Galaxy Express 999

(ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • 3/5/81
      The 999 has encountered a 999 from another time inside of the warp. The two Maetels ended up landing on the wandering planet, Phantom, which is populated with strange life-forms. They are let go once they realize they are humans. But, the Conductor is captured by a different create altogether! They want to use the 999 to escape. It turns out that, on this wandering planet, the cyborgs are persecuted by the humans!moreless
    • 2/26/81
      The 999 enters into a warp at high speed to make up for a large amount of lost time. But, the flow of time inside the warp is messed up and they encounter a 999 from a different time! They suffer a minor accident. On the 999 from the past, or maybe the future, is Maetel, the Conductor, and a young boy who looks similar to Tetsuro, named Redril. Redril has the same warrior's gun as Tetsuro. Then they head towards a drifting planet where a new danger awaits!moreless
    • 2/5/81
      "I want to board the 999, too," says brothers, without form, who float off in the distance. Feeling pity for his brother Crosalis's words, Aron stops the 999 in hopes of mechanizing themselves into Ghost Station No. 13. The 999 is forced to make an emergency stop on Station No.13. Though the Conductor agrees to stop there, when asked by the Locomotive, neither him nor Maetel have heard of this planet. Sensing something is amiss, the Locomotive orders them to withdraw.moreless
    • On planet Legend, Tetsuro notices lots of people straggling by the wayside. Maetel points out that they are cyborgs who have lost the desire to live. Two young people, Meim and Saki wake up Tetsuro in his hotel room. When Tetsuro refuses to fight against the leader of the cyborgs, he is going to be put to death. When Tetsuro is spared by the leader of the cyborgs, we learn that he is trying to make this a planet only for cyborgs.moreless
    • Tetsuro is attacked by a mysterious bird assassin, Roc, while Maetel is attacked by a mysterious woman. And it looks like a fight as begun between this woman and the bandits who captured Maetel. It turns out that this woman is the true Ali Baba. She lost her position as the top bandit in Ali Baba to the woman they met before, the fake Ali Baba. After Tetsuro and Maetel are rescued by the true Ali Baba, she joins with him to defeat the fake one.moreless
    • On the planet of the Queen's Rebellion, the Hornets, Wasps, and Honeybees all coexist. However, because of the Queen's polarizing personality, the honeybees and the wasps are fighting. A young wasp named Damu is frightened as the sudden fighting breaks out throughout the town and the air. Filming the rebellion with a hand-made camera, he tells of the impending war to Maetel and Tetsuro.moreless
    • They land on the Planet of Dream Pursuit. This is a planet of overrun logic where those who do not work hard are put to death immediately. For the reason, people's jobs are assigned by the government. A young rocket mission control officer named Aaron loves comics so much that he's often scribbling pictures on the forms at his work place. He wanted to be a comic book author but the government assigned him to a role as a rocket mission control officer. However, he couldn't throw his dream away...moreless
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