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Galactik Football

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A team of young, human Galactik Football (soccer) players has been assembled by Aarch a once-great GF player. Aarch has assembled a team of seven players known as 'The Snow Kids' to compete against other intergalactic teams on advanced, high-tech fields to win the coveted Galactik Football Cup for their home planet Akilian. From 15 horrible years, on Akilian there is nothing but ice and cold. But now there is hope because 7 youngsters are trying hard to bring back the life and spirit of football in Akilian. A mystical energy which is present on every planet is so powerful that it had to be banned on every planet except in Galactik Football. On Akilian, it is called Breath.

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AIRED ON 6/1/2010

Season 3 : Episode 1

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  • I love Galactik football and think it's very clever

    I personally LOVE Galactik football, I think it's funny and a unique idea for a show, I know this is a review but when i was going through a hard time i watched it and it never failed to cheer me up, its a heart warming show and in my opinion the best. The characters have depth and individulaity. I think the idea of a cartoon football team could of failed badly but they've pulled it off brilliantly. Obviously the repetiviness of the matches could get annoying but obviously it costs a lot to do the animation (which is a very individual and clever idea). All in all i think Galactik football is a funny and clever show :)moreless
  • I watch this show neither for it's effects nor for it's content but because I'm fond of football. And I think Galactic Football is the best animation about football.

    I watch this show neither for it's effects nor for it's content but because I'm fond of football .

    And I think Galactic Football is the best animation about football .

    The show is about a football team with seven players in it and they all wish to become galactic champions .

    In the end of the first season they won the cup .

    In the second season they wont to win it two time in a row .

    Like in most of shows there are bed gays and in this show the most bad guy is General Blaylock who tries to raise a war .moreless
  • theres a team of football players who try win the galactik football cup they win the cup then try to do it two times in a row and guess what they do !!!moreless

    galactik football rules !!!! galactik football is about 7 football players (tia,rocket,d'jok,mei,ahito,thran and micro-ice) who become a team and try to win the galactik football cup in the first season the snowkids win the galactik football cup use the flux the flux is a powerful energy which allows you to play great the flux was soo strong that is was banned accept in galactik football the snowkids are from a planet call akillan akillan use to have great football teams until and ice age happened and destroyed the breath (the flux) but the snowkids rediscover it and win the cup !!! and in the second season rocket the snowkids captain get suspended for using the breath outside of galactik football hte snowkids will have then there goalkeeper ahito gets very sick and cant play thats when two new players come in mark to play in rockets place and yuki to play in ahitos palce the face new challenges in the cup and win the cup wo times in a row which had never been done beforemoreless
  • Unlike most shows aimed at this audience, this one has a complex side to it that will appeal to a wider audience.

    Galactik Football is definately one of the best shows on Jetix right now, and is it any wonder why?

    Alphanim has brought magic to a concept which would have otherwise been completely boring in this show, with conspiracy and competition going hand in hand.

    As the name suggests, the show focuses on a football team from a planet named Akillian, which was the victim of a mysterious exxplosion caused by a miraculous force caused flux, which is unique to every planet. Due to this explosion, Akillian's flux, the Breath vanished.

    But 15 years later, at the start of the series, the breath returns after star striker of the old Team Akillian, Aarch, comes back to form a football team with new, young players.

    Whilst this is going on, there's a subplot involving a corrupt company, Technoid, who's vice president Bleylock is out to get complete control of the Galaxy.

    Even people who aren't fans of football will find this series exciting and interesting, I highly recommend!moreless
  • An amzing show focusing on seven teenagers competing against a galaxy of planets for the football title. Great animation, brillant plot. (Note: This is also posted on my previous profile.)

    So Galactik Football is an anime-type show made by alphanim and about seven teens reforming the FC of Akilian. Right. Isn't a soccer team usually made of eleven people?

    Anyway, its awesome. I loved it the first epi I saw. Absolutely brilliant.

    I fell in love with the hilarious character of Micro-Ice straight away, his sense of humor was classic-but the thing about it was he keeps a straight face as if he is talking something important and serious.

    A character I hated straight away was definitely Mei. She is too stuck-up.

    Micro-Ice was closely followed by Tia, but I dont like the voice in English. She sounds better in Romanian, without that old-lady voice. An english acc wouldve been awesome if it sounded a bit younger.

    How GF was created continues to amaze me. A very short docu on the Eurosport channel showed how the matches, shown in 3-D, are made using real people and it was amazing.moreless

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