Galactica 1980

Season 1 Episode 9

Space Croppers

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 1980 on ABC

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  • After the Cylons destroy two of the fleet's agro ships, Troy and Dillion are sent to Earth to secure land to grow crops and run into prejudice against the farmer they become partners with.

    Dana Elcar (Peter Thornton from MacGyver)plays a wonderful meany and comes off well as a desperate man trying to keep his position of power in the community. Particualarly amusing is the scene where he challenges Troy and Dillion to ride Satan, the crazy horse, and they use their technology to calm the animal. He tosses down his hat and the horse smashes it almost like Satan was saying "That's my revenge on you."

    The music played during the crop growing sequence is one of the best pieces in the entire series. Well worth watching just for this alone.

    Did tire of Dr. Zee always saving the day. He continually made Adama look like a complete idiot and we all know the commander was a lot smarter than that or else they would never have survived earlier Cylon attacks.
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