Galactica 1980

Season 1 Episode 5

The Super Scouts (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Troy and Dillon return to the camp. The children are eating apples which they have identified as eatable fruit. Dillon tells them that the police are coming for them, so they must hide. They all jump up into a tree and use their force fields to hide. Sheriff Ellsworth arrives with some deputies and searches the campsite. The kids throw an apple at him. The police look around and begin to search the area but notice that their cars have suddenly driven off on their own. The invisible troop drives off in the stolen police cars.

Doctor Spencer analyses a cell biopsy at the clinic. Jamie asks how the children are doing but is told that they are not improving. He tells her that the children were not normal to begin with because he cannot identify the cells. Jamie tries to cover. He says that he has been trying to expose the plant's pollution for years and asks her to break the story. He offers to show her more.

Colonel Sydell talks with Sheriff Ellsworth. Ellsworth tells him that there is something strange going on, and Sydell asks to know everything.

Doctor Spencer brings Jamie to the river. He throws some stones which ignite on impact. He tells her that the plant is leaking dangerous chemicals. A group of plant workers drive up and confront the doctor. They complain that they do not want him to cause trouble and put them out of work again. They start to get physical but Troy and Dillon arrive. Dillon warns them that they are no match for the guys but the plant workers do not believe him. One of the plant workers attacks Dillon who easily throws him a distance. The plant workers move to attack the guys but John Stockton gets there and orders them not to. He says that he will handle this his way and orders Dillon, Troy, Spencer, and Jamie to follow him to the sheriff's office.

A deputy brings Sheriff Ellsworth a notice indicating that Dillon and Troy are wanted for the bank robbery.

While driving to the sheriff's office, Doctor Spencer receives a message from the nurse telling him that the children are dying. He tells Dillon and Troy who then take off ahead on their cycles.

Sheriff Ellsworth is getting anxious waiting for the information from the roadblocks. Colonel Sydell realizes that Dillon and Troy have not been caught because they are not leaving since they cannot leave the children. He heads off to the clinic with Sheriff Ellsworth close behind.

Back at the clinic, Doctor Spencer finds that Moonstone is dead and tells Stockton that his plant is responsible. Troy realizes that Moonstone is only "legally dead" and that the machines are keeping his heart and lungs alive. He says that with their own medicine and technology, he can revive the child because he is not completely gone. However, they need a vehicle to transport the children and the machines. He asks for Stockton's truck but Stockton is resistant to help criminals who want to kill the town. Troy tells him that a child's life is in danger thanks to him, so John gives in. Dillon sends an emergency transmission to the Galactica.

Aboard the Galactica, Doctor Zee tells Adama that they are faced with a choice to endanger many people to save one child. He says that he himself will be going. Adama is worried because Doctor Zee cannot be risked. Doctor Zee brings Adama to a hangar where they have finished building a new ship which is matched to Cylon technology. Unfortunately, they only have the one, so they will not be able to defend against the Cylons yet. Adama says that he will go with Doctor Zee on the ship.

The colonel and sheriff arrive at the clinic. The guys ask Doctor Spencer to delay them. Colonel Sydell inquires from the nurse as to the children's status.

Stockton drives the guys and the children towards the top of a mountain as directed by Troy.

Colonel Sydell gets tired of waiting and heads into the operating room with Sheriff Ellsworth. Upon finding nothing, he questions Doctor Spencer about the kids. Doctor Spencer resists but when he is shown a notice that they are bank robbers, he tells them.

John continues to drive to the mountain but hears a bulletin on the radio. He gets furious that Dillon and Troy are bank robbers and feels like a fool. He stops the truck and tries to radio for a police escort, so Troy stuns him.

Driven by Troy, the truck arrives at a gate. They get out and zap the lock.

Sheriff Ellsworth drives Colonel Sydell, hot on the guys' trail. He says that he doesn't believe that this is about aliens, but rather money.

Troy shoots down a tree to block the path behind them, then signals the Galactica.

Sydell receives a message that the military is picking up some kind of transmission from near their location. They cannot determine what the transmission is or who is sending it. They have however determined that it is two-way, one coming from straight up and the other from an abandoned Air Force base near by. Sydell tells Ellsworth to go there.

Dillon and Troy fire into the air to signal their location to the ship. Stockton looks on confused.

The police car arrives at the gate. A truck full of national guard troops arrives and Sydell orders them to clear the downed tree.

As they wait for the rescue ship, Dillon, Troy, and Stockton look sullenly at the dying children. They wonder how the rescue team will succeed.

The national guard use a bazooka to blow up the tree.

Stockton is about to sneak off, but then the new ship begins to land. It is bright, with many lights, and makes a thunderous roar. Troy gets the children out of the truck and Dillon tells Stockton to come with them. Stockton apologizes for not testing the water and begs to stay. Adama exits the ship and takes a child in. Dillon orders Stockton to come with them.

The military near the landing site of the ship.

Troy tells Doctor Zee that they only brought the sick children because they did not have time to get the rest. Doctor Zee says that they still have a little time left.

Sheriff Ellsworth's car dies, as does the national guard's truck. Colonel Sydell does not give up and begins to walk the rest of the way.

Dillon introduces John Stockton, the man responsible for the pollution to Commander Adama. He suggests using the simulation to show Stockton what will happen if he does not change things. Doctor Zee initiates the simulation. He shows Stockton a the town a mere 10 years in the future. Stockton sees that he is at a funeral. He feels happy when he realizes that he is still alive, as are his daughter-in-law, wife, and friends. He then notices that the funeral is for his son and is crushed. Doctor Zee tells him that he will lose his son in only 10 years because of the poisons from his plant. He says that it is not too late and that Stockton can avoid it if he finds a better way to dispose of the toxic waste. The police get near, so Stockton is escorted out. Adama tells Troy that he must return to the Galactica, but Troy and Dillon must stay behind to watch over the children and complete their mission to prepare Earth.

The police and national guard get closer but are slowed by a heavy fog.

The ship takes off and heads up into space. Troy tells Stockton that he must leave. Stockton insists that they go with him, but Troy says that John will not be seeing them for a while and he has work to do at the plant. Stockton worries that nobody will believe him. The sheriff and colonel arrive at Stockton's truck but find only him there.

Sheriff Ellsworth returns to his office and is told that their cars were found on the highway, with a box full of gold and a note on the front seat. The note says that there should be more than enough gold to repay the bank. The Colonel says that the sheriff should give up because he will not be able to find anything and leaves. The deputy asks if Ellsworth believes in the alien conspiracy; Ellsworth says he does not and smirks.

Dillon, Jamie, and Troy take the children to a diner to have waffles for breakfast. They say a prayer for the children that were sick and begin to eat. Dillon and Troy tell Jamie that they cannot stay with the children because they have work to do, so she must take care of them. They tell the children that they are proud of them and their good behavior. One of the kids throws a spoonful of food at Dillon and they all laugh.