Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension

ABC Family (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Gates of Galidor (2)
      After a battle with Gorm, Nick and the rest of the gang have been chased to the Abyss. Lind doesn't fall in. The gang enters a strange Vortex that leads back to Earth, but they don't want to go back until they finish their mission. Gorm still doesn't have all the key fragments. After an incident with Jens, the team locates Nick's fathers secret laboratory. In the meantime, Lind comfronts Gorm. Nick has another vision of Riana, which could lead him to the solution.moreless
    • The Gates of Galidor (1)
      The gang is finally ready to complete their long mission. They must find the Galidor portal, a place guarded by the glinch energy which can only be opened with all the key fragments. The team finally locates the gates, but their enemies have a plan to bring them down.
    • Recalling the Past
      While waiting for Allegra, the gang takes some time to remember their past fights. Nick proves the gang that Allegra is an important member of the team.
    • Area 51
      Area 51
      Episode 7
      Nick must find a way to save Euripides from a secret laboratory. During his first attempt, he runs into Lind, who is also trying to save Euripides. In the meantime, Euripides has been captured with Dr Drager. Nick isn't sure if Lind is on his side. Jens bulids a computer program that could save Euripides, and Lind makes a good plan.moreless
    • Mr. Tager Goes to Earth
      The gang goes to Earth to find the last key fragment. Nick orders Jens, Euripides and Nepol to stay in the Egg, so they won't cause a commotion. Nick believes that the last Key fragment is in his house. Tager uses his mind control power to convince all people to hunt down the gang.moreless
    • The Great Glinch Switch
      Nick and Allegra are surprised when they learn that they only need to find one more Key fragment, but the Key seems to be out of the Outer Dimesnion. Lind appears and tells them that the location of the last Key fragment is on Earth. Tager uses his mind control power and steals the Egg and all the Key fragments. Nick is depressed, and decides to talk to Gorm, promising that he'll surrender himself if he returns the Egg and the Key fragments.moreless
    • State of the Art
      State of the Art
      Episode 4
      The crew encounter Bala in his hi-tech Halon Streaker. With the help of his machines, Bala downloads all information from the Map, including the real location of the next Key fragment. The two gangs are now forced to race to the next Key fragment. Who will get there first?
    • Go for the Bronze
      Allegra and Nepol visit the Dreejal Vin Spor Arena to find the next key fragment, and there they witness a fierce competition. The winner on the competition will get a special medal and a trip to "paradise." Soon Allegra realizes that the special medal is in fact the next key fragment. Nepol tries to get the Key, but the winner dissapears. Nick joins the competition, but soon gets disqualified for cheating.moreless
    • A Tale of Two Nicks
      Nick Bluetooth called "Nicky" has been pulled out of alternate reality into the Outer Dimension. He explains how things are totally different in his reality because he has no friends-Jens, Nepol, Euripides and Allegra. He has one key more than the real Nick to finish the mission. He promises the real Nick that he will help him to find the next key fragment. As Nick's hand begins to fade in and out, Jens explains everyone that two Nicks cannot exist in the same reality. So they must get Nicky back to his dimension, or Nick will be pulled in some other dimension.moreless
    • Pieces of Nick
      Pieces of Nick
      Episode 1
      After his attempt to disarm the Kek Powerizer, Nick is forced to go out of the material world, and no one can see or hear him. Jens detects a surge of glich energy. Allegra is convinced that it's Nick, so she orders Jens to take the Egg back to Kek. Nick gets into Jens's body so he could talk to Allegra. Thinking that Nick is a glitch, Jens resets his circuits, and while doing so, he kicks Nick out.moreless
  • Season 1