Gallery Girls

Bravo Premiered Aug 13, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 10/1/12
      The 'Gallery Girls' are back in New York minus Chantal, who has skipped off to Paris with her boyfriend. This only adds to the tension, since Claudia is left to hold down the fort at EOC while unpaid bills continue to pile up. Maggie is over-confident that she has a new job, while Amy searches frantically before her two-week deadline runs out. In the meantime, Kerri struggles with deciding between her job and internship.moreless
    • 9/24/12
      "After numerous awkward run-ins at Art Basel in Miami, Liz decides to confront Claudia and Chantal at her friend\'s nightclub. Maggie brings a rowdy crew to the club, which enrages Liz. Amy delivers on her promise to produce a pop-up gallery for Angela, Claudia and Chantal, but will anyone show up? Amy’s dad delivers some news that threatens her cushy lifestyle in New York.moreless
    • 9/17/12
      "Amy faces a career setback and decides to offer her help to the EOC girls in planning a pop-up gallery at Art Basel in Miami, the year\'s biggest art convention. However, Chantal is not too keen on the idea. Liz invites only Maggie and Angela to her father\'s art warehouse, which doesn\'t stop Claudia and Chantal from showing up uninvited.moreless
    • I'm Set Free
      Episode 5
      "Amy hosts a dinner party and invites all of the girls, however, the evening doesn\'t go quite as planned. To make some extra cash, Claudia and Chantal decide to throw an event with pop artist \'The Sucklord\', but things get out of control at his show. Maggie heads home to visit her family who encourages her to quit Eli\'s gallery; does she have the courage to move on though?moreless
    • I'm Not Sorry
      Episode 4
      "Kerri hosts a housewarming party and decides to invite the Gallery Girls. She tries to entertain the two groups and ease the tension between Amy and Liz. Shortly thereafter, Amy stops by Eli\'s gallery to persuade Liz to meet and resolve their issues. Angela gets frustrated with her friend Alex when he has trouble securing a location for her photo show. Maggie\'s boyfriend takes her out for her birthday, but will his beer-drinking buddies ruin the night?moreless
    • Wild Child
      Episode 3
      "Chantal and Claudia put on a new show in hopes of selling some art to pay the bills. Amy and Kerri get invited by their boss Sharon to check out an art show, and the girls are given the task of picking out a piece of artwork - but whose taste will Sharon prefer? Liz meets her Dad for dinner, which brings up old wounds from the past. While out on the town, Maggie gets cornered into a heated discussion by Amy. Angela gets set up on a blind date - could this one be Mr. Right?moreless
    • What Goes On
      Episode 2
      "The morning after the End of Century Opening, Claudia arrives to find everything a complete mess and to make matters worse, Chantal shows up two hours late. Maggie returns to Eli\'s gallery to complete her internship and he doesn\'t waste any time with assigning her tedious tasks - forcing Liz to question why she puts up with him.moreless
    • 8/13/12
      Seven young women try to make it to the top in the cutthroat world of New York's finest art galleries. Bubbly Amy Poliakoff imbibes a little too much at a party, setting tongues wagging. Kerri Lisa is just happy to land a coveted internship with Sharon Hurowitz, while Angela Pham tries to launch her own photography career.moreless