Galactica 1980

Season 1 Episode 8

The Night the Cylons Landed (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Police cars continues to chase Dillon and Troy. The guys drive right into the harbor to escape.

Dillon and Troy signal Adama. They report back about the Cylons. Adama tells them that they now have their most important mission ever, to stop the Cylons on Earth from sending a signal to the Cylon fleet.

The Cylons arrive at the Halloween party. Shirley introduces the Cylons as "Andy" and "Century". Everyone is impressed by their costumes. Andy tells her that he would like to meet Wolfman Jack.

The guys track the Cylons and find that they are on the other side of the city. They hear a police radio in a parked police car, describing them. They run away as the driver returns and notices that they match the description. They decide that they need to change. They duck into a nightclub to hide. They see a stage show with dancers in animal costumes. Noticing a rack of white tuxedos, they grab a couple and change into them. A stagehand who does not realize that they are not part of the show, gives them hats and canes and sends them out on stage. They try to fit in, trying to keep up with the dancing. The policeman comes in to see the actress they are holding up, floating in air since the guys are now invisible. They make good their escape while invisible and get in a taxi.

Wolfman Jack arrives at the party to a warm welcome. Andy tells Century that the transmitter is inaccessible because it is locked at night. They must either find a key or take one of the people who works there with them. Wolfman Jack sees Century and is impressed. Shirley brings him to meet Andy. They discuss radio. Wolfman tells Andy about solar waves which can stop radio transmissions.

Dillon and Troy get out of the taxi at Central Park. They decide to cut through to the other side where they are detect the signal coming from an apartment building. They get accosted by a group of muggers. They upset the muggers who lunge at them. The guys jump straight up on to a high tree branch and escape.

Andy decides to grab one of the humans and take him with them to the transmitter.

Norman feels uncomfortable, so he asks his colleague and host, Arnie what he told Andy about the station. Arnie says that Andy asked to see the station, so he told him that it won't be possible tonight. They get worried about the strange newcomers. Arnie decides to ask them to leave but Norman thinks that they may be dangerous. Century comes into the kitchen and watches them. Arnie puts a plate of his meatballs in the microwave and turns it on. Century suddenly collapses so guests rush in. Andy comes in and blasts the microwave with his fingers. In the confusion, smoke, and fire, Andy hypnotizes Wolfman Jack and forces him to go with them.

Dillon and Troy get to the apartment and help save a boy and his dog from the fire. Firefighters arrive and put it out.

Colonel Sydell talks with the NYPD chief. He tries his best to skirt the issue of aliens.

Wolfman Jack and the Cylons get in a cab and head to the International Trade Center.

Sydell has told the chief about the aliens but the chief does not believe a word of it, although he is worried about the guys being dangerous. An officer comes in to report a fire started by a guy with flames coming out of his fingers, so Sydell rushes off.

The Cylons and Wolfman get to the building. They head up in the elevator. Soon after, Dillon and Troy also get to the building. The elevator stops and Wolfman uses his key to continue going up. The guys get in an elevator but get stuck while Wolfman leads the others down a hall. The guys have no keys, so they cannot make the elevator go any higher. They open the service hatch and begin jumping up the rest of the way floor by floor. Wolfman brings the Cylons to the booth. He tells Andy that the whole process is automated by machines. Andy brags about machines being more efficient than humans then asks where the transmitter is.

The party guests give a statement at the police station. Colonel Sydell shows them pictures of Dillon and Troy and asks which one shot the microwave. They tell him that the guys are the ones who rescued them, not the ones who started the fire. They describe the Centurion but the chief thinks that they had just been drinking too much. A mugger is brought in and describes Century. Colonel Sydell notices the similarity.

Wolfman Jack tells Andy about the Emergency Broadcast System and how it taps into about 8,000 stations to broadcast a signal to everyone. Andy asks to see it. Wolfman takes them to the box on the roof, all the while warning him that it is illegal to tamper with it. Century rips the thick metal plate off and Andy taps activates the EBS. They go up the stairs to the main dish and Century twists it to point up.

Dillon and Troy make their way up the elevator shaft and get to the booth. They track the signal to the roof and head upstairs.

Adama tells Doctor Zee that the signal from Earth is now aiming straight up into space. Doctor Zee tells him to jam all outgoing signals from Earth. Adama warns that the Cylon base ship will likely send a patrol if they do that, but Zee tells him that it will probably only be a small patrol and that stopping the signal is more important.

Andy tells Wolfman Jack that he has served his purpose and tells Century to dispose of him. Troy and Dillon reach the roof and fire at the Cylons. Wolfman Jack escapes. Andy orders Century to prevent the guys from destroying the ship but Century tries to protect Andy instead. He picks Andy up and walks off the roof, landing in a dumpster on the ground.

Adama says that the signals from Earth have stopped, so he has stopped jamming. Troy reports that the Cylons have also been stopped; that they have destroyed themselves. Adama is relieved that the Cylons are not so advanced that they are impossible to defeat.

Police arrive at the building and search for the guys. A garbage truck picks up the dumpster along with the Cylons inside. The guys engage their cloaks so, the police find nothing at all. Wolfman Jack gives his report to Colonel Sydell and the police chief. Sydell still believes but the chief does not. The chief wonders where everyone went as the garbage truck with Cylons drives by, with Century's head still alive. The chief calls off the search, chalking it up to a Halloween prank. Dillon and Troy turn off their cloaks. Dillon wants to see more of New York but Troy tells him it's time to go home.