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Speculations and thoughts, we all need them!

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    Hello fellow Galactik football fans!

    I've been gone from here a while, mostly 'cause the whole season three in english went downhill thing... So more than a year after it was released I randomly searched for it in youtube, thinking I'd revive some old memories. And bam! The whole season 3, in english!

    So... SPOILER ALERT. If you have not seen the entire season 3 and do not want spoilers, stop reading!

    For thoose that get too annoyed by the voicechanges and pace-difference in the seasons the trick is to not watch season 1 or 2 before watching season 3. I actually found it enjoyable! Then I did the dire mistake and watched season 1 and 2 again and now I can't stand season 3.

    Figured I'd just get my summary of season three and some of my personal thoughts of character progression and season 4 out for whoever gives a rats backside. Keep in my it's just my opinion so if something annoys/offends you remeber that theese aren't facts just silly thoughts of some random internet stranger.

    So, season three. It were too stressed, too non-flowing (both storyline and animations) and you could really see that somewhere along the way before reaching our screen there were mayor budget and time issues! Not to mention that the changes in the english voiceacting completely ruined so much of the show!

    Had season three been a season three and four, and had Alphanim had their time, input and money then it would have been a simply amazing plot idea. One season for paradisia, one for Genesis stadium. That way they could let some internal struggles of the team go on for more then one or half an episode before getting resolved. And had the english voicecast gotten paid properly then perhaps I wouldn't have to fastforward past every scene involving Micro-Ice and Warren. Two characters I otherwise loved to listen too, due to nice voices! (Especially Warren!)

    But as much as one could've hoped that season 3 would make two seasons rather than one, there's nothing to do about it. Let's just hope season 4 is back to season 2 standard! As in my opinion the flow and balance of storytelling, matches, training and small personal touches of people were best in season 2!

    After watching all three seasons again tho I thought that instead of looking at it through Ahito-oogling eyes I'd try to analyze it according to plot changes and try to spot hints of what would happen. Even checking through season 1 and finding alot of things that hinted what could happen in season 2 etc. My biggest conclusion is: I do NOT trust Dame Simbai.

    If you look at it she always seem to have a doublecrossing personality. She spoke to bleylock and all that. She always gives a shityeyes look when flux is mentioned and she's all too involved with flux in general! I know, she's in the flux society. But she doesn't exactly tell them everything either! It might be my Ahito-fangirl view, but for some reason I get the idea that she, or someone else is going to use this whole "flux absorbtion" thing. If not that, then she's going to do something else. Something either overly evil and backstabbing. Or! I've had the wrong impression and she's secretly involved with yet another power thing and is trying to prevent something even bigger that could happen! Be it a natural disaster or some evil person we've yet to see. (I'm also very suspicious to why the red snake person girl lady whatever thing resembled Simbai so much.)

    So yeah. That was my Dame Simbai paranoia. Something's gonna go down with her!

    Other toons and their progress:

    D'Jok: Ok, he hasn't really changed much. He's hardheaded and proud and he's easily missunderstood. Like in season 2 when he pushes Yuki away. He misses his buddy Ahito and doesn't want him replaced. Why doesn't he react the same way to Rocket? Not the same type of friendship! We get the impression D'Jok's grown up with Micro-Ice, Thran and Ahito, so obviusly when something happens to either of them and them being replaced this will upset him. And he's just a bit clumsy with it and therefore it comes out in a rather hatefull way. He doesn't seem to mind Rocket being gone at first as, come on, Rocket where picked before D'Jok in the allstars! Suddenly someone that made him get less attention for his skill were out of the way. Ofcourse he realised that being shallow doesn't help him nor the team and he then wants Rocket back. In season 3 I actually feel sorry for him. So much going on, the breakup with Mei etc. No matter if he himself caused it, he were still hurting from it and people didn't give him the time, space or care he needed to recover from it. Then things got worse when he were made to betray his team. (Allthough that whole thing were stupid if you ask me, they already knew how to score goal on Ahito, he didn't ever need to tell them. The way that part of the plot were executed were just... Silly.) Anyhow, I were actually glad when D'Jok started teaching the kids, got back to snowkids and most of all when he got along with Sinedd. I usually don't care for "main characters" but at that point I were happy for him.

