Galactik Football - Season 2

Weekdays 7:00 PM on Disney XD Premiered Jun 01, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Bleylock's Revenge
    Bleylock's Revenge
    Episode 26
    The Xenon are leading 2:1 in the final match. The Snow Kids had problems beating Luur alone but now he has invited his entire team to join him on the pitch. Rocket discoveres that the Heat of Xenon cannot affect them if they're using the Breath. All of the Snow Kids begin to use their flux at the same time and D'Jok manages to tie the score 2:2. In space, just outside of Genesis Stadium, Sonny and his pirates chase Bleylock. Temporarily holding up Sonny and Corso, Bleylock fires the flux devices at Genesis stadium, but Harris has sabotaged Bleylock's ship destroying Bleylock but sending a flux wave at the stadium. The celing is damaged and a part of the screens collapse stright in the center of the pitch just seconds before the end of the second half. All players flee for their lives but D'Jok gets caught in the middle of the disaster, exacly how he had predicted in his dreams. In the last moment Luur uses the Heat of Xenon and saves D'Jok. Since the pitch is destroyed the two capitans decide to finish the game by penalty shoot-out. They go nip and tuck with Thran and Mei scoring. Then Micro-Ice misses terribly and Yuki saves a goal but at the toll of twisting her ankle. Ahito replaces her and blocks Luur's kick. Both D'Jok and Rocket score and the Snow Kids win the finals. The episode ends with Harris hiding the flux device in Technoids deposit and promising to himself that one day he'll rule the galaxy. D'Jok's nightmare comes true, but Luur saves him. But do the Snowkids win back-to-back? Or will the Xenons take the Cup from them?moreless
  • A Team Unravels
    A Team Unravels
    Episode 25
    It's the GF Cup Final and the Xenons have a surprise for the Snow Kids which may affect their chances at winning. Will the Snow Kids be able to win when tempers flare, Ahito's health deteriorates and another player is badly injured? Meanwhile the Pirates try to find the hidden flux devices before Blaylock can destroy Genesis Stadium.moreless
  • A Team Unravels
    A Team Unravels
    Episode 25
    The final of the GF Cup begins! But Lurr is going to be a big challenge, and will Bleylock's plans to destroy Genesis succeed?
  • Final Preparations
    Final Preparations
    Episode 24
    It's the day before the final, and the Pirates seem to have caught Bleylock! Or have they? And will the Snow Kids stay together?
  • Final Preparations
    Final Preparations
    Episode 24
    The Snow Kids prepare for the final against the Xenons, but how seriously are they taking it? Sonny and the Pirates stake out Blaylock.
  • Destiny
    Episode 23
    The Snow-Kids are 2-0 down at half time, will they be able to turn the match around? With Rocket's new discovery with the breath, it's looking hopeful!
  • Rocket, The Midfielder
    Against Maya's wishes, D'jok plays against the Lightnings. Will the visions come true? And will Ahito's illness mean the end of the Snow-Kid's jouurney?
  • Coach Artegor
    Coach Artegor
    Episode 21
    Rocket returns to the Snow Kids, but begins to show he's lost his teamwork skills. The smog returns, and the Shadows play the Xenons. Mid match, Sinedd begins to suffer from smog poisoning and the Xenons pull past the Shadows to go to the final.
  • The Fallen Star
    The Fallen Star
    Episode 20
    Tia plays Rocket in the sphere, and beats him 4-3. They both quit Netherball. Meanwhile Sinedd unknowingly leads the Pirates straight to Bleylock.
