Galaxy High School

CBS (ended 1987)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • It Came From Earth
      Episode 13
      Doyle is knocked unconscious during a championship game, he wakens fifteen years later to discover he has grown into 400 foot giant. All of his former Galaxy High classmates have grown up and now live on Earth.
    • Martian Mumps
      Episode 12
      The either population of Galaxy, with the exception of Doyle, Aimee and Professor Icenstein is infected with the Martian Mumps. The uninfected must discover a cure before it's too late.
    • Founder's Day
      Episode 11
      Doyle, Aimee, Milo and Creep fall into Professor Icenstein's time machine and go back to the day the asteroid Flutor, home of Galaxy High was discovery. While there, the gang inadvertently changes history and they now much fix their blunder to ensure Galaxy High will exist in the future.
    • The Brat Pack
      Episode 10
      Fed up with Beef's hijinks, Ms. McBrian decides to make him look after a class of unruly children at Galaxy Elementary School.
    • 11/8/86
      Feeling the pressure to get better grades to stay on the psyche hockey team, Doyle tries a brain blaster to help with his studies and soon becomes addicted. His friends start to notice his strange behavior and try their hardest to convince him to stop using the drug.
    • Up
      Episode 8
      It's time for spring break and everyone is planning on going to Ft. Lauteroid for the Summer Nova. Everyone except Doyle, he's got to make up for flunking chemistry. He discovers that Ft. Lauteroid is set to be destroyed unless he can come to the rescue.
    • Beach Blanket Blow-Up
      All of the students at Galaxy High make plans to vacation in Fort Lauderoid for spring break. However, when Doyle fails chemistry class, he is forced to stay back and complete an extra credit assignment. While completing his assignment, Doyle discovers a supernova will destroy the beach planetoid his friends are occupying.moreless
    • 10/25/86
      Reggie Unicycle, the richest man in the galaxy arrives and heavily pursues Aimee. Unaware of Reggie's playboy history, Aimee falls hard for him. When Creep discovers Reggie's true intentions, he and the rest of the gang try to end the courtship.
    • 10/18/86
      Wolfgang arrives for the Hands Across the Universe dance at Galaxy high and becomes Doyle's new friend. However, when Wolfgang starts playing practical jokes on everyone, Aimee and the rest of gang convince Doyle to drop his trouble making friend. Friendless, Wolfgang falls in with the wrong crowd.
    • 10/11/86
      Booey becomes excited when she discovers her favorite rock star Mick Magger is coming to Galaxy. However, her excitement turns to sadness when she learns the tickets are sold out. Desperate to end Booey's depression, Aimee and the rest of the gang go to great lengths to get her tickets.
    • Where's Milo?
      Episode 4
      Milo becomes depressed when most of his friends turn their backs on him after a number accidents he caused. When he is fired from his job, a stranger emerges offering him a new career that is not quite what it seems.
    • 9/27/86
      Representatives of the planet Cholesterol arrive at Galaxy High looking for a new king. When they announce they have chosen Beef, Aimee objects stating Doyle would be better suited for the job. All parties agree to have a space rally, and its winner would be crowned king. After winning, Beef becomes the "high cholesterol", but soon finds out the position is not all it's cracked up to be.moreless
    • Pizza's Honor
      Episode 2
      Doyle is given the unlucky task of delivering a large pizza order to the hunted planet of Tinglar. To make matters worse, trouble emerges when Beef and the Bonk Bunch follow him to his destination.
    • 9/13/86
      When Doyle and Aimee arrive at Galaxy High they are given a tour of their new school. After spending a short amount of time with their fellow classmates, the two realize that their lives at Galaxy will be completely different from home. While Aimee enjoys her new found popularity at school, Doyle struggles with becoming a nonentity.moreless