Galactik Football

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Jun 01, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Comeback
      The Comeback
      Episode 1
      Aarch the previous Akkilian GF (Galactik Football) striker has a memory of his last football match when he takes a penalty but a freak snow and ice storm disrupts the game and the planet Akkilain is left in an ice age.
      Aarch has come back after 15 years to make a new team and try for the GF cup.
      Aarch meets a few unhappy people with his return, but a bunch of teens,
      are excited to hear of his return.
      Some guys are sent to deal with Aarch and his friend clamp that very evening but their saved by the group of teens who are glad to know of his arrival.moreless
    • A New Hope
      A New Hope
      Episode 2
      Aarch's working with Clamp on the virtual training machine goes fruitful. Many youngsters come for their selection in the team. Out of the many, were Sinned, Mei, Micro-Ice, D'Jok, Ahito, Thran and Tia. Tia was saved by Rocket when she crash landed near Rocket's place after running away from her parents. Aarch's football team selection starts. Tia was the only one who possessed the power of Flux that is Breath.
      After the training got over, Mei, Rocket, Tia, D'Jok, Micro-Ice, Akhito, Thran and Sinned get selected as the team of Akilian. Ahito got elected as their goal-keeper.moreless
    • The Challenge
      The Challenge
      Episode 3
      The Snow Kids prepare for a match against the Wambas and the Red Tigers, this is the First Round and Snow Kids will win: Wambas : Snow Kids = 2:3 .
    • The Team
      The Team
      Episode 4
      That is the first game of Snow-Kids, facing the Wambas in friendly match. Thanks to its control of breath, Tia remains the best asset of the team. Artégor Nexus plans to get rid of...
    • The Captain
      The Captain
      Episode 5
      Clamp is hiding something important from the Snow Kids, Aarch and Dame Simbai. What could it be?
    • Last Chance
      Last Chance
      Episode 7
      It's a match between the Shadows and the Snow Kids. Can the Snow Kids win this match?
    • The Storm
      The Storm
      Episode 8
      Rocket's gone missing and its up to Tia, D'Jok and Micro-Ice to locate him and convince him to come back to the team. Meanwhile, the Shadows face the Pirates, giving Sinedd his first taste of the Shadows' Flux and bringing back painful memories for Aarch.
    • Revenge Match
      Revenge Match
      Episode 9
      Dame Simbai has real doubts about Clamp's true identity, and even Aarch is beginning to worry about his friend's strange behavior. However, Aarch has other priorities: today the Snow-Kids are playing the return match against the Rykers; if they lose this match, our young heroes will advance no further in the competition. Micro-Ice's thoughts, however, have turned to… Mei. He decides to declare his love for her at the end of the match.moreless
    • The Pirates
      The Pirates
      Episode 10
      The Snow Kids are traveling to play another legendary team: the Pirates of Shiloe. Since the Pirates are always on the move and ready to respond to any possible attack by Technoid, anything could happen. Some of them might even get a glimpse of Sonny Blackbones in person. Micro-Ice, however, is very bitter: Mei is not responding to his overtures, and he's the only member of his team who has not yet experienced the Breath.moreless
    • The Professor
      The Professor
      Episode 11
      During the return match against the Pirates, Rocket is injured. Clamp is somewhat distracted as he follows the match, and who could blame him? Memories of his past work for Technoid are coming back to him. Meanwhile, the Flux Society discovers Clamp's true identity, and his current activity seems more and more suspicious to them. As for the Snow-Kids, their training is becoming so intense that Aarch has cancelled all their free time.moreless
    • The Escape
      The Escape
      Episode 12
      Micro-Ice and Sonny escape from Akillian. Meanwhile, Clamp is held hostage in the Technoid base. His robotic clone is sent to Akillian.
    • Genesis Stadium
      Genesis Stadium
      Episode 16
      Snow kids go the biggest football stadium. But can they win over there too?
    • Get Ready
      Get Ready
      Episode 17
      Its a match between Wambas and Snow Kids. Can the Snow Kids win?
    • Under Pressure
      Under Pressure
      Episode 18
      As the Snow Kids prepare for the coming match with the Lightnings, Tia gives Rocket a surprise by showing him his mother.
    • The Star
      The Star
      Episode 19
      In this episode Warren gives D'Jok advice. Will he use it in football on the ground?
    • Metaflux
      Episode 20
      Sonny explains the death causing effects of Metaflux to the Snow Kids.
    • Blackmail
      Episode 23
      The Semi Final ends in a match with Cyclopses v Shadows, in which Shadows go to the final. Will they win?
    • The Duel
      The Duel
      Episode 24
      Wanting to prove his superiority Sinedd challenges D'Jok to a duel. They play against each other on the stadium, first one to score ten goas wins. They both go head to head as suddenly Sinedd falls on the ground screaming in pain. It turns out the he is suffering form Smog and needs to be carried off the filed. The duel is left in abeyance with score 3:4 for D'Jok. In the meantime Aarch is trying to patch up his relationship with Adim. He asks her out for a dinner. Durring the meal Adim says that she has already waited too long for Aarch and now it's too late for them to start again. Later Bleylock convinces Sinedd to help him plant a device in the Cup. He lied to him saying that by doing so he will eliminate all fluxes in the galaxy and prevent the incoming wars. Sinedd, oblivious to Bleylocks true intentions and remembering that his parents were killed in a flux war, agrees to fulfill Bleylock's plan.moreless
    • The Traitor
      The Traitor
      Episode 25
      As the Galactik Cup Final begins as the Snow Kids face the Shadows one more time. D'Jok must decide where his loyalties lie. Corso and the Pirates scramble to save Sonny before it is too late.
    • The Cup
      The Cup
      Episode 26
      It's the finals and can the Snow Kids win the match?
  • Season 2
  • Season 3