    Micro-Ice: He were destroyed in season 3. Horribly wrecked as a character. Might've been the voice acting, but he didn't seem to have many "serious" moments. Nor moments that showed that he could really play. They mostly made fun of him for being so bad as a player. Sure they were jokes, but come on. Micro-Ice is more than a punchline. In season 1 and 2 he played an important role as support for D'Jok and his romantic encounters brought a little extra story to it all. Sure he had some love going on in season 3, but with the pace the show went you hardly noticed it. In game he were famous for his quick thinking, something we saw far too little of in season 3. I miss the old Micro-Ice! And I refuse to call him "Mice".

    Mei:She has changed alot from the first moment you saw her in season 1 to the end of season 3. From a shallow girl listening too much to her pushy mom she were suddenly one of the most compassionate people on the team. Sure a bit of a Diva still but that was okay 'cause she knew when she needed to be serious and care for people. Don't hate me but I'm glad she broke up with D'Jok as she's good for and with Sinedd. They make a good couple! And I love how she often mentiones "proffesionalism" for all the players in all seasons. Showing she knows what needs to be done and she does it, but she doesn't loose her personality or cool because of it. Despite what you might think now Mei is not my fave character and probably wont ever be. But I still like that she's in the show and in the team.

    Rocket:I personally don't like Rocket. Is the first thing I want to say, haha. He's not a bad character, just a bit too boring for me. I don't much care for what goes on without him and I usually fastforward past his netherball stuff. While I at first thought it was so silly that he suddenly went sick in season 3 I learnt to apreciate the plot twist as he does make an excelent leader, captain and later on Coach. In season 1 and 2 he were quick to run away from his problems but I think he stood his ground well in season 3. And I like how the netherball lingered on to cause consequenses from season 2 and into season 3. I do wonder why Tia didn't feel anything tho. Warren felt stuff, he were in one match. Tia were in one match aswell and for some reason got no side effects. Well whatever, moving on.

    Thran:I'd lie if I said I didn't like the attention he got in season 3. He's been so backgroundy and rather boring compared to the others. He's a support character for D'Jok, Ahito and Yuki, mostly in the earlier seasons, now he could show technical his skills and go on adventures aswell. He's very plain still but I like him, haha. While he's supportive most of the time he doesn't seem to be quick to defend people in arguments but has a more analyzing approach to what's said. He seems to be handling his fame well, though shooting that pilot episode of their show and all. I wonder what it's about. Personally I feel the defenders get a bit too little attention on the field, it's either at the opponents goal or their goal. So Defenders and sometimes midfielders get a bit neglected at times.

    Ahito:My baby. Can't lie, he's my fave character. Allthough after season three when he suddenly popped up with a rather cocky attitude and (shock horror) suddenly able to hold a grudge, I rewatched the seasons objectively and had to settle with that I may have missunderstood him. Doesn't make me like him any less. I set a really innocent image of him in my head while he's actually just like the others. In season 1 he is more simpleminded and he sleeps past most things that happen, and you don't really see him joke or joke-brag all that much. In season 2 he's rarely seen sleeping and he's given more of a personality, he jokes and joke-brags like the others and he can be seen getting visially dissapointed and frustrated at the whole illness thing. And ofc gives a really stubborn image by the end! You get the feeling that he loves football more than anything and the best thing possible in his life is to be able to guard the goal while his brother and friends play on the field. That being a goalie is his way of being able to play with his brother and friends despite his narcolepsy. (And boy where I happy to hear two words in season 3: Twins and Narcolepsy! I can't recall anyone actually calling them twins before, nor did anyone ever say clearly that he had Narcolepsia.) In season 3 I don't like how it's like the illness just magically vanished like it never happened and that it's never clearly said "this is why you were sick in season 2" allthough we figured it out with the flux absorbtion.

