Galactica 1980

Season 1 Episode 4

The Super Scouts (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Doctor Zee tells Adama that the fleet's children are in too much danger on the ship and so must be sent to Earth to begin integrating. He also says that they cannot share all of their technology with Earth until it is ready, lest they trigger the "final war".

Dillon teaches a class of children on the schooling freighter Delphi about Earth and the difference between being there and being on ships in space. He teaches them that because the atmosphere is thinner on Earth, they will run out of breath faster, but because the gravity is less, they will be faster and able to jump higher.

Colonel Boomer informs Adama that a Cylon patrol is nearing the freighter containing the children.

Troy and Dillon rush to save the children as the Cylons attack the schooling ship. They herd the kids onto a shuttle and escape as the Delphi is destroyed. Unfortunately, they do not have enough fuel to make it back to the fleet so they decide to land on Earth, nearly clipping a passenger plane on the way down.

An officer phones Colonel Sydell of the military to inform him that the strange ships have been seen again. Sydell orders him to have the ships tracked down no matter what.

The shuttle lands in a field; Troy, Dillon, and the children exit. The kids experiment a little with the low gravity by jumping high. A couple of men with guns show up looking for the strange craft that landed but are stunned by the guys.

Troy and Dillon ride their cycles, heading into town to get some clothing and supplies for the children. They are noticed by two highway patrolmen who tell them to pull over. The guys speed off and hide behind a billboard, using their cloaks to evade the patrol.

Troy tells Dillon to get clothing from the department store while he will exchange some cubits (gold) for local currency. Dillon attempts to enter the department store but is ejected when the revolving door does not stop turning. Troy tells them to switch tasks and tries a couple of times to go in. Dillon nearly gets hit by a few cars as he crosses the street.

Troy approaches a clerk in the store and asks for supplies for the 12 kids. She mistakes him for a scout master and offers him camping equipment; he plays along. She gives him a list and asks him what he needs, and he asks for 12 of everything.

Dillon goes into the bank and asks the teller to exchange the gold coins for money. Troy had previously seared off the markings, and seeing this, the teller informs Dillon that they would have been worth more as rare coins, but Dillon tells her to just give him the value of the metal. She tells him that she will need to have them analyzed. Dillon tells her to put it in her analyzer, which she points out that she does not have. He offers to analyze it himself with his arm device, but realizes that would be a bad idea. She goes to put it in an envelope but Dillon requests it back because he is in too much of a hurry. The clerk gets suspicious and presses the security button. She then signals the security guard when Dillon exposes his weapon, so Dillon stuns the guard when he pulls out his gun. The clerk places the gold in a bag along with all the money in her till, thinking that Dillon is robbing the bank. He promises to return the money soon and rushes off as sirens approach.

Dillon rushes into the department store and pays the clerk with a wad of cash. He explains what happened to Troy as police enter the store. They activate their cloaks and pull the cart full of their equipment behind them.

As they ride their cycles back to the children, the patrolmen once again try to catch them. They guys engage the wings on their cycles and take flight, leaving them behind.

Jamie meets Mr. Brooks at the Viper which is surrounded by the military. She asks what they know, but there has been little information. Colonel Sydell learns that the only thing that has been found was a group of boy-scouts and heads off to search for them. Mr. Brooks tells Jamie that he thinks the story is dead and leaves.

Troy and Dillon round up the kids who are now dressed in scout uniforms. They tell the children that they are being searched for and must leave. Official vehicles approach and Col Sydell gets out. He approaches the group and asks Dillon and Troy if they had seen anything last night; they deny seeing anything. The kids play with the police cars, wreaking havoc on them. Jamie tells Troy that they cannot pull off this cover and asks him where the children are from. She realizes that they are from the Galactica. Sydell tries to asks the children if they saw any flying saucers last night but they all say no. Dillon reaffirms that nobody saw anything so Sydell gives him a card to call if they think of anything. He mentions that he was a scout himself.

The children sing at night around a campfire. Some of the children take ill. They grab the sick ones and bring them to a clinic in town. The doctor is not present and the nurse says that she cannot help them. Dillon and Troy do want to wait so they grab some supplies and begin analyzing Moonstone. They stabilize her but the nurse is upset when she sees them.

Commander Adama asks Doctor Zee why the Cylons have attacked after so long. He is told that the Cylons have evolved over the past 30 years and they want to experiment with their new machines, using the fleet as targets. Doctor Zee says that the fate of the children is their best indication of whether or not they will survive.

The doctor returns to the clinic. He realizes that Troy and Dillon know some medicine and they update him on Moonstone's status. Dillon, Troy, and Jamie try to figure out what is causing the illness. They realize that it could be anything, that a disease that does not affect humans from Earth could be deadly to them.

Back at the camp, the children show Dillon and Troy the stream from which the sick kids drank. They analyze the water and learn that there is some poison in it. The sheriff approaches and tells them that if they are fishing, they have permission from the Stanford Chemical Plant which owns the land, otherwise they must leave the private property. They ask him for directions to the plant.

Troy and Dillon meet with John, the head of the chemical plant who denies that his plant is responsible for the children becoming sick. He promises to look into to it soon, so the guys leave.

John calls the sheriff, telling him that he is worried about the scout masters stirring up trouble. The sheriff tells him that he will take care of it. A deputy tells the sheriff that he looked into the scout troop and found that they don't exist. Jamie confronts the sheriff who is hostile and vows to investigate the troop and find out the truth.

Jamie meets up with Dillon and Troy and tells them that the sheriff is on his way to arrest them and the children. They take flight on their cycles to get to the children before the sheriff does.