Okay, I was a big fan of the origianl Battle Star Galactica so I was thrilled to find out that they brought it back and was dying to see it. I already knew that the only cast member to return full time was Lorne Greene, but I was okay with this; after all Adama was a lead character. A couple of years ago I got to watch most of the episodes and was horrified by what I saw. First the Galactica finds Earth after thirty years in space only to discover A) The Cylons who destroyed their home planets have been following them and B) Earth is completely incapable of defending itself (Dr. Zhee\\\'s worst-case-scenario presentation of the Cylons attacking Earth ranks right up there with anti-commounist propoganda films of the 1950s). So what is the Galactica to do but keep on treking in the hopes of luring the Cylons away, however the Galactica does send down a small group of warriors to make contact with the Earth\'s scientific communitty in the hopes of building up Earth\'s defenses. The pilot concerns Captain Troy(Boxey as an adult) and Lt. Dillon who are attempting to contact the head of the Pacific Research Institute Dr. Mortensen(Robert Reed looking more like Albert Einstien than Mike Brady)only to end up having to contend with Jamie Hamilton an ambitous reporter. After catching up with Dr. Mortensen Troy and Dillon have to postpone their mission because of Xavier, a renegade council member who attempts to to go back in time to arm Nazi Germany with weapons from the Galactica (kinda makes the Cylons look good there huh?!). After completeing that mission Troy and Dillon return to Earth of 1980 to meet with Dr. Mortensen and set up relations with him. As disjointed as all of this sounds the three hour pilot is one of the better episodes of this show. If all of this has made your Daggit\\\'s head spin and makes you wish the Cylons would destroy your TV set wait it can get worse. Adama, who was known in the original series as being a shrewd and strong leader is portrayed here as a wimp totally dependendt on the guidance of Dr. Zhee, a fourteen-year-old who looks and acts like he\\\'s completely stoned and is supposed to have some sort of mystical powers that helps guide the Galactica (didn\\\'t they already go through this in the original with Count Iblis?). Troy comes across as being more wooden than Apollo and Dillon tries too hard to be Starbuck and the fish-out-of-water scenes on Earth make Troy and Dillon look retarded. Despite all of this the show is picked up and the producers yet again tinker with the formula. As the regular episodes begin Adama(on the advice of Dr. Zhee) sends down the Galatica\\\'s children down qwith Troy and Dillon (and sometimes Jaime) to watch over them. Here the series starts to deevolve focusing more on the kids on Earth and less on the Galactica with a lot of the episodes focusing on the social issues of the time like pollution and the abuse of migrant farm workers. Though there were a few decent episodes (most notably The Night the Cylons Landed) this was an overall lackluster revival. In May of 1980 the producers attemted to give this show a last minute rerieve from cancellation by airing an episode called The Return of Starbuck featuring the Galactica\\\'s original playa\\\' Starbuck. This was actually the first episode of the series I had ever watched and even this did not impress me. Apparently it did not impress most viewers because after this episode the Galitica flew off into the sun(set). It should be noted that years later Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original series released several novels and a trailer for a possible new Galacitca movie both of which wisely chose to ignore the events of Galctica 1980.
  • A prime example of how good shows can be made bad ones....!

    The 1980 version of Battlestar Galactica is a classic example of what happens when networks management try to push a show to be made according to preconceived notions and such. Stung by the backlash of fans over the abrupt cancellation of the original Battlestar Galactica, the network asked for a revised version to be aired ASAP. With the majority of original cast members declining to return for this version, the show was forced to go with a virtually brand new cast.

    Even with the cast turnover, Galactica 80 could have been successful but the new premise ( Galactica finally finding Earth only to discover the planet was ill equipped to deal with the Cylons) combined with a network mandate of an educational theme to episodes and dreadful acting by the majority of the cast led to dreadful ratings. With a looming threat of cancellation hanging after 9 episodes, the Galactica crew came up with the episode ' The Return of Lt. Starbuck ' that featured the appearance of popular original cast member Dirk Benedict. Although this episode is hailed by many fans of the Galactica mythology as one of the best of ever done, it didn't stop the series from being canceled.

    With woeful acting, scripts that are rightfully ridiculed to this day ( the Super Scouts episodes causes this reviewer to still mentally wince) and episodes that show a woeful lack of budgetary concerns, Galactica 1980 is dismissed by many, including people who worked on the show, as a mistake best forgotten. Frankly, this reviewer wishes he could so as well.....