Galactik Football

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Jun 01, 2006 In Season


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  • theres a team of football players who try win the galactik football cup they win the cup then try to do it two times in a row and guess what they do !!!

    galactik football rules !!!! galactik football is about 7 football players (tia,rocket,d'jok,mei,ahito,thran and micro-ice) who become a team and try to win the galactik football cup in the first season the snowkids win the galactik football cup use the flux the flux is a powerful energy which allows you to play great the flux was soo strong that is was banned accept in galactik football the snowkids are from a planet call akillan akillan use to have great football teams until and ice age happened and destroyed the breath (the flux) but the snowkids rediscover it and win the cup !!! and in the second season rocket the snowkids captain get suspended for using the breath outside of galactik football hte snowkids will have then there goalkeeper ahito gets very sick and cant play thats when two new players come in mark to play in rockets place and yuki to play in ahitos palce the face new challenges in the cup and win the cup wo times in a row which had never been done before