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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • While Gareth joins forces with Hortensia's defenders after Magdalena's betrayal, Sid arrives with an army of all of the incidental characters from season 2 to redeem himself for accidentally killing Galvaant.

    • 1/31/16

      The three armies come together in final battle, but Madalena betrays Gareth and learns D'DEW from Wormwood... and takes control of Galavant's zombie army.

    • Do the D'DEW
      Episode 8

      Madalena turns to the Dark Dark Evil Ways (D'DEW) when Isabella claims that she has the Hero Sword. Meanwhile, Richard and Roberta finally get together and Galavant's zombie army accompanies them in song as they declare their love to the world.

    • Love and Death
      Episode 7

      With Galavant on the verge of death, his friends take him to the healer Neo of Sporin. But when Neo can do nothing for the hero, Galavant must face Death himself. meanwhile, isabella is forced to lead the Hortensian army, and Madalenia worries that Gareth is rushing into marriage with her.

    • 1/17/16

      Richard trains with Galavant's father, Arthur, and Galavant comes to a few realizations about the man who left him as a child. Meanwhile, Isabella returns to Hortensia to confront Wormwood, and later Sid meets Wormwood.

    • 1/17/16

      While Galavant helps the giants defeat the dwarves, Gareth decides to confess his feelings to Madalena. Meanwhile, Isabella is freed from the mystical tiara during a visit to Princess Jubilee.

    • Galvant, Richard, and Roberta try to hire a mercenary army using the Jewel of Valencia, but Richard messes things up. While Galavant tries to get Richard and Roberta together--and out of his hair--Madalena attends a roast in her honor. In Valencia, Chef is forced to choose between Gwynne and his newfound social standing.

    • 1/10/16

      Richard and Galavant discover that Richard's former subjects prefer democracy over monarchy, and try to get them to raise an army to rescue Isabella. Meanwhile, Gareth is plagued by nightmares of his betraying Richard, and Isabella falls under the sway of an evil wedding planner.

    • 1/3/16

      While Richard deals with a unicorn drawn to virgins, Galavant uses a helpful fortune teller to send a message to Isabella. However, the message gets scrambled in transit and Isabella believes that Galavant no longer loves her. Meanwhile, Madalena and Gareth have a difference of opinion about decorating the castle.

    • Galavant and Richard are shipwrecked by Richard's bad advice and end up in The Enchanted Forest: a men-only bar in Hollow-wood. Meanwhile, Isabella plots to escape from her cousin Harry before they're married, and Gareth turns to Sid for help to make himself king.

  • Season 1