Galactik Football

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Jun 01, 2006 In Season


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  • Unlike most shows aimed at this audience, this one has a complex side to it that will appeal to a wider audience.

    Galactik Football is definately one of the best shows on Jetix right now, and is it any wonder why?

    Alphanim has brought magic to a concept which would have otherwise been completely boring in this show, with conspiracy and competition going hand in hand.

    As the name suggests, the show focuses on a football team from a planet named Akillian, which was the victim of a mysterious exxplosion caused by a miraculous force caused flux, which is unique to every planet. Due to this explosion, Akillian's flux, the Breath vanished.

    But 15 years later, at the start of the series, the breath returns after star striker of the old Team Akillian, Aarch, comes back to form a football team with new, young players.

    Whilst this is going on, there's a subplot involving a corrupt company, Technoid, who's vice president Bleylock is out to get complete control of the Galaxy.

    Even people who aren't fans of football will find this series exciting and interesting, I highly recommend!
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