    Tia:Another character I don't care much for. She's too emotional even though she were supposedly portraied as a tomboy. She's a great footballer and becomes an encouraging captain but I don't know... I don't think about her enough to even have a summary for her. Sorry. And no, I'm not saying she's a bad character, just that it's one that doesn't catch my interest at all.

    Yuki:Being Thran and Ahitos cousin I ofc liked her right away! In season 2 that is. Though she were a bit quick to give up whenever she made a mistake that did add a "human" feel to her. Got me thinking: How would I react if I joined a team of football champions and let a goal in? I'd feel pretty darned useless! In season 3 however... I don't know. I'm happy she changed team in the manner of both her and Ahito being able to be goalkeepers at the same time without any problems. Her injury's given too little information for me to take notice to it, though I know it's there and I were more happy with Mei's emotional attachment to a old team-mate rather than Yukis injury. And that while actually liking Yukis character more than Meis! And I wish we could've gotten a bit more insight on the electras and who they were. Now it just felt like they regretted making Yukis character and needed to get rid of her to cause less troubles in the lineup within the snowkids.

    Mark:I used to like his character, now it was more of a "where's Mark" feeling. Where'd he go? He had that romance thing going on but it was another part of the plot that just swooshed by in the rush without me really noticing it. I hope they follow up on it in season 4. He were always encouraging, with a calm head and his feet on the ground, tho still able to make jokes and have fun. So I found him to be a nice relaxed character in season 2. Hope they bring that Mark back in season 3.

    Lun-Zia:Meh... I like wambas and maybe it was the voice actress ruining it. (Or rather lack of voice actress that hadn't already used her voice to then thousand other characters in the show.) Had she gotten an entire season with the snowkids, then I might have liked her. Now she were there then badabing badaboom she were gone again. Just causing a minor jiff between Tia and Rocket. Didn't have enough of an emotional attachment to her to care when she and the wambas faced the snowkids. In other words, she were too temporary to have made a difference anywere.

    Sinedd:In season 1 he were rather semi evil. In season 2 he were downright evil. And then poof in season 3 he's a person with feelings. I liked Sinedd in season 3. Or rather, by the end of it. As it showed that even the most badass of bullies may just be missunderstood and hurting. I'm glad he's back with the snowkids and glad he's with Mei. And ofc glad he found his family. But I hope he doesn't loose all of his temper though, as that made things intresting! He should still be a rival for D'Jok and the gang.

    As strange as it sounds: I hope Ahito gets less attention in season 4. I prefer background characters. I also, ofcourse, hope that Micro-Ice gets his old voiceactor back. Hopefully there's another tournament somewhere that they may play in. And please do not let the kids get more attention than the snow kids, man that would definetly be the deathblow for the show. Galactik football is great because of the characters, in my opinion, so if they changed the main cast I'd have to cry! Imagen having to see the kids playing matches... It'd be like netherball all over. And ofc, let's hope Arch and Adeem gets a healthy baby! And perhaps Artegor and Dame Simbai can get it on! They could skip off into the horizon being evil together.

    Ok tired of writing for now, haha. I'll end this with: May Hush Sharky get flushed down a toilet. That's one hellova annoying character!



    Ps. What if the end of season 3 were just part of Ahito and Thrans show and none of that happened but instead you come back to a 1 episode season of everyone just quitting football and getting fulltime jobs in offices instead? Dun dun duuuuun!

    Feel free to post opinions and views of your own! Always fun to read how others see things!

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    Helloo!!! (again)

    Thank you for posting this great recap!

    And thank you for informing about the season 3 in English on Youtube! I had searched a while ago out of curiosity, but never found anything... some kind soul must have uploaded it

    *Runs to Youtube*
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    This comment above is me (U2fan003). Haven't been so long on here they've changed the account thingy....
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