  • The Technodroid V3s
    The Technodroid V3s
    Episode 19
    It's the quarter-final match between The Lightnings and the upgraded Technodroid V3s. D'Jok is concerned about playing The Lightnings in their next match because of Maya's vision. Sonny and the Pirates find Blaylock's lab, but he disappears before they can reach him. Yuki admits her feelings for Micro-ice, and D'Jok prepares to take on Rocket at Netherball, but Tia steps in saying she is the only one who can defeat Rocket.moreless
  • Warren Steps In
    Warren Steps In
    Episode 18
    It's the day of the Big Kicks Challenge where the top scorers in Galactik Football show off their skills, but it's interrupted by a message from Sonny and Tia's parents who help try and clear his name. Tia returns to the stadium and Aarch isn't happy about her abandoning the team, but because they won their match he forgives her. Warren takes on Rocket at Netherball, and loses, meaning D'Jok may have to step in.moreless
  • Open Doors
    Open Doors
    Episode 17
    The Snow Kids vs. Rykers match is being held. Yuki is in Tia's position as midfielder. Tia isn't present for the match since she joined Sonny Blackbones and his pirates to free her parents from Technoid. They eventually succeed in freeing her parents. In the first half of the match, the Rykers score a goal, but then the Snow Kids end up winning by two goals scored by Yuki who develops the breath, and another goal by D'Jok. The Snow Kids pass on to the semi-finals!! Aarch and Artegor have become best friends againmoreless
  • New Rules
    New Rules
    Episode 16
    Sonny discovers that Bleylock uses the Sphere for his own evil plans. Artegor joins the Snow kids as assistant coach and focuses on Mark and Yuki because they have to replace Rocket and Tia against the Rykers. The Pirates prepare to launch their operation to free Tia's parents.
  • Revelations
    Episode 15
    Tia joins the Pirates to save her parents, who are captured by Technoid. Bleylock reveals to Harris that he'll launch his next weapon towards D'Jok. In GFC, the Xenons defeat the Cyclops 3-0 thanks to an impressive match by their topscorer. D'Jok and Mark return to the sphere to bring Rocket back to the Snow kids, cause without him they can't win the cup. Rocket beats Stevens 1-0 and refuses again to return to his former team. Warren tells D'Jok that the only way Rocket could be normal again, is to defeat him in the sphere.moreless
  • New Order
    New Order
    Episode 14
    Sonny Blackbones escapes the Technoid Robots while the Snowkids watch Rocket play Netherball against the Xenons' topscorer. Artegor suffers from the loss of the Shadow's Flux and lets Aarch take him to Dame Simbai to help him. In a tight match Rocket wins and meets the Snowkids after. When they tell him he's no longer suspended he tells them he's not coming back to the team with them, and not back to Tia.moreless
  • Fluxless
    Episode 13
    During the Shadows VS Pirates match, Bleylock launches his weapon at the Shadows' homeworld, destroying the Smog, and leaving evidence that the Pirates are responsible. Without the Smog the Shadows lose 7-2, and because of Sonny's suspicious behaviour he is wanted for questioning. Did Sonny have anything to do with it?moreless
  • Last Stand
    Last Stand
    Episode 12
    Its the second half of the snow kids wambas game and the snow kids are down 2 nil.The snow kids win with a goal from micro ice , d`jok and mark (he gets the breath). Adim tells aarch rocket can play again and that she and aarch can try again.Mark feels bad about not telling the others were Rocket is.moreless
  • The Champions Stumble
    In this episode the Snow kids face the Wambas in a official match the Wambas are winning 2-0 at half time. Yuki's not doing well.
  • Rocket vs Sinedd
    Rocket vs Sinedd
    Episode 10
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • The All-Stars
    The All-Stars
    Episode 9
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • Rocket's decent
    Rocket's decent
    Episode 8
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • Doubts
    Episode 7
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • Netherball Rules!
    Netherball Rules!
    Episode 6
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • The Homecoming
    The Homecoming
    Episode 5
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • The New Captain
    The New Captain
    Episode 4
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • A Team Reinvented
    A Team Reinvented
    Episode 3
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • The Suspension
    The Suspension
    Episode 2
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • Return to Genesis
    Return to Genesis
    Episode 1
    Episode synopsis is coming soon.
  • TBA