Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension

Season 2 Episode 3

Go for the Bronze

Aired Unknown Jul 06, 2002 on ABC Family

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  • "Allegra" would've looked "cute", as a BRONZE STATUE -- just as she looked "cute", in her PURPLE SPANDEX SUIT!

    While "Allegra" competes in the "game", to get the Key Fragment, "Nick" investigates the origins of the mysterious "Paradise", only to make a gruesome discovery: "Paradise" is nothing more, than a machine that turns the "champions" -- into BRONZE STATUES -- as he discovers the latest winner, in the machine -- paralyzed: her body, slowly, turning into a BRONZE STATUE!

    Realizing the danger she's in, "Nick" rushes back to the Arena, to stop "Allegra", from competing -- but, he's too late: "Allegra" has won the "game", and is on her way to "Paradise!"

    "Nick", and the others -- "Euripedes", "Nepol", and "Jens" -- make their way to the back room, and discover "Allegra", in the machine -- paralyzed!

    After a brief confrontation, with the "game's host" (and a sore-loser, of a champion!), "Nick" realizes that this was a "custom-made" trap, for him, compliments of "Gorn" -- and, that a series of "magnets" are what have rendered "Allegra" paralyzed!

    "Nick" sabotages the machine, freeing "Allegra", and -- utilising his new invention -- "Jens" frees the last "champion" from her BRONZE state, as the sore-loser breaks into the back room!

    As the former "winner", and the sore-loser, "persuade" the "game's host", into restoring the other winners, to normal, "Nick" & "Allegra" flee the scene....!

    "Allegra" was releived, for a change, NOT to have found "Paradise!"....
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