Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension

ABC Family (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Identity
      Episode 1
      Nicholas "Nick" Bluetooth, a young boy searching for adventures, receives a mysterious Map on his fifteenth birthday that leads him and his best friend Allegra Zane to a ship that transferres them to the Outer Dimension.
    • Euripides, Please
      Nick, Allegra and Jens go on a search to find Euripides, an Amphibib philosopher, who is the only one who can show Nick how to use the mysterious Map. However, they run into a problem.
    • All for One, One for Nepol
      Nick finally meets Nepol, a warrior. When Malopeen bites him, Nepol gets very ill and halucinates. Nick also meets Vilda, Gorm's henchwoman that collects slaves which ones will one day become a part of Gorm's army.
    • Bouncing Off the Walls
      Nick finally tracks down the first Key fragment, but he is unable to reach it. Nick and Allegra meet Rom, a young girl that has been enslaved by Taskmaster and forced to build a monument for Gorm. Jens finds the way to get to the Key.
    • Dust Til Dawn
      Dust Til Dawn
      Episode 5
      After failing to get the first key fragment, Nick decides to in it, and when the team finally locates the key, another problem appears. Euripides feels quilty because he let the Egg go out of Qorium.
    • Belonging
      Episode 6
      Nick and Allegra spend a little time shopping for supplies and remembering the old days they spent on Earth. Nick finds a big "WANTED" poster that includes him and his friends as criminals. While looking for her backpack, Allegra meets Geo and Leeya. Nick comes to a new discovery.
    • A Crack in the Map
      When Nick is sentenced to thirty years community service for a dumb mistake, his friends must get him out of his jam before Gorm's flying creatures find them.
    • Seeing is Just Seeing
      Nick and his friends find their way into the secret hideout of the infamous break-in artist Colash and run into Gorm while they're at it.
    • Truth, Lies and Videotape
      Nick finds out that next key fragment is located in the "Dreejal Vin Institute Of Technology," a building designed by Jens a long time ago. He finds the Key in a laboratory held by Jens' old friend Britta. Britta believes that The Stranger is the one that caused all the problems that happened, and that Gorm is the one who helped all the people. So, she calls Gorm to help her get away from Nick.moreless
    • Just Because You're Paranoid
      Nicks plan to show a tape of Gorm confessing his evil plans on the TV fails---Gorm changes the broadcast to say that Nick and The Stranger are the evil ones. The gang is soon attacked by the boges.
    • Frozen Feud
      Frozen Feud
      Episode 11
      Nick locates the third key fragment. Nepol is surprised to find his icy home of Elta-Siktar has changed since the last time he saw it. Allegra and Euripides go on a search for Driplax, a blubbery plant which one could keep them warm.
    • Relativity
      Episode 12
      Once again, the gang is attacked by the boges, who later self-destruct. Nepol realizes that his goggles were broken in the fight. Nick and Allegra realize that some poeple are trying to run away from them. Nick wants to take them to fight together with the gang against Gorm. Nepol and Eurpides take out Kaltaran snow beasts so they could secure the Lyceum Crytals from Nepol's googles.moreless
    • It's Deja Vu All Over Again
      Gorm orders Bala to kidnap Allegra and bring her back to Kek. Nick believes that he has found the nest of key fragments. Out of blue, Allegra is kidnapped, and Nick decides to concentrate on saving her, so he finds a time travel device that gives him the power to go back in time, but each time, he relives Allegra's capture all over again.moreless
    • The Road to Kek
      The Road to Kek
      Episode 14
      After being imprisoned by Gorm, Nick continues with his plan to rescue Allegra. Euripides tells Nick a tale about Gorm's first betrayal. Allegra escapes from prison and transmits a message to Nick, explaining him that Gorm's defense is very weak. But, the weak defense seems to be only a trap.
    • A Room with No View (1)
      Nick and the gang are working on saving Allegra from Gorm. They fight with Boges and then continue their rescue mission. In the meantime, Gorm and Tager use the illusion technology to fool Allegra into thinking that all the things that happened since she left the Earth were just a dream.moreless
    • Escape from Kek (2)
      The gang has been captured in the glitch energy room by Gorm, and they are unable to escape. Nick uses his glinching power and breaks the wall. Gorm offers them to work together on rebuilding the Outer Dimension, but Nick refuses and then Gorm just lets him go. Nick knows that something isn't right.moreless
  • Season 2